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///Naturalization Video

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Path to Citizenship FAQ11 Andres Mejer Law firm offers high-quality representation and address any potential immigration issues before they become roadblocks to the successful completion of immigration applications.

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  Path to Citizenship FAQ10 Our immigration lawyers understand that the immigration law process can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. To speak with an immigration lawyer about your needs, please contact Andres Mejer Law today.

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Path to Citizenship FAQ09 We recognize that immigration related decisions are among the most important decisions of your life, and we fully commit ourselves to the success of each and every case.

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Path to Citizenship FAQ08 The immigration process can be confusing, but our firm will help you attain your goals. New Jersey Immigration Lawyer Andres Mejer offers finest level of expertise and flexibility to our clients.

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Path to Citizenship FAQ07 New Jersey Immigration Attorney Andres Mejer has dedicated his firm exclusively to the practice of immigration law. Andres Mejer has assisted his clients to navigate the complex procedures of U.S. immigration [...]

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Path to Citizenship FAQ06


Path to Citizenship FAQ06 New Jersey Immigration Lawyer Andres Mejer discusses a question about Can A Lawful Permanent Resident Apply for Their Children? Attorney Andres Mejer is experienced in the laws relating to naturalization and [...]

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Path to Citizenship FAQ05 At Andres Mejer Law, we deliver quality work, personalized service and exceptional value. Andres Mejer Law uses years of experience to provide exceptional legal solutions to our clients' complex immigration and [...]

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Path to Citizenship FAQ04 In this video Andres Mejer, A New Jersey immigration attorney answers a question regarding residence. Our firm's attorneys always remain updated on every kind of immigration law so that they are [...]

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