Given the our country’s economic position, this is an important consideration.  Our economy is precisliy why passing immigration reform is so important.  Even conservative economists say the bill will generate trillions in new economic growth and create jobs.  This will be a net benefit for America.   Undocumented immigrants will not be able to get health benefits from ObamaCare until they become legal residents in over a decade.  Immigration has always has been good for America and it always will be.  The reality is that today’s de facto amnesty already costs taxpayers.  Our local communities see this firsthand through their overburdened health systems, as well as taxes that are going unpaid because employers and workers choose to work under the table.Any serious financial analysis must account for the positive benefits of any policy.  When it comes to “scoring” immigration policy, it must also account for the infusion of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, skilled workers and people driven by the desire to build a better life for themselves and their children.  With the reforms this bill makes to emphasize merit and skill-based immigration more than ever in U.S. history, this will help generate new job creation and economic growth.