Para Ser Legal: ¿Que paso con TPS en la última semana? | Eatontown, NJ

Para Ser Legal: ¿Que paso con TPS en la última semana? (10-08-2018)

Mis Experiencias de Inmigración 10-08-2018

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Oh yes. Well I think. They get. That except you don’t. Know them until. You. See. It different that will be. Yeah. I guess they won’t get a level medal. I didn’t think it was this set up. You got me a star. They said you still need a boat. Yes. Any movie and grants is money.

Come on Luther. NCLB meant to say I am also low button do they still get in legal team those onU.S Trump either. Of course he cannot category. The group with him to get DNA tape essay debates. Ice. When they’ve been been the end that Congress could easily I love authority that the Homeland Security put up with it. If I want to see the meta I own prelim I’m not too lol. Oh I. I would go my lupus so and if ICE put a fan bloated immortal year to put it there so little they’re looking up I saw all those immigrants get them into love tells me in it’s a temple. No look you got to drop it and it’s a temple. Putting up any kind of panic that is secular tells me you’ll stand put out you meant it. It is so I am would you Lupus can receive either ACA beneficial and let’s all keep moving to think Daniel flow on the Daniels nickel I was selling without putting C Parliament at them in the 80s that Syria does it include do more those onu.S Look at that a month or two on the Trump at the target. No not at all. I’m sure if you seed me the ethnic group with a hint ticket receive yet on it it protects you and when a lock on the this and kill it. The air on SS depends. It’s a protection ya know seating. You put a simple table Yup with the sun is a low key goal is as ended up properly called a layup And O’Quinn open the window. But if simple the law says the sensible Iranians then the key they don’t need to know. I Grampians and Tucker they use kids. I think I get that Catholics get an equal since he was a key kill only go be that.

Your CNN list is meaningless so we’re don’t kill a thousand used to it to seniors to set off immediately at the legacy that you leaning on to pass it. Does it look positive. What about Mama. It appears in its head benefits yes the is indicating that Cyrus who plays well didn’t get any sleep. No importance does Capello cost No import to see I would lose his hoof I mean the added some Sue I know Medicaid knows no flu yet. Does it indicate a Democrat BW probably that set out to negotiate as you use it went on to say I will not let Amanda encounter Trump in California for the length of the request. Edward Chen e look it could be the Internet. We hear me that delicate but I’d send you request put forward by the lab. But are they the programmer an applicant or a quota order boss. I know that it’s not without the Nicaragua the Haiti. This was a Pookie I mother Tracy and tells me personas into dull could receive it unless it benefits you you’ll Google they use them to keep mood cheesy multiple. Does it look like look at the group would easily see the meta look at Trump that the thunder they said is I think that a lot more in fact that a loss you spineless goalkeepers keep us from making noise. Blanco gay kid kept there a lot thousand needles in a minute. Okay let me assume lobby PSA easy meet a lot of sort of poor kid but I only program I know can I get it out as soon as kid the hit on a support to put in and mete out less beloved US limits I it take a look at Trump. I joined those Ultimo those onU.S I’m picking for president. Is in control in Opie non camp. We’re not Trump. It’ll only get us soon. Look it up by Randle at the pro dollar a put it. You mean that this is not some that would Opa. So the auto parts Edmundo does it Equis view is that this is shown in ACL.

No it’s not really my is your own but it’s still you know why they do auto feature so that auto so then tells whether or not it’s a trump. It’s the dominance of our map probably a bit I’ll quit epilepsy only this place a la quinta Superman to say after we have seen implemented in his son or is happily I eat with my mother those onions. So I guess he gave a perceived getting lots of others were but I noticed that the approximate elites units unprecedented get up I said for Trump. No society Lewin or. But I put out a s you meet us John but Nick except Todd Gray No vice chair on the land to Is it better to be unknown or hide from my lock one door equal more we give up our noses at it. Come on come on look at come with. Today most gay men they seem to meet in person ask anarchy Captain Karen Kitty impermissible Etho gettin in protects you in that it protects you on your own I Trump islands it does it if toys if it but I don’t love that car you see in this book or a lofty goal but as a book Trump said no one would even learn programmer from say one group with a hint. I’ve gotten dominant on the Monday. He sent me that part other than a programmer noise appropriate for lack of a sudden this get too easy. He put this in multiple requests or Quantas quotes this year. And like I said Dhaka an IndyCar though can operate in part out of a program on a lemonade decal on a child or a car that will know the studies you see on this one and set up a plateau. I’ll1.0 my approach where you going to the super a miracle would I Cinco horses Casey do that song consider what you will saw and Republicans e NASA Cuomo one of the city Tokyo and Monaco says all you get todo Viacom yet evac come yet drastic I meant it in a loon circumstances you’ll notice no no I come your mutual fund is so bubbles of it OK I will get a good get. See you in contact tokens Well well put Kip low but fibula the Haiti that even cirrhosis mess is better but next in the Internet in politics simple solutionsMrs. Europeans against this HeyMrs. Yap I settle out of my property went up put everything Novak for one to Templeton I’m so sorry. Did it. You mean a soon to be annoying Decatur called Mo back said that is that this is your an intermediate number of a mutual cumulative effects and that people seek to see you are political patronage about a deep to Haiti I am a formal Maloney again you’re talking about equality does it at a loss yes or similar give yen I mean I just I was sort of persona of the other this is someone I give you any the more I surveyed mass in Komori in Nevada in self-protection I would I lost there in South although you know keep us little alone on uranium spent in a bouquet of Newfoundland clergy though does it all the way to why vid and lost said My minus he lost the SUV in an acceptable import pocket no say my mother left him to carefully cut on it out it’s here to party the window in not dollar for and include the pocket not dolls. No no I like Catherine now and Dante a car that burns for nicotine at their better solo I see it was Google’s truck say Well the closer they noticed the super important take in with the clientele Cee Lo there’s a good chat and also low key man they would have escaped let Trump meet us European security polymer my friend Lofthouse lot need those SC me restaurant get lost immigrant this sum total creamy Nullius is again again contact either poor that inculcated money to perceive it s so is lemonade. Kick it up a dependency then do it. In fact one the super then who suits Ordonez in contra los immigrants in Canada tells immigrants that immigrants who are legal immigrants are illegal. It didn’t seem documents not important. Look at immigrants. If so let me tell you that give animals soda does NSA context stop look at Trump that under the their Is and gather my data possibly keep within in controlled either school read those creamy now you know look it was only me one day so persona put into kissing me so open it or put it out compliments so e so step aside so now you look woman dildo so an illegal item in sone immigrants easily pants I mean don’t sit in Ultimo Doctor SAMANTHA HAWLEY Oh Miss Maddock would quarantine you know but as soon as I saw the table Hey look at say. Does it KiaU.S fitness hit your way to moderate put somebody there. They mean your immigrant to kill Lincoln Town in Frontera does it let them let lo facilitate a food kill getting gotta go theU.S me nor did I do run Delta and bucket and process and those who deport you on or pillion those who Kassel look look put it in. Go to the conclusion. It’s a personal place and family and boy said amigo boys. I can’t see you. Look I said but I didn’t get DOMA. These give me the F to add me to you or me. Look is here. You know there’s a Kentucky pastor. I’ll give it to placenta. I’ll border it all run Quince In the time of the day the Crusades and tell a thousand is simply me. So you mean that’s your long winter time under way assists nativity centers. Assuming you mean order that Easter a key solo don’t say it then OK put it in the Guinness I can keep with your. Indian cricket you see thing me to your table we primo Tickle Me bother to open my mouth. One of men put me up a position to a pecking order between designers. It’s what I mean percentile. Does it look cool obviously it dominates infamously on set communication cone. If I media. Oh I’m his dad it’s a that separates into our own office here. You mean it’s your own lotto man look way as feed must look two documents either Duncan told you. Or does he represent a 21st. No I don’t know your the killer tells me. I saw an Arizona look I say I wanna move that. Dun dun dun dun Lapis when I get out from under control you will know a lot. You’ll miss my day quarantine you know this will immigrants kill it tomato the way they’ll be set setting foot on that they need a potty meet us here How’d it go today often in the ten years in office in the initial meeting it took for I saw this boy’s book yes I don’t have even Yes I read the letter I felt we didn’t yet get someone to sweet say I seen as sweet from my soon mean good or the X was creating the personas if any individuals need a unique problem I get that one simple reason none of us know it on creamy knowledge and teeth okay we’re no cellular carousel what a scene GuanU.S port I read you got that other metallic mountain not so good over the top and so on us repeat or tinny and Alito’s autumn the portal no nowhere on creamy now in all context to the common or flop and so almost solo and it boon to take ticket anarchy seems to me so. If you’re looking for a commando kit. No say I will no adblock only including me that’s your company got me and as you can see naughtiness start to slow down. E C and to no interns who obviously know that they’ll always put anything Lima. I’m a hotel owner not selling. Good thing we’ll clear this out I get that and processes the photoshop. E cannot pick up at Cee Lo or live this hour onU.S so I would be equally if he could but in polemics let me comment this on a partisan testimonial. And so far what is I think that he simply misspoke don’t me I think go onU.S a thread that is onion sutra. I’ll be. Yes. Go see your soy in comment. You’ll kill that testimonial in Como me. You know mate meet me at the Catalan mi mi familia. Can you tell me bass. I don’t know if employment is at tonight.

No I’ll pick up on this. Usually I like call to the mean as you know no you go to detention. That would be testimonial literally medicinally or not and say you look at the difference any maintain intimacy. Oh you mean that you’re not a prostitute but if you show your toy brother forever. But. Up or yard we pretty more meaty or me pie. Look. Here. I’ll go home and also I meet you. You said you’re single please. Yucky mi familia. A low 18 illegal border fence it is illegal so I’ll find it here. Not played tonight no direct direct contact between me as your see time document Al Punto see Dennis I wouldn’t presume to submit a full sequence you on we’d like Jamar Caruso to communicate low low fee Cena people Roger or George George or southwest.

We’ll see if any one was to sit with you on this PCV come into.

No kidding I’m glad they I’ll good 10 pills on that border patrol either maintaining their own people and evaluate them in in Facebook in a back in the Andrés Mejer allow a little w e to sit but also are looking at what it we’ll do a mountain is implicating competed with this team does the media roll call if he gets para ser legal. Don’t say it. Oil kidding I’m not a Soviet. The Alito’s he’s here to solve intense bit of it to look at basic when I see this as soon as come with us one tiny potentate. I’m with a company that kid cause he told program up of someone who loves so little. This is Kiki look at your trump in those movies.

Except that ultimately killed almost soberly. It came out to copy to look at all those numbers in a context to me like I quote throws got a good yes. The immigrants want to start to says you know you don’t know me. I don’t know if resident illegal. We’ll talk. He can put me so then put out what their best people will pay me so come off to the anteV.S. done day to day to look I say I wouldn’t call anybody I E eluded Timor.

It’s in document out because it someone look at it like obviously someone is a threat. I believe with the copy to the guests on those start to six distinct does like category as distinct does Cuban immigrant deep within it pocket book underneath it or allow fake to put them into different they see all of that document. I’ll put a simple also on this one. I mean she wants you unlimited cattle when not no importance even Quinto probably the math that I’ll again know me one of the poor dad. I mean look at CBS you any your portfolio that you know to to is able to have another kid. Trump Kendall I lost copycat on scene by me. So you looking at report that said if we get us you know what I mean. Don’t say it boy get ahold of somebody delete those ugly battles. I would. I took this category as distinct possibilities. He let the where do I know throw things here. If the US they fear that I know they let Tyler give me by my mother saying quote I said went Dallas got all nuttiness who so Lacy seemed to sort of get some cream and gets a lot of kids eat those it put a femoral CO2 there I’ll go window one voice must fill you in on. I’ll go see Middleby at the lobby’sK.K. you know quit you can say oh no not at all. It’ll be sort of cake with mean Lola’s looking into the look at her. You know what could get so no consequences. I don’t to tell Dennis who will be in your pocket do you mean as you as they don’t see it happening with this case and then he took a look I’m done I saw and it’s a double equal more immediate you don’t know what really sad e lover I play God in Newcastle there a limit on it. Don’t say it. I dressed Caligula as distinct us oh no it’s really too ugly battle Segundo is screaming Come conduct to immortality in trace it’s the new law that’s been there the royal gods then it is persona well sad look who’s here it’s also look Chris Catherwood he is distinct us he got Oh no I think that one customer the theme to dependence Eunice you know recently on Twitter or in the comments of your mentor in local mentality look protects you on quick get Ultrabook Northcott DNA statistical but it’s not yet list that is really put is it getting polymer beetle delete those on delete those don’t say initially meant it when the little ugly battle Noida ugly battle it could go up when I looked out on a gentile chop down land of the alien game.

I’m guessing you keep on talking about the need to argue Elder Care Locater. My motto Elgin tavern the Indo Artemus tribe Indian those rogues stole your trace of or part of course none of us boy. I might think that color would be assisting us well get come your and I entire city. Yeah. Come on don’t be those making the lawn kind of Carson come you and me got us here on noise and I meant it favorably much guarantee and it’s indeed low key. This seeming quintet compared with the little ugly part of your second note that no particular killer case or my mentor Fidel Castro look consequence yes see item on this issue on the one quest can delete and get I mean Miguel there probably isn’t any to agree that no way no no point received free answer no one of the fact that the needle I see her toes no quality cop but a rare CVD status can mean those who say they put a camera on a lady saying it’s no me are you the CEO of Indian drugs or any other of us. No please no put up green card operates or a request no move either has a lead condemned the consumer Palomino safes Mrs I when I knew you were to Kim the man died Lakota they were Lakota I love both of them and that quote did he think that.

But I can see they let opportunity not put up with it the silly confidence are not so dramatic. You know Lily I took a look w no need to give a description and couldn’t see that I’ll see I’ll get minutes of sleep and then I’ll see you know them under our court they fear that I’ll hold inquest he said. Same as he does that they knew they must go to input noise Hutto not the plane they have character that to need a port provider to put this up we can’t proceed. But I don’t know the answer. Press TV Piazza let us look as it gets worse minute. So looking at a lot of opportunity that does it daily to fit the daily to agree rather VNS their congressional Punto I might add another thing in that category as distinct or a lot consequential seat on Quest meet us on this see. Yeah I mean they control could probably they wouldn’t need to agree rather when I’m not so good and Trump knowing in Seattle’s Castle Smith I mean he can make it up look up what I mean no important to nobody up without risk CVD me residents here see implemented policies delete the map Midway they have any to say is super important they will not see them see their course on the Alamo. No no via our court seal the well Punto Sierra yes your enemy cannot win us I really think I’m not about to turn the product but is he also an immigrant. In policy areas until little So Timothy let us know. Yes I did a thousand needles you know. Yes I caught a scene. You know what. This is Ethan Allen Gideon the Daily Dose numero uno of your mental criminality. That I mean I think in the end the e-mail us your own pocket. Why not elderly took.

When they could probably the doctor put on before Minami Salo algo Manos. You could wait to report that not that you had an awful record period law that until it’s over deleted the UK Parliament. Parliament was nice stolen with genius quiz. You can go to those efforts on us can afford to buy the seats. Nope it’s okay. Get a good public and liquid. They made us yawn. I we should send West Bootle a yet they see that I’m us that.

Exactly. Don’t say it. You will get it. That was gutsy lethal. Take a look at it. It’s not a demo. That was a blunder. The global I live El Alto mandate in Bristol’s fossils maintaining you either MUST SEE make an articulate lesson get decent gifts on the Ghazala or not Casals keep warning from US UK dependent this Tina dependent is maintainable we all know what a compromise law detected and would check with adults that window could cover the possibly passively to impress those that free Idol no press intact they are called take one the and it’s one of the ten different to and delete top Martinez opened up his authentic deep within the port up Abu six while he authors. I mean I thought I’ll look into it sort of key to those sickos a helpless unless a man they give you any of that removes that creaminess immortality. This will even put your mental hospital time in a consequence Yes well I don’t I think we can take an animal. Well when I look at it a guy would be able to get beaten up a few.

Months ago I could say they’re going to be like it was. And I thought I mean I get busy getting. A bit of good credit they say they might come up to me and say well they can do it and make it black or. But it may come now. Go go look them I can look you and get you to the level of governance and that’s where I’m at. Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo fiddle. They say Don’t you think it is still that I mean I’m one point the other approach.

Yes. You want. I think that is. A type of feeling. That. I was totally able value added is to make them. Look good in video. I don’t really believe that you never get somebody to think I mean I will go to Disney. Or two or three blow set up retail Ethiopia take notes or but if no job openings they don’t get my.

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