So you went to or (Spanish) or texted Qualify or Calificas (Spanish) to 732-481-1082, answered the questions, and got back a report that said you Qualify for an Asylum based claim. Congratulations! Knowing is an important first step. This article is designed to help generally explain the process. If you qualify, that means that you or your family member suffered past persecution or you have a well-founded fear of future persecution if you return to your home country. You are going to have to show that the persecution is either by the government or by a group that the government can’t control. You must also show that the persecution is because of one of five protected grounds:

  1. Race
  2. Nationality
  3. Religion
  4. Political Opinion
  5. Membership in a particular social group (e.g., female victims of domestic violence, sexual orientation, clan members, HIV+ individuals)

There are different levels of proof required within the family of Asylum based claims. For example, there is also Withholding of Removal and Withholding of Removal based on the Convention against Torture. Each will get you varying levels of relief and have differing standards to prove your case. However, in each of these three you must prove past persecution or well-founded fear of future of persecution. There are different filing deadlines and bars to the filing of each. You can learn more by searching our frequently asked questions here and search for asylum. What I hope is clear that It is dangerous to file if you don’t qualify. Asylum claims are complicated. If denied you can be placed in removal proceedings. If your claim is found to be frivolous you can be permanently barred from getting any immigration benefit in the U.S. Don’t take that chance. Before you file call our knowledgeable staff at 888-695-6169 and let us review your situation.