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Hiring an experienced Traffic/DUI attorney is perhaps the most important decision you will make in your Traffic/DUI matter.  Go on the Internet, look in the phone book, or just review any of the many advertising letters you received and you will see that there a lot of attorneys advertising that they represent persons in municipal court.

Do not hire a general attorney; you need an attorney who concentrates on Traffic/DUI cases.  An experienced Traffic/DUI attorney will know to use technicalities to have tickets dismissed or have your fines or penalties reduced.

The fact is you only have one chance to hire the right attorney for the job.  Here are some things to look for when interviewing your attorney:

  1. What is the attorney’s experience in municipal court?
  2. Who will be your attorney?
  3. What will the attorney charge for his or her services?
  4. Does the attorney or law firm have a disciplinary record with the state bar of any state?
  5. What is the attorney’s policy for returning messages?
  6. Will the attorney guarantee you a result?
  7. Does the attorney hold malpractice insurance?
  8. Ask the attorney to explain your case in detail.

What should I do?

If you and received a traffic ticket in Monmouth or Ocean Counties, you can click on the link and download our free book, “Why Pleading Guilty to your New Jersey Traffic Ticket is NOT an option,” you can contact me through this site or the chat feature, or you can call to speak to our knowledgeable staff at 888-695-6169.

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