Rephrasing the question, until the federal government passes immigration reform, does New Jersey benefit by allowing undocumented individuals to get a license?

I believe that they should, because it is the right thing for New Jersey.

At Andres Mejer Law, we have represented hundreds of individuals who faced motor vehicle charges mostly due to their undocumented status.  Too many run the risk every time they drive of being charged with driving never having had a license or driving with a suspended license. Some individuals whose visa has expired may face driving with an expired license, rather than never having had a license.  Too often, an undocumented person in an accident will flee because they fear deportation.  If they had a license there would be fewer infractions for fleeing the scene of an accident, which benefits us all.  All four of these carry high fines, jail in some circumstances, and the risk of suspension of driver’s license or the ability to get a license.

Bill, A2135, was introduced in the New Jersey legislature that would all who can pass the examinations to drive, despite one’s legal status.  So the question remains, should this become the law?

I see too often the challenges the undocumented face in New Jersey; whether it is the tickets described above or getting compensation if they are injured in an accident.  I understand the argument that an “illegal” should not be able to get the same id document that I can carry.  Some states, like California, have considered this issue by suggesting the driver’s license be stamped “Not for Identification.”  Many groups would support that limitation if it allows “illegals” to get a license.

I believe the pros outweigh the cons, and in the whole, New Jersey should issue driver’s licenses to the “illegals.”  Let us know what you think and why.

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