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Real IDs are Coming to New Jersey – What Does That Mean For You

Real IDs have been discussed in the US for several years. They are a way to help all law enforcement agencies share information more easily. With that, each state was required to implement this by October 2020.


Andres Mejer  SO REAL I.D. is coming to New Jersey. What does that mean? Well here’s what you need to know before you stand in line at Motor Vehicle Commission. 

Andres Mejer  The real I.D. law was passed by Congress in 2005. This is after 9/11. As a way to establish minimum security standards for state-issued I.D. Basically what you’re saying is they want to standardize information across the entire country so that databases can be merged a whole lot easier so that they can share more information. And which would make ICE’s job. Easier. If you want to board a plane domestically if you today if you want to travel inside the United States you won’t get on a plane. You don’t need to show your passport, even if you’re going to Puerto Rico or Hawaii since that’s still considered part of the U.S., you do not need to show a passport. You only show a passport when you can travel outside of the US. Inside the U.S. a driver’s license or some other I.D. like a military I.D. it’s sufficient. After October 1st, 2020 that state I.D. will need to change. You will need to have a new I.D. That complies with the Real I.D. So you’re going to have to go to one of your commission. You have to prove your identity by bringing two proofs of address your lawful presence in this country and proof of your social security number. You can’t upgrade just yet. What would be a commission is slowly office by office rolling this stuff out. They’re saying they’re trying to work the kinks out. Look if you have a license from Maryland or from New York or from California and you’re using that to travel within the U.S. after October it won’t be sufficient. It needs to have a yellow star on the corner of the driver’s license, with that. Well, then you can board a plane. Otherwise, you’re gonna need a passport or something else. And if you’re undocumented in the United States, meaning here without permission. You know presenting your past go into an airport presenting your passport. Well, it proves that you’re here without permission and ICE is in the building. So be careful. You can do it. You can travel domestically in the U.S. but there is a risk. My name is Andres Mejer. And if you have any questions or comments on this and any items in the news please comment below and we’ll discuss it either now or at the next segment.