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You can stop living in fear and feel secure knowing that you will be not be separated from your family & loved ones. You journey starts with becoming a legal permanent resident in the US.

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Stop Deportation

Regardless of how long you’ve liver and worked in the US, deportation makes immigrants feel that their entire life is in danger.

Reopen Case

We fight deportation by reopening criminal cases. We can even request to have you released on a bond.

Wrongful Removal

Our immigration attorneys will help prove that the reason for removal is wrong and you should be allowed to stay.

Request Waiver

We can request for the deportation order to be waived if there is evidence that you will face torture in your home country.

new jersey immigration attorney

“I didn’t know I could get documents… that there was help out there…Andres Mejer Law made me feel comfortable to trust them with my whole life.”


new jersey immigration attorney

Mr. Quiyu was able to successfully petition for a green card for himself and his wife through the help of Andres Mejer.


new jersey immigration attorney

Ms. Cartagena successfully filed her VAWA petition. As a result, she was able to live without the fear of deportation or losing her kids.


Are you an immigrant facing the threat of removal or deportation from the United States?

How To Stop Deportation (Removal) From the U.S.

You don’t need to face removal or deportation alone. At Andres Mejer Law, our New York and New Jersey immigration lawyers can work to help you stay in the U.S.

What is Immigration Court Process

Can you get a Green Card even though you have an order of deportation?

Two ways to overcome an order of removal and still get your green card

Can my wife apply for my green card even if I have an order of removal?

Deportation Can Be Stopped With the Right New Jersey Immigration Lawyer

Many immigrants like you and me have come to the US for a number of reasons, but at the core we all want a better life than the one we left behind. No matter why you left your country, if you are like most immigrants you want to stay in the US. When facing deportation (or removal, as it is now known), I understand how you may feel that your entire life is in danger. Let us help you stay in the US.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, you can face removal irrespective of:

>> Number of USC family members living in your household;

>> The years you have worked in the US;

>> Paid taxes;

>> Number of years you have lived in the US;

>> The contributions you made to your community;

>> Your immigration status.

New York and New Jersey Immigration Lawyers Can Help

You need an attorney to help you. An experienced NJ deportation attorney can may make the difference between staying in the US and having to restart your life back home.

We will evaluate every aspect of your case. These include:

Proving that the reason for removal is wrong: If you have lawfully lived in the US for a number of years, then we may be able to prove that you should be allowed to stay. If you are facing criminal removal, then we can help you prove that the offense is not a grounds for removal.

Challenging criminal charges: Attempting to reopen criminal cases is another way to fight deportation. Depending on your situation and criminal record, it may also be possible to have you released on a bond.

Requesting asylum or deportation cancellation: In some circumstances, it is possible to request that the deportation be waived if you face forms of torture in your home country.

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It is very difficult to be allowed re-entry to the US after being removed. You must fight removal now. Contact us today.

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