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When there are talks of “the border” in the news, it is usually a given that the discussion is going to be on the Mexican border. But what about the other border the US has, the border with Canada? There is rarely any discussion of the northern border, and this has a lot to do with general activity in the North. There is not a large amount of immigration across the Canadian border, and therefore in immigration discussions there is not much to talk about. This has to do with several different factors, the most obvious being geography. When someone comes across the Canadian border, they are coming from only one country, Canada. Given the climate in Canada it isn’t a heavily populated country. With only one country to draw population from, there will be much less people trying to cross that border. The Mexican border however, lies north of Mexico and all of South America. This means that someone crossing the Mexican border can come from a number of countries, and this increase the total number of people that are able to cross the border. Another difference is the conditions the immigrants are coming from. The Canadian society is very similar to the American Society, and therefore crossing the Canadian border would not change the lives of the people immigrating very much. The living conditions of those who live in Mexico and South America however is much different that those in the US, and this could lead to a dream to come to America. Something we hear a lot about is the “American dream,” this notion of coming to America and having your life change drastically, usually for the better. This leads to a much larger desire to cross the border for those who live south of the United States. For these reasons, the Canadian border is a lot less active, and requires less attention, and discussion. People in Canada are generally a lot happier with their living conditions and do not feel the need to come to American in an attempt to improve those conditions.

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