To Be Legal 04-08-19

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How did a driver stop ICE by knowing his rights? What are those Rights? What are 5 critical mistakes that can result in ICE detention? All this and more is answered by the speaker, published author, and immigration attorney Andrés Mejer


My name is Andrés Mejer had soiled confidences the outlawed. Well what they mean. That’s John Andrés Mejer today. You all eat animals. In Florida they brought out butter. But Dennis. Oh right. They today’s team are super important yes or no more bloody look at Brian McCormick. Though I said in Noida rather in Beltway New York Tom and the handled you though immigrants and allowed to yell Pedro immigrants your own local immigrants no flat on Aristotle solo. And so yes the rituals to two term in law there is some it said that course I gave up most high blood care soon in that it was gay is not that hetero equal motive where they are CCD but at immigrants you see guys and I know they meet us here today and they said I give I must have a hard core No dear this is keystone lo Cinco a road is critical if you an immigrant to boy there I said you play that less well done and thought of that the Negro don’t say gracias Puerto Rico also trust me I’d come in someone’s head programmer but I said they got there well I mean nobody this on this market so I will go out toward EA confidence to see Dennis will not but it will take time most evil in La Raza in that you’re going to label it to me in time of evil in Facebook in a parking on this Mac allow Qualcomm Punto to end it but I want us with Panetta on Facebook we have that the contact I look in and momento oil money and then I know Takumi wrote us his book with if he says a lot of course I mean multiple bit of way I said let me hold Kip well done say in pencil and print somebody take them into kin is Brian McCormick we know Anderson will judge you again in whether York Miss Trump and evil are those who touches those immigrants No sir they most kin I want a court it when you fix you and Trump you don’t know that serial solid on that they quality low trace in town and outdoor government Monday handle it ice loss puddle to Altos look at our own today PCL is solid and confident that on a brine island would touch us and allow toll unofficially meet us you and I will be there delighted to purchase that they must go looking up I saw one other as I go so did if not even so I record that look it up a sandal your death programmer you ve SUV there many of me Don’t say any videos in which truck a lot we see I mean that’s you only to say your he says you put forward a little largely sincere explicitly yet but an alternative video better Lim with B the low could meet us on the got up its tone and then alto out at local churches Cattani no contact title no ticket an absolute them into another knowledge own documents really mean which until they meet us once they say no come on yet you’ll conduct all that I’ll do and when you’re allowed to ride the momentum do not do this what theory that put up our nose to know tumbles and need one only got shown by the ablative county go it alone we see I mean us here in so-called prepared me I take a northern DNA to me to let you go on the know one not in to you Love is in the interest you see as you noted that after you Brian you got no power not controlled a bit of noise or northern Delta to issue an order then FEMA will put an officer under DHS since last week mother put him with noise volley though Punto you know they call me not yet the devil meet me I will go into live for no a letter in Camino Kinsella put up pretty good to me a well a little VCR you steal will knock one of this month’s Federal feed to the knowledge contest titled yet in which your Brian Todd maintaining left no noise no answer will not that all no accept gifts from northern that it a lot easier a lot of thought into me that I had a minute to to Indian escaped I consequence yes see you know in that meet us you and then throw the nachos in the economy yes so it’s you know maybe kind of do not give this room more than that day quest to naughtiness or theory that I said it absolute time into another dollar correct.

So I would look at my SO no VCR only make it soon so what I’m not if I don’t I’m not you know comfy my light into because you love which I chose absolute them into another pocket book Brian Super Suits the cross Punto our Imogene eat me not to little confounded I think lots of if you said you mean me see on did it you know Commissar so you can stick it in the kind of some policy not some police here so an offence at the ice gate is totally meant Indistinct Do you know. Oh listen ice police or chest police better know some police here you know.

But not going to that I’ll get in the interest some punk all these things go solo playing that immigrants phone all all of them out at a machine to ticket Brian Nico Saima we nobody is Brian. I hate to undress AEIU.S said quote okay. Winston I didn’t because you’re what down into because you see I ordered that I wanted the one at that hour and not the neon one ordered Derek to peddle and it’s a momentary maximum of by the sea. We know Dave uncontrolled was to be insecure but in the city can know what you mean cannabinoids you can not peddle an incipient dope loss of tar suddenly you don’t allow to you with that in it not TNN did it you open up psychoactive allowed to see no 7 given it is you noted in one or that fit model put in place super important. I wouldn’t put it to the yet to implode but it is important. But I will say this in TNN and for their ticket TNN immigrants you play that part out in Gaza and lock you and allowed and in tobacco inkwell kid who got in cuffs he got that seat to us here on to is that it shows a tendency to pull their policy contort effect or not take contact or two but I want us to leave the Terminator puts us in a bit of an idea step in when Daniel see toto the poor devils Bunny annoyed but at this place said that poor others or not those thoughts. OK ideas but it will do up and I went to the divine you mean just keep on I said the portal that when I’m blessed does it make it to go to demolition of a jersey you to do the putting me in a to anything on ordinary potassium don’t say immigration move I put it in one of you on army base it’s a place that anyone can look at. Michael Moon this Louisiana put depending on the voice. Don’t say it may get us to unbutton it of Eunice and who got assisting us are you. I’ll get a chilly Cantina I Mexico I can do that.

So it’s a no no ask one Cuban but as he said meant to Illinois door depends on it I’d say of you and even a transfer really make it onto the bed that will do at a lot of political the left I love you and I’m on that advice the soup ice they’ll be here there’s a different kind of persona but on normal meant it it’s an onus or not put on bites OK grasshopper super winter ideas our killer song Lose that angels I know it it it’s an I love primitive it could pick out yuck Brian low so contaminates equal it’s important it may be sad look they way to don’t say no middle Oh no. What about sea lanes you might not look good to what you guys poor thing I said so and so contact those annoying I know you boy the seat envoys Salta no voice codified New Moon up I want to see now Vlad go on so I will go Damian put them off track suit OK gay is not that I hate that girl is just a lot of hate that can no so trusted almost as gratis no call would almost not a lot play when you can and often see no you could you’re not concerned to or you know where you got to love is you know the mid-Atlantic shown till Monday on to Casa if that that of Kate that lo Davis kind of got a cold diesel guy that Lou gotta give us DNA to the NHS a key to who to keep us nun authenticator code that does it we are happy to give this a little I hate to put out a ticket or present that ATO is not that I hate that kid delicate the native county Eagle numerals simply give out a continual ID they are interlocked I also need those no more take speed on. You’ll get a kid to cut from the loose ends your own views and pretend I put a camera that’s you that did that ID ghetto kid thing I he did because on the telephone you know you have it to support it but give me those young play but it’s impossible to even not be that mean take it as a kid seen by me so. Okay. So what if I started to put missile and get it to say see as important it even if he got it to see not VNS look him into hotels kilos need value though no expediter No. Gotta got documents from Quantico you’ll say that those things are done not having any choice for better oi those ideas I see no it’s you know this some cream you know you make it us see not only the two either. Not everybody thought oh you put the pieces to put this on boy CNOOC mean anything. You mean the thing about the net see puts policy into the temple before no that other comment as you noted in a play the key player in newsletters who contract numerous press Newkirk you have our code legal documents photos. What you see are you making a. Yeah. Kono said let matricula Mexicana or at since you couldn’t see the Mexico or Guatemala end unbeaten Juntos. Yes certainly. Potatoes seeded us with documents filed so not the value not Punto. Numerous US citizen documents filed so you mean that eat up what you see are plane tickets on file so I would assume the little I wouldn’t have understood it in this detail. I’m not to defend comfy answer. E I would I mean that’s your daughter the product is not the value that may hold. No I continual.

No arena no secure parcel contiguous open to mind control that petals Guinness will not. But I want that I keep thermals tend to look at you I will keep us open to them I know not the will of the sea which is what the nomadic Winthrop nougat led me into.

I love Sophie Silas Matthau. No this seed neither see me in this ego the covering the poor they’re not as tight our task put under allowed me to see on their own offices. Yes.

When did little numero cinco.

New car. Quarter Durante.

Not any data meet up and see me as you know Paul is here to win and I’ll cut the winning contracts numero uno number of those is mustard seed no Mitt and not on Solos you put in video are you put on the radio not a value that either you sort of I’ll concede or throw the little yes or no Chris and or mental offers or table can inform us on a moment to getting a cake and get it.

Get the chorus.

Yay. I am a whore does. Until the 18 is when the little most significant political office will condemn Clinton policy. Is Super Sad you particular apparently mean anti book you know what I mean. As you’ll note about the fat solid coffee answer Durante and bookcase that guys with opinions that will get us will be legal or lack of money that numerous states no corresponded opinion to move see Miller are quoted. OK see. Quite a sight. A department that did sway. Lo and behold what does city though. Yeah even to see if we typically get to we typically under siege and yet the quality policy upon and beside the well it’s implemented to wonder that is a critical yay Dionysian problem.

Numerous yet to truthiness did Rachel now got to see feed medical care documents until there are a lot of cool novel although I do not see no obvious any dilemma. So in to end this look at that too. No except take a look in office. Did he set a secret top this this this year called daughter fat orC.M. No feed more nada. Eight of us approached the head a low maximal perceived numero uno see does that the needle tarmac the control of the pulley Seattle. No.

Oddly the two situation Canadian men also now will know impresses a lot of Soviet dissidents. No SPSS obliged. So the cuando instructor tells him Needles he Sally de Loreto not to dump they went under but are you that done Sandow ISA is for my. Part of that narrative. But the important thing no contemporary winter scene soon I will Al Punto Newman runway see it today either or does anyone not read a moment took solace there they saw a cannibal loaded guy is a little Maximo policy. Did an emblem to create tequila without the money hand wonder what actual law part of our de la policy a little to tell the that I do not see that there are laws that you. And when I say one does you that see a new mayor every choice so your nobody has to either get look in a little town they put out in Jackson that are a problem in Lakewood LA policy a kilowatt hour kilowatt of toll at the Jackson the potency of the liquid nuclear you got on a sale FEC I had no idea or any that but I actually read one infraction transit in Lakewood. Look at the video of it each year is your model lights up soon the policy of the liquid in office yet everyday on Monday the auto auto policy is a policy.

I would agree to air same function in Lakewood and finally another uncle Tom could traveling solo put me in for more information necessary to report to the police here. No I’ve lived there so poor now that not so.

The report did not fit into a policy items that I did it in at the CPS and Kate eating cream in Nevada. We don’t know that you can invest in quantity where they are you that stupid.

Importantly our guess is that that hit that rock they went to after they’ve got to go to Quantico although LTM full Dan enumerated before that.

That also doesn’t cut so they equal get close up addresses unless you put them attended the press and we’ll table eight did that. Hate that Teddy.

Case on Tuesday toss into and took another boy lead the day public more protected reversibility sit by side though a Kindle immune to constitutional law lot also needles dangle in the ditch or they that make idle no contest turns to spray one does no fill my knee and got little comments no freedom or Nada seem primitive abroad call when I will rather. No no no no one of those but Sato El Quatro a mean that constitutionally they don’t tell us we don’t know that but we did it in tonight in MI CASA a tremendous que with Ted thing that ordered in the coffee feed model but quests is to look at Brian is so super important it super important to put Brian in the it did cool mental noise to northern fee model portable Quist naughtiness or Teddy that Punto ego official it’s safe wait on our skip us as he does it La Casa when that made it more then buckle up we’re stuck to our they come in well can’t order may we sell. Yes well in order for my simple quest or not you see noise not enough carry enough water not DNS gasoline I love canals so bed important to trace también the huddle What do you mean the no lids oi put me so boost got me pertinence yes.

Si si si si toi that guy you know me what’s up lo lo lo will see you off to the MLS I really like out of data even look at the angle see twenty allowed or no to open we saw the academy outdoors it doesn’t mi casa but the way they haven’t even got to look to get it Madina guys you have solar thermal come to Cape with Mossad agents who contract you will do more they see though he said means that it shows conditionalities on top.

You cannot call me that I voice I was side of me that I chose a naughty boy.

I use you that in now me super important. Yes is absolute I mean take it out. Not go round most potato low Oh boy. But I knew that it now. Yeah. Oh you meant to laugh with me and I will elephant I’ll get about quantitative Dick what the words Dear Reader I feel are going to mananaU.S quantitative but I didn’t get back on the third telephone or venti quarter orders idea see it to the NSA minor to monuments Okay so when a company got Quantico okay not Trump perceived it don’t say so in twos that it drops out.

They said that they did this to program a case on case so less it always gets on the sink order is critical is to put the right sort of thought into the potential numero uno.

Let’s put you on that Riana. I would. I’m a hood.

Oh no. Dominic must yo yo la la cosa. AndP.S. happily articles quote go to breakfast with possibly author of the way of manana. He did what he must have read though Lonnie’s done it done though. I will not pay later. I’ll get him a la policy a la police here. You got cancer. Yeah I wouldn’t doubt it. The nutty part of your next year the mythical median. Let me see a nuke. It’s not my up but at least for a while now. No player into Merida with post alone may not get into more them attack. OK. I agree that I wouldn’t of course I would be keen to maintain its unity in a day more kids superior. Or I’ll guild about the tobacco. Daniel Yamana police here because he Trump tell me the whole kit. You know they would end up on a Saturday like I said I don’t like us I lost my nose but now will tell but not me but I don’t. Better yet model up your model up will you see a solo put it on this Coutinho is done in no huddle meta arena the arguing I said I follow similar to in lukewarm Intaglio I I’m holding meetings with them I got it so notice I you know yummy la policia solo but I was sort of odd will not discuss your interest but if solo see I’m a la policia seeking it to more than to veto a bit okay so super there well no Thomas I keep it up protected La Russa that is the debut Let’s elevate Ticker it’s so no lay there looking at ego is boy our policy a year ago let me know check you see policy until the temple I’ll get by said Aristotle. Poor kid no kid a nickel shouted manana on those the US must get up or send them out our IT UP WHEN YOU SEE EYE TO YA KNOW YOU SEE IT ON Nada does it so when I put the head up so meek mill you argued but said that the needle is you looked at it the needle is pussy Ricky you me that’s your on line maybe Ted you can assume pretty much that it I mean. Can he meet us here and me how much are they took out of us look at passes this place all this place quality possible here when we anatomical ESL know psych eval goal is so narrow road no kidding I meant no kidding I’d never sit in that Amanda in court no kidding I didn’t you the court and no kidding I get that but if I say that they needle or that they either maintain outer soon pro Lima cartel Zita avocado e plastic it’s that simple. I’ll put those at risk what was a minus noise or now my. But at any sort of are problems graphs here any credible reports puts to spell out US aid or critical new middle dose at all.

That Mel Gibson meta Oh violent a fiesta Tomo not triangles PNC could get heavy in and try and allowed to but I couldn’t see the La Casa e el camino LA when see low on yellow what I’ve seen you do with the demand of these who all see some of those students advance us a moment took it up what you see a could change so don’t wanted a tap Monday not tomorrow Oh I see no contest us not Ed to do he’s just gonna respect or no content or something I want to see you know a lot of cool me I will gather it’s perceived like in office he had motive I thought but elemental took heat that your to it to Mandel a low official Cassie pseudo divided did it don’t say See does Mondo you know we’ll said Uber who said lift already there or own taxi no in Pawtucket No we bought that he took what I see and he got in like I said a source he and Dolan is a mucho middle the Cinco safe we’ll see if the meeting get democratized and defended the cost of the money handed to model e a perceived look kidney it does tomorrow better put the see look at this he think that one of the ten it essence several critical number of those in order Preeti called Numero threats Justin Bieber syndrome if so is money how to see me sincere you’re sick it is so better call Moon vitamin A look at our Celera look policy up which you can apply US couldn’t cope with Oh I even see allowed to turn out C allowed to say without seeing you when you’re the s out to can only yes who speeded up Oh Cynthia really Cynthia when I said it is so in a momento you see yet deep down on this mountain it will tell us yes I is key to this I mean I take Conoco you’ll stick it to my has put I key love proximal they get their real money handle Yes sick and not in any sense yet to avoid it in it the voyage up I at MIT whore no I settle in Quin Trump or throw money at I you got on tobacco boat key I caught this case put money hadn’t seen seen any sense yet given up on it in the concept No not of this and the whole arrested window and I a footnote consider the pending request either painted it out locally that beat or carved out this kit a pattern set point a must defeat seed.

Sadly this as you see on scene a goddess it is you know the God of sin and my oblique claiming it as your native under the net of identity theft. April it my simple PSN it all the credit card Numero Quatro No. Does it. It is a it ought to be though Dave aint you know savage as rapper in Atlanta in appellate court. I don’t mean to Ignacio in English. We know you don’t tell us Fritos and that Como satiate Daniels doors will be that I that I’ve been looking a thousand needles for that to either put it meat I should be this blessed except any imbecile please God but it has been statutes little liquor store my this scene mean the holidays but as I leave the fiancee isn’t seeing doctors I was in a liquor store or not for two now leg of lamb I know they mean that is not the tendency and me on the but I pay God a fiance I keep us secure and that they need to know they get they pass out to see I see qualifications but I’ll go see no service equally if he gets para ser legal our blood could never lie though varied what qualifies on to subsume this door though is must the FEC when the yet attested to Negro super important to please God boy meet more Loma pronto policy live but I couldn’t say he stuttered slow God I wanna see it orthopedic on numerous single agent noise we cannot see the put out until I run the poor by the disc getting an E course now see those key Concord and DC on this many cuts point is said I’ll dismal blessed well not disability that dat but in the sack play I said quite critical inD.C. on Medicare case Syria where its messy lead some residents here poor kid C I D. Come on look by this day they put a time to equal case you I know it isn’t too late I begin to Sudan and when is your lucky niece’s seat CTA access to other tortoise CRT to the portal 2 we call by continual yelling somebody’s gonna yell about that to did access so I looked at it it’s support. It is true freebie and took it to equal bus from freed scene I’ve seen access so as we’ve looked at it is the one that let us this report said so one of your stupid important things he does and this as he does on yeah. My low fee Cena andP.S. are super special little Mac pronto perceived it Toma annuals me no it’s on this make it so yeah although they meet as shown in afternoon at an infamous three play Ojo Ojo or George or settled Thrace set or see eye to eye Keith Thomas as you Sid Vicious actor la proxima good access researchers and it the program up but I said they got. I. Because my I said only God.

Get a son. Son. Of a god. That is Muhammad.