Why should I apply for DACA?The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is an executive action initially passed by President Barack Obama on June 15, 2012 and expanded on November 20, 2014. The president’s executive decision allows those who meet the criteria to get

  1. Protection from deportation for two years;
  2. Employment authorization for that two year period;
  3. Once approved you can apply for a social security card;
  4. In New Jersey, with work authorization and a social security card you can apply for a driver’s license;
  5. Once DACA is approved, you can also apply for permission to travel, referred to as Advance Parole; and
  6. Under limited circumstances you can use DACA, travel abroad through Advance Parole, and then use both to get a green card.

In the three years this program has been in action, still only half of those who qualify for DACA have applied. Some still question whether it is helpful. The National UnDACAmented Research Project was launched contemporaneous with the creation of the program to study the effects of DACA on those who qualify. A total of 2,684 respondents completed the survey. Let’s review its results, as documented by the American Immigration Council.

  1. New Jobs. Over 60% of respondents found new jobs since receiving DACA and almost half saw an increase in their salary.
  2. Driver’s License. Almost 60% received a driver’s license. This creates safety for all drivers and increased their educational and employment options.
  3. Bank Accounts. Almost half of respondents opened bank accounts for the first time.
  4. Health Care. Over 20% received health care insurance for the first time. The report concludes this is due to college enrollment and employment based plans.

One of the largest benefits the DACA program that people rarely acknowledge is that this program increases the morale of those who live here. There young people can now go to college and have a chance at the American Dream. Many have purpose and hope for the first time in their adult lives. Hopefully more will soon fell the same when DAPA and expanded DACA get implemented.

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