We help hard-working immigrant families Get Legal.

You may already qualify for legal status!

We help hard-working immigrant families Get Legal.

You may already qualify for legal status!

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We solve immigration problems and help immigrants qualify for legal status in the U.S.

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There are dozens of ways for immigrants to qualify for legal immigration status in the United States but most undocumented workers are only aware of a few. Your friends, family and other New Jersey Immigration Attorneys may be misinformed or inexperienced in family immigration matters and employment-related immigration. You may have been told that you can’t become a Green Card holder or otherwise become a legal resident of the United States. Maybe you have been told that it takes years to become a Legal Permanent Resident or that it will cost you more than you can afford. You may have even paid an Immigration Lawyer or an unlicensed “Notorio” only to be denied a visa or ripped off. Don’t give up! The only way to protect you and your family is to get legal and stay legal. We can often help when others can’t.

You may have arrived here illegally, overstayed your visa, facing deportation, or you may just need to adjust your status or petition for a family member or fiancé. No matter your circumstances, our New Jersey Immigration Attorneys are dedicated to finding a solution to your immigration problems.

That’s why we make it FREE to find out if you may qualify for legal U.S. Immigration Status and we can provide you with a FREE roadmap to solving your specific immigration problem during a FREE immigration strategy session. There is nothing to lose and nothing to pay if we can’t help you. Call us today to schedule your FREE immigration strategy session.

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Media Appearances

Television appearances by author, immigrant rights advocate, and New Jersey Immigration Attorney, Andres Mejer.

Media Appearances

Media Appearances

Television appearances by author, immigrant rights advocate, and New Jersey Immigration Attorney, Andres Mejer.

Media Appearances
New Jersey Immigration Attorney

You May Qualify For Legal Status Now!

Andres Mejer, NJ immigration Attorney, explains many pathways to legal status in the United States in this free book. Once an undocumented immigrant himself, he became a U.S. Citizen and is now a well-known and respected immigration lawyer in NJ.

You may learn that you already qualify for legal immigration status!

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We Help Immigrants Just Like You To Become Citizens, Avoid Deportation, Seek Asylum, Protect Immigrant Children and Help Victims of Crime.

Meet New Jersey Immigration Lawyer

Andres Mejer

My name is Andres Mejer. If you are in the United States illegally, I want you to know that I was once like you! I came to the United States as a child with my parents. We became undocumented immigrants and my family was forced to live in the shadows for years. I remember my parents discussing their fear of being pulled over for a traffic violation, getting arrested and being deported. It was a scary time for my family, but we were able to get legal which gave me my shot at the American dream.

I became an immigration lawyer and immigration advocate to help people like you get the information they need to get legal status in the U.S. Possibly as many as half of all undocumented immigrants could qualify for legal status right now but don’t know it. I want to help you get legal status in the United States. You can find out if you may qualify for legal status online, right now. Just click the button below.

~ Andres

Immigration Lawyer

We’re Immigrants Helping Immigrants to Get Legal

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“Andres Mejer is an excellent attorney, has an excellent team in place, and has helped countless people with getting their immigration status worked out. As a fellow member of a mastermind group, I can say that based on seeing Andres’ care and attention for detail and his care for the clients, you are in good hands with him and his team.”

Rick Weaver, Client

“Hands down the most incredible, hardworking, and dedicated group of people I have ever come across. Andres and his team helped my fiancé this past month in an immigration case that seemed absolutely hopeless. My fiancé had the paperwork all done to be deported and they moved mountains to not only keep him in the country, but have him released.”

Elizabeth Perez, Client

“If you are planning on filing your N-400 application and there are questions that if you think answering YES will cause a problem, you MUST contact Andres Mejer Law. They will help you from start to finish and explain everything. Very friendly staff and everyone is a pleasure to work with.”

Sal, Client

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