The last amnesty was in 1986 under President Reagan.  This immigration bill will eliminate today’s status quo of de facto amnesty in which we have 11 million undocumented immigrants here and don’t know who they are, what activities they’re engaged in, or anything else about them. On day one, the clock starts running on meeting the mandatory security triggers implementing an effective border security plan, mandatory employment verification for all businesses, and full implementation of an exit system. 
Once the border security plan is in place, undocumented immigrants will be able to come forward, must submit to and pass background checks, be fingerprinted, pay fines, pay taxes, prove gainful employment, and prove they’ve had a physical presence in the U.S. since before 2012. They won’t get any federal benefits.  And if they meet all these requirements, they will earn a temporary status that allows them to work. If they don’t they will be deported.