Don’t suffer asking yourself questions that this letter can answer.

You must be in a sea of doubts since you received my last letter the other day. You must be thinking if it is the moment, if it is worth it if it is a lot of money, and other endless questions that can get you into paralysis analysis.

Overthinking is the typical mistake of certain people. These people never start something because they are drowned in a permanent phase of analysis paralysis. By wishing for something perfect, they end up getting nothing.

Imagine that Little Red Riding Hood just wandered into a corner while the wolf tried to eat her grandmother. The best thing for Little Red Riding Hood is to have a good wolf hunter advising her on how she can protect her grandmother and herself from the wolf who will destroy everything they have built.Indeed many questions set upon you, so I am sending you this letter. It will be a bit long, but everything here will help you answer them and make good decisions.First, you must know how I work with the people who come to me. 

After many years of experience, I created a method that helps my clients, my team, and myself organize a step-by-step legalization process.

The 9-5-3 Method

I will explain this Method very well, so you understand how it works to gain legal status.

First, let me remind you how I work with my clients. I created a system through which you can see, effortlessly, what the process is like to obtain your Green Card and all the possibilities that open up.

I want to say that, at Andres Mejer Law, we use the 9-5-3 Method, which significantly simplifies the process of achieving your legal status.Most attorneys focus only on the type of immigration cases they want to handle. They only accept applications through marriage or citizenship applications. However, there are many other paths to legal status.

New Jersey deportation attorney

There are nine main paths to legal status:

  • DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals)
  • TPS (temporary protected status)
  • Parole in Place or Advance Parole
  • Family-Based Petition
  • Work-Based Petition
  • Violence Against Women Act
  • Asylum
  • Treaty against Torture
  • U, S, or T Visa
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
  • Naturalization
  • Cancelation of Removal

Here is the next level:

applying for us visa

Five things from your past that can disqualify you from the process.

Few attorneys will consider issues from your past that could delay or disqualify you from achieving legal status. But my team and I focus on the five most common ones to help you get through all the phases and achieve it.

Pending crimes or previous convictions.

Multiple illegal entries into the United States after 1996.

Allegations of misrepresentation or fraud.

Pending removal proceedings or prior removal orders.

Unlawful presence in the United States.

There are three general ways to fix your past.

And here is the last step of our method.

If you have a step one path to legal status and you have one of the disqualifiers,most attorneys will tell you they can’t help you and leave you to fend foryourself.

But I take it very seriously, as if it were for me and I fight to the last possible resource to get you legal status

I take the next step to evaluate how to fix that problem in your past, and that would lead us to the third step of my Method:

There are many different exemptions, such as INA 237(a)(1)(h), Form I-601, Form I-601A, or I-212. Each exemption deals with a different issue. Finding the best solution for your case takes a lot of knowledge and experience. It usually can’t be done at the initial consultation.

Reopen your previous order of removal through a motion to reopen. 

Undo a criminal conviction through a post-conviction relief process.

As I do not want you to stay suffering from paralysis analysis, I bring you some of the questions my clients ask me before hiring my services. See if I can break that spiral of so much analysis, so you can finally get your Green Card.

Because one of our fundamental values is to leave you in a better place than when youentered our office for the first time.

We believe you need strategy to come first. We need to figure out which path outof the nine you can fit into, if you have any chance out of the five fordisqualification, and how we’re going to fix it.

And you already know that you have a case that we can defendso that you can achieve your legal status.

How much are we going to charge you for our legal

This is how we determine the cost of your green card:

There is an application process that you must pay and the price varies betweenthe different modalities: DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals), TPS(temporary protected status), Parole in Place or Advance Parole, family-basedpetition, job,Violence Against Women law, asylum, withholding of removal, anti-torturetreaty, U, S or T visa, special immigration for minors, naturalization orcancellation of removal.

Request immigration documents through the FOIA process (7 agencies) for previousborder contacts, deportations or previous petitions.

Criminal court copies and an FBI background search.

If there is something that makes you ineligible, then we have to fix it through awaiver, reopening a criminal case, reopening a removal order, or reapplying forrelief.

Are you or your relatives in expulsion proceedings? Then we have to end thedeportation or hold a trial.

As of February 24, 2020, we now have to worry about whether the government cancharge you with making you a public charge in the future. We have to present yourearning capacity very carefully to avoid this problem.

Are you applying for just yourself or are you also trying to get a green card for yourpartner and children? Is everyone in the US or out of the US or divided? Do they need an exemption?

Are you going to have an interview in the US? If so, do you want a lawyer toprepare you and accompany you to the interview?

Each of these points has a cost. That’s why my assistants can’t give you a priceover the phone. Knowledge and experience are required to determine what needs to be done and what we charge for these services.

The actual cost of legal fees for Andres Mejer Law ranges
from as low as $3,500 to over $30,000, depending on your

But… does that price include everything? No, it does not.

There are other costs. After the legal fees, you need to consider what the government will charge you to review the documents you are submitting.

You may also need to translate the documents you submitted for your application.

For each adjustment,
the government charges

For each exemption you
need, the government
usually charges $985.

Birth certificate translations are the most common, but sometimes newspaper articles, police reports, and medical reports must be translated by a certifide translator.

Lastly, there are FEDEX charges to mail the documents. This can be important in complicated cases.


Andres Mejer Law Immigration Payment Plans

We give you a 10% discount if you pay in one go. Many customers borrow from friends and family to get a discount. Some even open new credit cards to get a discount.

If you can’t pay in full with one payment, we typically offer payment plans of 3, 6, or 9 payments. It depends on your particular case.

Sometimes your green card has several phases, and we can divide your case into phases and charge accordingly.

Therefore, the the hgigher your payment, the greater the discount on your immigration case.

We give your case the same priority that you give it.
The sooner you pay for your case, the sooner it will be processed.

As you can see, we do not hide anything from you, nor are there any hidden costs.
We are transparent because we know how important this decision is to you.

We normally need several weeks once we have all the documents, you
have answered our questions, and you have made the payment for your case.

How long will your case last?

Each case is unique as I have already told you.

What I mean is that the duration of a specific case can vary depending on who is applying (US citizen, legal permanent resident, or self-petition).

What are you requesting?

Green card, U-Visa, asylum, or VAWA, for example, and where you apply (for example,the local office or immigration court that handles your case) will affect how long your case will last.

Sometimes, the wait could longer than you would like.

Unfortunately, delays are a fact in the field of immigration. Just because it takes too long, doesn’t mean it’s your fault, your lawyer’s, or the government’s.

Well, that’s not quite right; it’s probably the government’s fault.

Who submits the application?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews applications on a first-come, first-served basis. However, job seekers manage to skip the queue by paying extra for “premium processing.” Unfortunately, that is not available for other types of cases.

If you are in a visa or Green Card application category that does not allow an unlimited number of applications each year, the process will include a specific waiting time.

For example, suppose you are applying for a green card as the married child of a US citizen. Then, you are in the third preference category for being a family visa. You can expect to wait an average of at least ten years before your priority date is valid, have a visa number, and a residence card.

We can do nothing about it except monitor your progress and notify the National Visa Center (NVC) if you change your address.

What are you requesting?

Not all pathways to legal status take the same amount of time. You must take into account the type of request that we will process. Are you looking for a temporary visa for a relative to visit you? Are you applying for asylum in the United States? Both have very different processing times. Even a green card based on marriage can vary if you apply from inside or outside the US.

You also have to consider if you are in removal proceeding, or if you need a waiver if you have a previous criminal conviction. Each of these steps takes time.

Often you have to do one first and get a positive result before moving on to the next step.

Where are you going to apply?

USCIS has offices throughout the United States, and each applicant is assigned to one based on their ZIP code. Each office receives a different number of requests, which directly influences their processing speed compared to other offices.

Different USCIS offices have substantially different wait times, especially if you compare less populated areas with big cities like New York or Los Angeles.

The USCIS publishes the processing wait times for each office and updates the figures once a month.

Other factors that may delay your case:

If you move after filing your application with USCIS, you must file a change of address with Form AR-11. If you move out of your assigned office area, your case will be transferred to the new office. This will cause a delay in processing. 

The security check takes a long time to process. Most immigration applications require you to be fingerprinted, or “biometrics.” Once you appear for your appointment, your prints will be sent to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for criminal and immigration background checks.

This can add weeks or months to the process, especially if you have a common name or extensive history. Also, include your full name and any previous names you may have used. Otherwise, the security check may need to be redone.

It may also be that you did not accurately respond to a Request for Evidence or a Notice of Intent to Deny. Even if you think it’s a stupid or irrelevant request, responding promptly and accurately is crucial to the success of your case. If you ignore the request or respond late, this will cause, at a minimum, a delay in your case, but it could also lead to a denial.

Andres, can you guarantee my result? What chances of success do I have?

This is the second most common question I get.

It’s hard to answer because no two cases are the same, and my team and I focus on applying the 9-5-3 method. You know: nine main paths to legal status, five things in your past that can disqualify you, and three ways to fix it.

New Jersey deportation Attorney

I’ll give you an example:

Let’s think about George and Maria. They both entered on a tourist visa and are now married to US citizens. That means they are both applying for a green card based on marriage.

George came to the US as a child. In 2012 he applied for and was granted DACA. However, he lost his status in 2017 when convicted of driving under the influence and was placed in removal proceedings.

Maria arrived in the United States in 2010 and applied for asylum. Unfortunately, her petition was denied, and she was remanded to immigration court. When she did not appear in court, she was removed from the United States.

In this example, both George and Maria entered legally. They applied for a Green Card based on marriage to a US citizen. What makes the case different, however, are the elements of their past that potentially disqualify them.

George is in removal proceedings. Either that proceeding must be terminated, or he will have a trial before an immigration judge to get his green card.

For María, they already ordered the expulsion. That means you either have to reopen your removal proceedings (and be in the same situation as George) or apply for a waiver and a green card.


The thing is, when you focus on the 9 (pathways to legal status), 5(disqualifications), and 3 (settlements), you can have very differentways to get a green card with different costs and different chances ofsuccess.

Further complicating the answer to your question is that this process can take years.

During that time, judges may retire, the law may change, and your circumstances may change.

For example, you may be charged with a crime that could have devastating consequences for your chances of success.

When we first met with you, we developed your strategy to give you the best chance of success, but no one can guarantee results when it depends on so many factors.

The percentage chance of success cannot be trusted by anyone who has not gone through this Method.

Why didn’t other lawyers I met tell me all this?

For many reasons.

They are not interested.

They focus on a particular type of case.

They do not have a comprehensive approach to immigration issues.

They haven’t been through it and don’t understand how diffucult it is.

Andres Mejer Immigration Attorney

I’ve already told you I went through this myself when I arrived. My whole family has gone through every possible phase, problem, and situation in the immigration process.

That is why I do not want you to go through the same thing I did. You can hire a team of competent and compassionate immigration attorneys to help you obtain legal status in the US.

Build your reality NOW.

SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW by calling (732) 384-1110 or if you prefer, check my calendar or availability yourself.

Thank you and I hope to see you very soon!

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