Has the US become more diverse in the past 50 years?In the most recent census, which was taken in 2010, 72.4 percent of American Citizens identified as White or Caucasian.  The other 27.6 percent of the population identified as either a different race or a mix of 2 or more different races.  While this may not seem like a overwhelmingly diverse society, the percentage of the population that identifies as something other than Caucasian is up by a decent amount from 50 year ago.  In 1960, roughly 82% of the population identified as white, which means that only 18 percent of the population identified as something other than white.  This means that in the past 50 years our nation has diversified quite a bit, and you can certainly expect that diversification to continue to increase.Take my family for example.  My grandparents came from Europe and moved to South America.  My parents and I, are caucasian yet we grew up in South America in Hispanic Culture. By skin tone I am white, but by culture I am Hispanic.  I don’t look Hispanic and neither do my kids, but we speak Spanish.  This is one example of the kind of diversifcation that we as a nation have experienced during the past 50 years.

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