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drug lawyerIf you are facing drug charges in New Jersey, you need an experienced New Jersey drug lawyer to protect your future. An arrest record can be challenging enough, but an indictment or trial can completely derail your life. Aside from bringing stress on you and your loved ones, a conviction can cause one or more of the following:

  • job loss
  • financial penalties
  • rehabilitation
  • jail time
  • deportation and other immigration consequences

No matter what type of drug crime you are charged with, you need New Jersey criminal legal representation as soon as possible. Only an experienced defense lawyer who is knowledgeable in drug cases can help you maneuver the New Jersey criminal justice system.

What Kind of Charges Could You Face?

New Jersey law classifies drug crimes in numerous ways, and with those different classifications come different penalties. Various factors can affect your particular charges, for example:

  • what type of drug was involved
  • the amount of the drug
  • whether you were near a school

Eatontown drug attorney Andres Mejer can represent you if the charges relate to:

  • possession,
  • manufacturing, or
  • trafficking of drugs, ranging from marijuana to heroin and prescription medication.

The New Jersey criminal court system are difficult to navigate. Therefore, you should prepare to be patient, as some cases not reach a resolution for months. A seasoned New Jersey drug lawyer can help expedite the process. He can also assist you in all phases of a drug case:

Before the Arrest

Whether you turn yourself in, have knowledge of a private complaint being filed against you, or discover a warrant has been issued for your arrest, legal representation at this stage is critical. Having a New Jersey drug attorney who can advise you during the booking process so that you do not incriminate yourself can make or break your case.

Before the Trial

The first time you appear in court, the judge will set your bail. Your drug lawyer may be able to persuade New Jersey courts to grant a lower bail. Or depending on your particular circumstances, your attorney may even get the judge to release you without bail on your own recognizance.

The judge may take the opportunity to order substance abuse evaluation. This means you may need to enter a drug rehabilitation program as a condition of your release.

You will want to discuss with your attorney whether taking a plea bargain at this stage is a good idea. While it is true that the court and the prosecutor will not have invested much time and resources into the case (and therefore may be less likely to want to see it through to the end), your attorney may be able to eliminate the charges against you through discovery and motion practice.

During Trial

Jury trials can be unpredictable; thus, experience matters. If your case goes to trial, you need an experienced New Jersey drug lawyer to persuade the jury that you are not guilty of the prosecutor’s charges.

After the Trial

A seasoned New Jersey drug lawyer will be able to pursue an appeal should you get an unfavorable ruling.

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If you are in a New Jersey drug case, you need a New Jersey drug lawyer who has the expertise and dedication to protect you. The Andres Mejer legal team possesses comprehensive knowledge of the NJ criminal system. We also have the aggressive attitude required to protect your rights. Contact us today.

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