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There were a lot of topics covered during the republican debate, everything ranging from immigration to the economy. In the beginning of the debate, they displayed a graphic that showed what had been ranked as 5 of the more important issues that people have been discussing. On that list, immigration was ranked 4th. This bodes the question, is that high enough?The answer to this may surprise you, but I actually don’t think it matters where immigration ranks. Obviously I would love for it to be the thing everyone is talking about the most, but at least they are talking about it. A decent portion of the debate was spent discussing immigration, and almost all of the candidates had a chance to give some opinions.However, while immigration was talked about, not a lot was actually said, and this is the main problem with these debates. Many of the candidates gave cookie-cutter answers, or little sound bytes that they thought may make them look good to voters. When asked for plans, the candidates would talk about what they had done in the past, and when asked for proof they would talk about evidence that is very hard to believe.So while immigration was a hot topic of discussion at this debate, not nearly enough was said about it. What we need are candidates who are willing to give us actual information, regardless of how they believe others may perceive it. In the end, that is what we need in all politicians, a form of blunt truth telling that not many candidates have shown.Free ResourcesYou are interested in U.S. legal status but don’t know where to start?

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