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What is a sanctuary city?Sanctuary city is a term that is used to describe a city that has policies designed to shelter illegal immigrants in some way.  The term is mainly used by republican legislators in a negative way, trying to claim that stricter enforcement regulations need to be passed to force cities to do certain things.   The term generally applies to cities that don’t allow municipal funds or resources to enforce federal immigration laws.  Typically this happens when an immigrant is arrested.  Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) will put an ICE detainer on the immigrant.  They ask to be informed when the immigrant will be released and that the municipality hold the immigrant for a certain period of time allowing ICE to interview and take into custody the immigrant.  Some cities don’t honor ICE detainers at all whereas others will only do so if the immigrant is facing a serious offense.The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would block municipalities from receiving certain federal law enforcement grants if they don’t honor ICE detainers.  President Obama has threatened to veto the bill if it passes the Senate.

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  4. An Immigrant’s Guide to Municipal Court – Here I discuss what happens if you get arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement, what you need to know to get out of custody, and what to expect if you are placed in removal hearings.  I also explain the municipal court process and how a municipal court matter can result in your being placed into removal proceedings.

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