Will immigration surge now that Cuban relations are better?

///Will immigration surge now that Cuban relations are better?

How will Cuban immigration change with improved relations?

The answer to this question is tricky, because the answer is both yes and no.  There has never been a lull in immigration from Cuba, even though relations with Cuba were strained. Hundreds of thousands of people fled Cuba in the 1980’s and came to the United States, but all of them had to come to this country illegally. Because of the Cuban Adjustment Act those illegal immigrants were able to claim asylum, a green card, and then citizenship.  

We still get Cuban illegal immigrants, but they aren’t large numbers.  So far, there has been no change in our laws.  The Cuban Adjustment Act is still the law of the land.  There has been no discussion of changing it.  Nor is there an easy way for Cubans to legally come to the U.S. today.  

Despite the improvement of relations, that hasn’t had a noticeable change in immigration from Cuba.  For now, I don’t see a surge on the horizon.  Having said that any Cuban immigrant in the U.S. who is undocumented should apply for his or her green card immediately because any change in the law is not likely to help them.



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