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Changes for attorneys appearing in immigration courtLast week the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the office that creates the regulations regarding the practicing of immigration law, announced changes to its regulations. The changes apply specifically to attorneys appearing in immigration courts and before the Board of Immigration Appeals. One of the largest changes in that immigration attorneys will be able to represent a client in only part of a case. Today, when I enter an appearance on behalf of a client in removal proceedings and I am his or her attorney until an Immigration Judge signs an order removing me from the case. I will now be able to enter a limited appearance, for example, a bond hearing, without having to worry about the rest of his or her clients. Immigration detention centers are often in remote parts of the country, where there aren’t many immigration attorneys. Coupled with the government’s ability to jail an immigrant anywhere in the U.S. can sometimes make it difficult for a detained immigrant to find an attorney to represent him or her. This rule would make it easier to get representation to get out of jail. Once the client gets an immigration bond, he or she can find permanent help closer to where they live, rather than where they were detained. This new rule goes into effect on December 7th, 2015. EOIR will implement several additional rules, but the specifics have yet to be released. Your Free ResourcesDo you, a loved one, or friend need help with immigration, but don’t know where to start?

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