Congratulations, if you are scheduled for a marriage based interview that means your initial application was approved and you are now looking to adjust your status.Before going to the interview make sure you

  1. Bring a copy of the notice.
  2. All your original documents.  For example, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate for any kids.
  3. Bring a valid passport with an expiration date of at least six months after the interview date.
  4. You should also bring with you the bona fides of your marriage.  Meaning the evidence you submitted showing that you guys married in good faith.  A good practice point is to bring the evidence you originally submitted and supplement it with additional evidence following the filing of the application up to the date of the interview.  You can never go wrong with too much relevant evidence.
  5. If you have any arrests or conviction, bring certified dispositions for any of those charges.

The type of questions you will have will depend entirely on how good a job you did documenting your relationship.  If you did a good job documenting your relationship, click here to see your list of questions.  If you didn’t do a good job, you can be facing what they call a Stokes interview, click here for you questions.  That means that you and your spouse will be separated and asked the same questions.  They will review your answers to see if there are significant discrepancies.  If there are they will find your marriage a fraud and you will be placed in removal proceedings.  Your spouse can also be facing criminal charges.

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