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One of the oldest stereotypes regarding immigrants is that they are taking our jobs. Many critics of immigration use this line to detail their belief that immigrants coming to the United States take away jobs from American workers, but this statement leaves out two key points. What those who use this reasoning do not realize, is that immigrants are taking jobs that many Americans do not want, and we are in desperate need of more workers.

What jobs are they taking?

There are three main categories of labor: white collar, pink collar, and blue collar. White collar is the designation given to office jobs, such as a lawyer or a stock broker. Pink collar is given to service professions such as a nurse or a restaurant server. Finally, blue collar is given to manual labor occupations such as a farm hand or a steel worker. Many American workers are moving into the white collar sector, which is leaving a large number of blue and pink collar jobs open and needing workers. So the next time you hear someone say that immigrants are taking our jobs, ask them if they would be willing to work grueling hours in a factory. You would be surprised how many would say that they wouldn’t.

Why do we need more workers?

Our nation is on the verge of an employment crisis because of the baby-boomer generation. This generation was of unprecedented size, and as a result a large number of jobs needed to be created in order to avoid a national unemployment crisis. Now that many of the members of this generation are retiring, we are seeing many of these jobs being left unoccupied. This could lead to a collapse of our economy due to the lack of money moving through our income tax system as well as general spending.

What does this mean for you?

If you are an immigrant in the United States, this means that you should do everything you can to find employment. If you have work authorization, make full use of it and find a job in the United States. If you are looking to come to the United States on an H1-B work visa, do everything you can to get your paperwork in order and find a job. But the first thing that we would recommend would be evaluating whether or not you are eligible for legal status in the United States. If you are eligible, you can ensure that you are not deported, and therefore do not have too face these consequences. If you are not eligible, we still offer many other programs that we urge you to take advantage of. We offer a free questionnaire that we urge you look through if you are not currently a resident of the United States, located in the offers section on the left hand side of the screen. This questionnaire will examine your immigration options, and help you determine if you qualify for legal status in the United States. If you do qualify for legal status, we urge you to contact us and allow us to help you on this path. If you do not qualify for legal status however, we may still be able to help you through our Safe and Secure programs.

What is the Safe Program?

The Safe Program is our general application program that anyone can use. This program helps ensure you are safe during encounters with U.S. law enforcement officers, and also helps make sure that you know your rights. Through the Safe Program, you will receive a printed ID card that you can present to law enforcement if you are ever pulled over and accused of breaking a law. If you present this ID to law enforcement, you make it clear to them that you would like like your lawyer present before you answer any questions. This helps avoid a situation where the law enforcement officers intimidate a confession out of you, and ensures that you are treated fairly.

What is the Secure Program?

The SECURE program applies specifically to cases in which immigration officials detain you. The identity card you receive through the SAFE program won’t keep you from being arrested if you already have an order of arrest or an order of deportation. However, the SECURE program will help you get out of detention quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. When you are detained by immigration officials, the first thing you need to do usually is find a lawyer. This usually means that your family has to run around like crazy and find someone who is capable of representing you at an affordable price. Once they find an attorney, the lawyer will need to make multiple trips to visit you in detention so that you can fill out and sign paperwork. What our SECURE program does is make sure that all of these things are taken care of before any potential arrest. When you first sign up for the program, we also have the time to do a thorough background check and attempt to fix any issues that can get you into trouble with law enforcement. Here is what you get with the SECURE program:

  1. A thorough immigration analysis laying out your options,
  2. The Safe identity program for two years,
  3. A free consultation every year for two years to see if your options have changed and to make sure we have the most up to date information for you,
  4. Preparation for Deferred Action that way once it is implemented you will be ready to file quickly to achieve legal status,
  5. Criminal background analysis to see if you have outstanding issues that can result in your detention,
  6. Immigration Background analysis to determine if you have any impediment to achieving legal status and maximizing your ability to get out of immigration detention,
  7. Signed documentation to get you of detention either via an Immigration Judge or through immigration in case you already have an order of deportation.

Our job market is on the verge of a large loss of workers, and it is soon going to show that our nations immigrants are the solution. We urge you to find a way to become employed,and we urge you to contact us here at Andres Mejer Law in order to get set on the path towards legal protections..