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A NJ immigration Attorney will tell you there are many pathways to legal status in the United States, some of which may lead to American Citizenship. Andres Mejer, once an immigrant with unlawful status himself, is now a well-known and respected immigration lawyer in NJ. He has authored several books but he feels that his latest book, “Do You Qualify For U.S. Legal Status?” is so important to immigrants, he is giving FREE hard copies away (he even pays the postage). Supplies are limited so act fast before they are all gone!

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We Help Immigrants Just Like You To Become Citizens, Avoid Deportation, Seek Asylum, Protect Immigrant Children and Help Victims of Crime.

Immigrants Are Not Criminals

Immigrants Are More Often Victims of Crime

Sometimes people forget that America would not exist without immigrants. This country was built by hardworking, honest immigrants from all countries and cultures around the world. Immigrants have made America a better place to live and, in exchange, America has offered hope and prosperity to immigrants and their families. These immigrants often came here as children and now have children of their own who are United States citizens. Many immigrants fear deportation, jail or being separated from their children for no reason other than they entered the United States seeking the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of being called Americans. Fear of deportation often forces good people to live in the shadows, work for unscrupulous employers, avoid police and other authorities and to not seek medical treatment. Fear allows immigrants to fall victim to crime, too afraid to go to the police. Fear, and the promise of legal immigration status, allows immigrants to be victimized by so called “immigration services” or ruthless NJ immigration attorneys who are skilled at tricking undocumented workers out of their money, leaving them broke and, in worse condition than before.

Find Out If You Qualify for Legal Status NOW!

Does this ring true to you? Then, you have come to the right place. NJ immigration attorney Andres Mejer will not allow you to be a victim of current immigration policy. He will fight to keep your family together and for you to achieve legal immigration status in the United States. He knows how you feel because he has been there himself. You owe it to yourself and your family to step out of the shadows. Fight deportation. Seek legal immigration status and, fulfill the promise of America by putting your trust in New Jersey Immigration Lawyers, Andres Mejer.

Some may call us “Dreamers.” We call ourselves Americans!™

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New Jersey Immigration Lawyers

“We’re Immigrants Helping Immigrants”


“Andres Mejer is an excellent attorney, has an excellent team in place, and has helped countless people with getting their immigration status worked out. As a fellow member of a mastermind group, I can say that based on seeing Andres’ care and attention for detail and his care for the clients, you are in good hands with him and his team.”

Rick Weaver, Client

“Hands down the most incredible, hardworking, and dedicated group of people I have ever come across. Andres and his team helped my fiancé this past month in an immigration case that seemed absolutely hopeless. My fiancé had the paperwork all done to be deported and they moved mountains to not only keep him in the country, but have him released.”

Elizabeth Perez, Client

“If you are planning on filing your N-400 application and there are questions that if you think answering YES will cause a problem, you MUST contact Andres Mejer Law. They will help you from start to finish and explain everything. Very friendly staff and everyone is a pleasure to work with.”

Sal, Client

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We helped Ms. Libia obtain legal status

Ms. Libia B married a man that was extremely older in age. Mr. Francisco filed for Libia's adjustment on March 5, 2012. Now, the application became difficult due to the age [...]

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You Can Be Part of the American Dream So Start Now!

We help solve immigration problems for people just like you.

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You Can Be Part of the American Dream So Start Now!

We help solve immigration problems for people just like you.

Immigration Questions or Problems?
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