The court has ample resources when it comes to handling different languages, and will commonly be able to provide an interpreter.  Simply contact the court before your scheduled appearance and inform them that you need an interpreter.   This is very important, as it is never a good idea to ask a loved one or a child of yours to translate for you, and there are some courts that will not even allow it. Many courts understand that there are members of the surrounding community that do not speak English, and are more than willing to provide the help needed to ensure that you receive the proper help in any and all situations.

Beware, there are people in your community who will offer to take you to court and translate for you, for a fee.  The fact is the court will provide you an interpreter, but you have to let them know in advance.  Some of these helpers may do you more harm than good.  They try to give you advice and suggest what to do when you speak to the prosecutor or judge.  The wrong advice can be worse than no advice. 

If you face an Domestic Violence issue we have some valuable resources for you:

  1. An Immigrant’s Guide to Municipal Court – Here I discuss the municipal court process and how a municipal court matter can result in your being deported. I also discuss what happens if you get arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement, what you need to know to get out of custody, and what to expect if you are placed in removal hearings.
  2. Do You Need an Immigration Attorney? You Might Not – I will explain when you need an immigration attorney.  Not every needs one.  I will also explain the benefits of hiring one in any immigration challenge.
  3. 7 Critical Questions to ask Before Hiring an Immigration Attorney – If you have decided that you need an immigration attorney, how do you make sure you hire a good one?  I explain to you the questions you need to ask before you hire your immigration attorney.

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