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What are the two common mistakes when filing for a green card application?

Attorneys can help you avoid the two most common denials in green card petitionsWhen applying for a green card many mistakes can be made, and these mistakes can be the difference between being approved for a green card and having to return to your country of origin.  There is no mistake that is the most glaring, but rather two that are the most common, yet the easiest to fight.  As a matter of fact, if you solve one of these problems, it is very unlikely that the second will even be an issue.  These problems are:

  1. Not asking for help or receiving it from the wrong places, and
  2. Missing deadlines.

What if you miss a deadline?

Let’s start with the deadline issue.  If you miss a non-immigration related deadline on an application form you may have to refile and you may lose any application fee.  However, when applying for an immigration benefit missing a deadline may result in

  1. Being placed in removal proceedings;
  2. Denial of your petition; or
  3. A costly appeal with an explanation of why you missed the deadline in the first place

In all three, you will be delayed in achieving the benefit you were seeking.  So you ask, “What can I do to prevent this?” There are two main ways in which you can prevent this issue.  The first is simply being diligent about the deadlines and ensure that you do not miss them.  But let’s be honest, sometimes deadlines can come much faster than you expected them to, or you may even have trouble finding out when the deadline is. This leads to the second solution, ask for help.

Should you ask for help?

Asking for help can be difficult, but many times one of the easiest and simplest ways to make sure you get everything done right and on time, is to have someone helping you along the way.  The question now becomes, whom do you ask for help? Your family can be a valuable asset, but you have to consider the complexity of these applications, waivers, and the various laws that apply.  The best place to seek help is in the legal sector.  However, even within the legal sector, there are various avenues you can pursue.  For example, you can do something similar to what you are doing now, read blog information from a law firm.  Posts such as this one can present very valuable information, so they can prove to be valuable assets. However, you cannot ask a post a question.  Your best chance is to seek the help of an immigration attorney, as no one else will be as up to date on immigration laws, or have as much experience in filling out the necessary forms and waivers.

For these reasons, the two most common mistakes in applying for a green card can be easily avoided if you seek the necessary help from a qualified source.  Please do not dismiss this information as an attorney asking you to pay him something, but rather examine the value of this information.  Someone who truly understands how to help you can be the difference between your green card application being approved, and that same application being denied.

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