Claiming Asylum as a B1/B2 Visa Holder

During the live video, immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, answers a viewer’s question about applying for asylum if they are in the United States as a B1/B2 visa holder. Call us to schedule a NO COST consultation so we can review your individual circumstances and determine what immigration benefit you are eligible for.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer: So. We talked about the changes to asylum.

Andres Mejer: How people have to apply for asylum in another country that they travel through before they come to the US. And I see we have a question from John Romero, So John Romero said you put a comment on Facebook in Spanish that he entered legally as a tourist. He’s from Venezuela. What are his chances to apply for asylum. Now important to note. If he entered as a tourist. Chances are he entered at an airport which means he did not pass through Guatemala or Mexico. And entered the United States legally and he should apply for asylum or whatever status he qualifies for. While his status is still valid he should not wait. He should not overstay his visa and then apply for legal status. He should do it before it expires. Super Important.