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Within the past several weeks I have been asked on so many occasions ,”What is going on with the unaccompanied minors? What is happening on our border?” There are some takeaways that are not being discussed. The fact of the matter is that there are a huge amount of minors attempting to enter the United States. The first takeaway, is that they”re being apprehended. The second, and probably the most important question is, what is happening at our border and what should we do about it? The majority of these kids are coming from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. They are crossing from Central America alone or with strangers through Mexico. Some are actually stopping in Mexico and in other countries as well. The rates of requests for asylum in other countries have also increased significantly. This aspect isn”t being discussed by Ted Cruz. The number of kids coming into the U.S. within the last six or seven months in unprecedented, but the reason is simple, the situation in their country is horrific. Let me give you an example of one of our clients. Father and husband (father) came to the U.S. for work. The mother (mother) of their two children just turned 18 and lived in El Salvador. While working in the fields, the mom saw members of the gang known as MS-13 kidnap a co-worker. The next day her co-worker was found dead. Following this incident, the mother was accosted by members of MS-13. She was followed home and they threatened to kill her and her kids if she said anything. Needless to say, she packed up and left for the U.S. She was apprehended at the border. She is one of thousands who find themselves in the exact situation. It needs to be understood that these people are not coming here because Obama granted deferred action. They are coming here because gangs are taking over their countries, threatening the population and unfortunately there is a no real law. You can”t turn to the police because they are on payroll of the gangs. Going back to the situation of the mother, a few houses down the street from her there is a known MS-13 gang location where local cops go to have fun. So, how can you go to the police complaining about this organization when you know there are local cops on their payroll? If you are in fear for your life and your family’s life you obviously take them elsewhere. Where are they going to go? Here lies the problem. Families are paying thousands of dollars putting their children’s lives in custody of strangers who are going to shuffle them from one group to another until they arrive to the U.S. with the hope of being reunited with loved ones. They hope for a better life because sadly, there is no longer a normal life in their own country. We can debate what should happen, but let us be clear about what is really going on. My name is Andres Mejer. I’m a New Jersey immigration attorney. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can contact us on Facebook, or by calling our toll free number 888-695-6169