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Para Ser Legal: Que son Las categories de inmigracion (09-21-2018)

Mis Experiencias de Inmigración 09-21-2018

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Que son Las categories de inmigracion? Conferencista, autor, y abogado de inmigracion Andres Mejer explica


Let me get audience Copy That will that’ll actually make you a gift of freedom. You got a program I feel would be if it were back what he said. Yeah I mean those are guys who did that. You guys all agreedMrs. Cosby that after I become your staff to fix that you give me that audience. What are you seeing out there. So what are they doing here. You were meant to marry a family member. I know. I mean everything is different now. So you’re not going to go look at things. See.

Does it mean that OH LOOK GET HIM WAS INVISIBLE you can kind of empty someone’s contango DSK invented somebody mingles you on and with evidence here. You know Mark this it gives us a lot. I’ll give you CNN can help us out if you sculpt will go Jeff Sessions totally. Also this is your and I see in the larvae that he feed by the horses the immigration he levees he wouldn’t allow sea level the easy preyU.S so get a secret I say let me only visit but I don’t really make allowances Katanning position the party’s young cloak easel where no l It’s a letter said I a diverse K in fiscal Pimlico a sarcasm Castle DE Good luck Cortez E two more. Is Sean giving input on what I meant and I suppose I belong in the castle put up your foot at a Monday mandala then my Nanda law will lead to this is shown in court to fill it out does it look LTC the all is in Key any me a puzzle limit. I love my near kit quest they meet us here and where they set out on Castle they report us young lady that the description. You know part of this city put it closer simply to our random to keep us I see me as your man at all time processing that puts you on Casado con Americana ETA aptly candle. Pardon me but it is he will have a sincere kick idiocy that’s what tingle all Camino but I couldn’t see you let it sit ins here Pedro let immigrants here sincerely meet us here on Kennedy visa petition is not DNA who on but I don t let it sit ins you’re still in possession of the policy on does it.

Thing I would think all clientele. Our keep killer keep us all into our company so sick so so on this you and Americanah are applicable by rail when I a minor anti this to intervene to e-mail us your love letter. No sir not necessarily but get better look who’s here in a position to put us out a lot less yawn into a little move ahead I see the provider elite team. It’s not you me that’s you’re not in Nyngan do the case in matrimonial had been on a kin by seed coma but is he we let us you see you meet us here not inequalities units get a secret clinic instead of West or at night they let us know I and dissidents. No I know that clever liver bro he beat receiving low returns here Bill Porter this is your niece Paula is get Jeff Sessions kill this couple will go to more intimate judge order with the nicotine increase your superior dimple but we had no superior to employ Lakota to be a team properly cleared to bring me over meant that Mercado apparently granted NOI in this society or the hour I intend to one that I do thus when do I anticipate this when I quote says Kellerman I would like him to meet this young Jani Gore your loyalty more cool so from quest for this annoying necessary you in it was you on yet our aim money this interesting winter mean Castle’s key is the meanest you an unsaid bought. All muti war Trump I get nominated the porter showed and went up and saw now and the auto Camino you know placing equalizer come in come in knock one door that in and put this young fellow in a simpler see I didn’t feel victimized Lovisa Oh cream individual ends here now you done a police here in control a report solely El Al delinquent delinquent and could possibly Beto a la weekly my temperatures the US on see a oil leak up parallel visa Oh oh you mean more like to Polo mental stress onU.S and this keep with it is if were beneficial would I keep a trace on years have been under similar temperatures to put on me nice interest only supports airport I was at the airport no I prop your noise laid out in my opinion Peter so soon lack of sticky temper thunder you know stumbled onto the course of cake Jeff Sessions H or cold under the Ely me not hinted a plea candle para Cee Lo gets on back to my dear Valencia the Medica focus on victimise the Valencia the diplomat has been given to the Bandidos and not get a case a handy thing.

You’re looking at a Swiss thing. Discretion. I could charter schools castles. Look at it any minute. If this is a process all Luma happy though possibly. But at the airport are low my skin tip offs Evelyn Dunn said it was important to allow them to meet a city in its one Camino low DNS kit Ala. He’d e Ampersand Loma pronto possibly panicky noted porn gun in process so that the portal to see me that’s your thing I gotta go.

After her I said Yeah.

I got a letter from your girlfriend your mama can go to the employee coming you want everything to save your life then dial it back and make it all out for yourself.

Remember that guy from my perspective I would definitely get rid of a number so I got to the point where I algo masters look guilty Scully who I mean I’ll whisper with this he seed I said I don’t counsel institution is Moon limitless Oh no wonder I let us all go we’re no no where they could provide killing me that is a portable and one on a number of those one day will go we’re no upriver said I’ll cancel or board rest soreness accepts you’re not exceptional.

But as soon as humanitarian entities units accepts your analysis when the owner of this center legality under policy in the matter it’s algo done many more we tend to lead equal or give us aid so I believe at in mountain I give love I a out my former so many clients was so Peter I give get equal or looky looky looky skeletons in the middle not Numero those comments with their factor. You know one door in here where they lost their lives quizzes these sick you know chaotic inconsiderate of course as you noted an autopsy on Cassie. Look don’t say I can’t take it when I get the process of I said Mercado given a temperature put puts you on my lateral e so I didn’t give any what call more sip where they are you that I fainted in Castle poor Castle Northamptonshire to put us on equal if you keep an outlook I mean how does it look at Boston California particular city fit into a new york comic in New Jersey depended the now locally that breed equal opportunity I was going to get Thomas.

Yeah. No way am I correct wondering does it bother you see duckies in Missouri.

Portable. Si si si noise you I know many Cano and so I guess he didn’t want a visa or residency Al would pay me so pathetically long Guinta could probably this year to them it was their portability they wanted to soon get out I came was cool in the medium term a dead Dingle clientele that can sell through basis can American ask only they use aptly cooperative currency we let it stay here lapping some premenopausal and Chicago is a principle not to Exeter said he will show this point sick I saw in whether your case. Well I said when the petitions were possibly Corporal for line to meet the law pro government momento and you know that to mine yours and yours this post opinion must inform us on Intermedia in yet that he was yo yo yo I never Jersey sick I saw the winter switch cynic post aptly corporate policy we love a sincere full length Evita for our provider late don’t let it sit ins here e this place they’re so low be seen over your lips your must influence on our daily lives you know you meant to kill you know even when I’m not upon your lead now you got an ace up BTC on e low tax return. Ice Ice low demand opener they put us on lemon doughnuts because you need a coat. They went the toilet in China Cuba Kabul Yemen tougher you know even in Europe you know the consequences of course are endless in the to Libya North order the potential.

On the another jersey girl the that is it in ice year guys to Gaza but that includes Burkett the person that you’re doing well that is here live motto let them hit the lobby the days the cope alone say look I don’t I don’t want to pick up or you on your person a lovely cup and I know that as soon as it ends here sit on you again get that in process whether the he didn’t order the partition does it.

Is it still contextual. Our galaxy seems utterly calm most are they are breathing according to the partition may not look annoyed appropriate to the way so I saw this boy’s skin to me a letter here. E means spontaneously Dixie on let them not if he can do it unless he thought a lot of us would be seen as distinct. Don’t say it that way sir. You leave me no learning to put this on between whether they’re any enemy not me not a process of the parties on low mood oil car so I know what Jersey is going to be we oughta don’t say our thumb on dummy. Yes your true Tamil since it can bring a new process of importance on. So this anti-tax beat other Sunnis into the Kundu seat out at that speed at all. E now are not any penny so I say that in Castle I luminous scale will be entertained equitable in that effort sir. Yeah meet up all the way to where we need order the immigration bill seal quest nothin impede pay me so I said I’ll cancel the ports you’re on when I need Neath on it I meant it Nintendo quality in your opinion not TNA Wrestling but at the top of the Portola pockets what is the entry for pro out and can do but it also knows it was you and get and this see our regular relative I meant to simply how do you know I simply. Said cattle don’t area but alas and cattle in no way that we had no para ser legal some of those mountain it really tacky. Thank you.

There is no way that totally meant there is a solo prolly musket Tamworth’s blunder out of the you know Uganda I did my Lydia kiss kiss on the get our land so we are tormented to it it is Democrat all that some say will look happy too low. The mill Negro Khalifi gets para ser legal don’t sit down What about the antecedents I la politico inL.A. they meet us here on the those groups the category he ask them also Blundell will up until one more blood oil they will give us said kiss on the Quatro go yes this statues they meet us on it a thousand miles case it gets a tractor quite look well did a trustee of the guillotine in California and contralto Lessig wind up positive I said delete US E C while delete those deep where they are fake that scene. No it is you I know Americano e Como defector we know it so depending in care category and could in Quintus talk about Sarah Palin.

No no. You mean as you only for that are ten so in it I meant it no important quality the one with that bit of you meant it got it I know cut I told Tina to lay the delete those distinct those immigrants on their visa SLA in any context or they lay Federal no legal double but I see a difference yes or no they may have had differences in it as it was your does it sooner perhaps you’ll see only and content will probably they my thought alien no important quality Look what uncle public is a personality unless you an Americano know free otherwise I put out.

I would love most of that mother. They let us continue. Or say so premade. They look quite through category as you saw in school. I know medical resident illegal. I’ll get caught in it. Now Visa. They’re no immigrant t e in documents either or you label. It’s also in the Quattro category ESEA forensics will be maintained think I don’t know. Don’t say premade or see you I know I’m any kind of argument that it it’ll my hood category up but then it will not play since you are not any kind of book nice Yorkie. Come on me seniors own up where said so many kind of that Natalie said of chemo your maintaining your so many kind of oil put your turkey solo bouquet Reagan Paso land here Emilio opportunity that I received letters sent in no agenda e your CV MissU.S here in the event anyway does that gas event downU.S

Yes I see I know many of our guests on low benefits yours when augmented by mistletoe are numerous to Seattle boys I pick up utterly sincere the Kundu seat with over your head of the hotel CEO’s military Yemen Yemeni McKinney that you lay new Cowell will do obviously it’s going to mean he cannot maintain it Oh he meant no not play you let me clean this but you know I consequence yes see your move a new category of this I might make unset Joe who will be where he base your exact and popular lessons you.

Easy yet thing open season or Seattle related advocate would you tell him did Army unit I met in opium can canoe Como edited out a para ser legal think to when it envelops you on mountain and opposes it you see the to see what benefits they say we’ll also see I’ll look within the seaweed book so it’s you know maybe kind of not peer Loiseau Damien no point in important I lo menos kill CV miss you any poor flounder I mean no map within their port that low mucky me going I see on our back or the mandate of the Trump a tonne tucked under the deportation of any kind of set and tight end of the Ely me no less you than here but at least get used to this end loader see Vietnam poor frown that anger could come to land whether or not we’re in the exact tobacco more and more per capita.

That’s right.

Exactly. Don’t you dare put it as your own chance.

We’ve all our time input the receiving benefitsU.S public goes for a handful of sequel if we cope with that I pick up out a coupon this or they simply mail it me one thing away so that each of our time you put the happy couple of Mi Familia put out to me pilot is me a poser me sit on my nose missing course out of your minty I’ll go next to my nasty and Pokey throws Pelosi and those who I know may be Colonel tingle low maximum possibility that the AP card but I don’t see impotently is whether will be the key scene limit it will be a fantasy your kiddo deceived me so throw out numerous possible vote tied to the way or some course as you see in the American where though I say let’s see who won that category here it rested until they ran out I lost peoples the recent debate on Lapid my or con this condition our I muchas my need asked by that I CVD ladies sit ins here Kick it I see this all of you meant in on the secular thousand needles so you me grunting I again aptly caught but me but I keep your receive I said a sincere point I said I see look where they said pretty sure unfamiliar you know my fathers or me poser me seahorse on PTC on the end player VI y sarcastic if we Casado or me pi this or poser at answer to it all sons you know maybe God knows what isn’t illegal even maltreated on your safari crew that extreme cinema lads later the assignments Lamarck lay when earlier this year is one of defense at that airport does yon see your tingle put it Nina’s coldness I see that the se more or I’ll go condition Medica Sadia Ill go we’re not inquest move either let us sit ins here don’t mind would your handU.S now fussy put a policy of to put it on us qualification or immigrant at home in Seattle so mental they’ve went to an annual centre that Gilbert also needs to independent and an E no play though ill give you no no no no upgrading a circuit not all of you know a player they will need call me by this although my father’s put KU.S me I abandoned that over month that that honourable Sara because I of my net upper is he we let us enter industrial centers in four come most know my mentee in it program my Tamils I Blundell they need us but I para ser legalU.S in the same mind as give you any in the program a QB. Never mind said that the same guy the same exact problem.

Not going my work for me. I’m going to be a carrier.

Okay. Don’t say unless the man that gave you any rum will I blunder call mother 10 years sober look at me n para ser legal was in NY to leave it was I can kind of see my number more one with my own copy to pull a proxy war.

Don’t miss this threadMrs. ridiculous undo a lot of sense yes. I wonder how they got here. I’ll continue Catholic God of humanity it gets set up no but it is CVD. Let us sit here. Our solo in Tennessee was you and me and let us stay here in conditionS.O.S Plessyv. me beneficial Millicent NCR Porter Casado Cohen I made it kind of I made a kind of order center legal. See what I mean. Kind of did it all know there was evil matrimonial either with other men those days those Daniels cuando your receivables residential or actual medical not legal. Don’t say in essence he does your own. Mean that’s European psyche. I mean I myself know that in particular in petitioner’s family. So you’ll take us l mean the mental there’s a loss onU.S me when I set up look at those nineU.S displays either Mottaki at 3am with almost my term when matrimonial for real don’t get get get do it rather there’s a lot they’ll get said those voices after they saw me unleaded did unleadedS.C. I paid my name ticket my native added up voted yes onU.S our CSA Expedia is an OKC key you know it’s centrally all lonely come on it up or up there LA residents here is you in Western Osaka or to love London us better see get us up pick up a mistletoe when I see him you know to duck our handle but in a little problema put Gallaudet Larry sent it takes a a secret I had no right to this into the policy they went up we’re thinking about and it probably Emma but not the NSA sir is that I hate that document unlock it to have yet valuable to the dinner captain Captain Novello or me could I please keep on I said it’s you I know when you yellow at the end is not an appearance I got a little may not hilarity with the poor fellow low beneficial to the enemy so but over a thousand of those Punto to put butMr. Little I hope we are numerous so shall listen to the Kundu seat where they’ve had it a thousand years but a clinic I said men of this isMrs. or c not the point I said for limited regular sandal tip within the airport Dark Sea then Quentin could power they would do little to play they simply cut it to a poser or to seniors to say in group or they can take home almost the end of the sentence is is massively meet other qualified mediators to play as applicant Numero Uno Numero those two mama simple but didn’t keep it up parochial particular visa tech Woody and Ian Legrand may agree that the situation is too familiar article Kent happily do No but they’re receiving letters that sincere I enter a lot I also need those but in any case I lead a thousand years Ethan it all into the week a number of them any kind of and no no I meant in space but a place in quiet get space get you know that you don’t say that I like to see Paul so with the money left over from here I am what I’m looking for. I see it all a low group with a handicap where the applicant Sun minerals put a complaint but you don’t exactly see your soy. Bliss legal you eat me Hawk is my Yoda there ain’t unanimous Ithaca Casado no point up capital CLEC the voice here I see the point I pick up but boy man depending what basis you it into so make you go no yes don’t say Qin see annual upon it an equal opportunity to keep it up because it is a visa associate Americano in Seattle’s gather what he has not a momento killer petition on top provider not me family I know that the naked put out of pocket when they visit equity and they see so it isn’t illegal but the naked put out apparently visa seemed to the lab with the quantity import yes or dependent in quiet category akin to the applicant. But akin to the applicant qualified that unless you anchor your teen and pardon me and dare to say is a fool I in that category are primitive who and many cannot say who is listed into legal illiteracy it all is no good. Look at that key the element cone of visa they no. Say I’m a nonimmigrant visa kill two plaintiffs Sue only the visa is but I kid that day I keep telling us policy here took the simple but I says Here took course a bit of regret regret space border employee visa the two to line tense you only ever need simple but a busy title Familia or corner cell base either going to satisfy base visa that too young to Vienna keep it to the old policy or totem pole blessed policy we let my f Trump see the TV let women see that or Boy this is implemented. I it. I don’t know. Confidentiality Salinas quoted a man in a co-worker. You know there was no amount of visa to enter a nice one of those minus subsidiaries to Rita put up with it and programmer and only mercy I’d give I do that one semester for a simple intimacies. Yeah. andMrs. quieter single. I’ll go. My significant e petition the compromise deals. So you also show me the Colonel McKittrick Assad me a poser. Well let persona continue mosquito Casado always meant to know Thomas Casals. It’s after a lot else feels like you trade a kilo thousand years but I can assemble a key so soon a visa. The compromise deal those either will take it out. If they could not see the key leaky ill comparable levees are comparable with either ask ask in seal on the applicant parallel is this year you cannot see this is all those visas getting and those continued those intense units there pacing low mucky K Trump the Daily Me Nando is a category at the Carter group okay or TNA not where they eliminated Lally Biddle CPAC this year two groups he had not. Well if he can that they needed a DaVita did that mean that the tobacco does it do well to a much US visas different is better in Legrand my duty that the EU latency on if we need to keep Seattle team upetc. Soon either split the negative side of space don’t say ink and I’ll go no C to us units will not receive pay me so throw out a lateral and I’ll Google it was working here Berlin during their working lives when a dependent dependent visa below normal I meant it seemed sooner companion totally into I keep on a simpler move them Microsoft or Apple company he got it done three in the cafe. Well the only person I consider to experience here. You know we see now for a thousand years again until 2000 years of you minted that day in the pot is a multi without parole rather than permits for tobacco of visa to return I promise I’ll throw up your visa too young to let in me so law and in context to this movie studios e noise automatic noise immediately immediate I meant it. Why didn’t you put out one of those onions defended the finicky you got scared to live in intrusive studios put up with it replica operates on their basic premise so tell us what. Don’t say.

You’re referring from my county. What I meant it. For me or for you.

Well a fussy young I mean so I didn’t get any day job I’m no good at DC style and then a little them over Jersey to remind us of Gaza City has a fleet of the number jersey that does Saltillo in a copy electronic couple guy. Yes upon a Cairo mandala. Up who I’ve been a EULA Bagwell.

Bit of day now it’s happening is it pulling my cattle they think into creating a new movie you could believe a time pedal where no did on Monday look don’t get me but I believe in the way I am and I believe to make with the mass mind that they look Kate and Amazon. You can pull up a mountain where the rest you know anything goes in Dallas dissent in a town over Jersey that although you practice law play that people are packing a lot in a raid and that may allow with you my love for scene that replay audio or jaw jaw jaw set of threats that I see a day or sequence as the money Elinor points out that Kony.

After that open I don’t think you’re playing and I were talking earlier about whether or not preference for American governing are American.

Our economy is confident that your father taught them to think what I’m doing during a run out.

Everywhere I go look over there. Where were you remember.

I mean you’re totally meant to me to answer some blessed me with a serious it is so pro-gay animals who grew up with3.0 presume to know me. Porter I believe most similar to sit with Sean Ablow in Canyon isle. I like that Cuomo said the para ser legal. Listen. Look I mean it’s the impression placid elaborate winter on in court and take a look at Amazon. CAMPBELL Give me okay.

Yes will get a littleT.M. category. It’s in document out. I would wind up with a new comin down dominator mi familia internal compromise so no you don’t tasteMrs. Cook I would think. And women took a similar path almost. Yeah we’ll see you know in the coming days they’re all in town and pull out from there nothing for me so we’ll be a minty. No I don’t mean to throw our horn. No I listened to Quincy nine numerous sources. No I need one benefit to the local we are not employing in that work while geared more TV or even document while not innocent money. Maybe an airport but not city media them into my department until the quest below is to stop us until.

I get an error. Oh what am I saying. I think your body putting up everything. I don’t know what I’m going to a particular I mean I guess that’s my thing going for about three or four also. They also set up a set of previous research for this sort of set. They said he did not say it.

Yeah. Exactly.

Yeah I thought so but this is sort of set up a set of ideas deliberately to make a baby step where a sense of control to succeed they blow you know Annapolis is back on his. I mean if you don’t you still think that you know that I can let them go and whatever you decide if you get up or something and in a separate area.

Yeah yeah I must say they’re not in Brooksville promo I said soberly they let us eat you know. Come with Affleck Affleck boogie oh we meant to let you win deleted. I think that you you I any kind orders into legal or didn’t thank you enough a visa or day. A key element is a proximal programmer. Actually I think I think I get something done here. You’re gonna think I know what I mean. You got it go. It make it look annoying. Facebook Google is so low. I don’t think that I pay you money to feel like you’re living here. After approximately.

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