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My clients from New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland often ask me this.  In most cases, the answer is no.  Municipal Court Judges (traffic court) in Monmouth and Ocean County understand that tourists often drive through New Jersey, particularly in the summer.  They allow what is called “plea by affidavit.”

How Can I Resolve My Ticket traveling to Monmouth or Ocean County New Jersey?

Andres Mejer Law can appear for you and negotiate a plea with the prosecutor.  For example, a speeding ticket can be reduced to a lower ticket or to an Unsafe Operation or to a no point ticket.

You would have to sign a certification before a notary swearing under the oath the facts necessary to support the plea.  This gets forwarded to the Judge along with your fine and court costs without you having to appear.

Can I Always Plea by Affidavit?

No.  Some Judges are more strcit on what they determine to be too far away to appear.  Most Judges, for example, will not accept it for more serious charges like drunk driving.  You must consult with an attorney familiar with the Judges in Monmouth and Ocean County to determine your ability to plea by affidavit.

So What Do I Do?

If you live out of New Jersey and received a ticket in Monmouth or Ocean Counties, you can download our free “Why Pleading Guilty to your New Jersey Traffic Ticket is NOT an option by clicking on the title,” you speak to our knowledgeable staff at 888-695-6169, or you contact me through this site.