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There are several options for victims of domestic abuse to get U.S. legal statusThere are three different ways in which immigrants who are victims of domestic abuse may file for legal status.  Each way has its own criteria that must be met, and each one is completely different from the others.  These programs are:

  1. Self petitions for legal status under the Violence Against Women Act,
  2. Cancellation of removal under the Violence Against Women Act,
  3. U-nonimmigrant status for crime victims, and
  4. T-nonimmigrant visa.

These programs share a common theme, the immigrant must prove they are a victim of a qualifying misconduct.  A succesful apiplicant can waive things like illegal entry into the U.S. and conviction for certain crimes.  Moreover, the succesful application can also benefit the victim’s family, not just her.  These plans will ultimately result in a green card and the ability to file for U.S. citizenship.

Each petition requires different steps and documentation. Going through this process alone can be intimidating, and we at Andres Mejer Law would like to make it easier for you. Call 888-695-6169 for more information.

At AML we help victims of violence, one petition at a time.