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We are removing hundreds of thousands of people who pose no threat to our communities and are destroying families. While fundamental changes to the immigration system can only be done through reform of our laws, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can immediately act to protect families and ensure that enforcement practices satisfy due process, equal rights, and human dignity. There are six things that DHS can do today to reduce the number of families destroyed through deportations, here is the fourth:


Each day, ICE detains thousands of individuals—including long time lawful residents and asylum seekers—who pose no risk to public safety whatsoever, and often without even the minimal due process of a bond hearing. Immigration detention is expensive, costing taxpayers $2 billion annually. The purpose of civil immigration detention is not to punish, but instead to ensure that people appear at their hearings and comply with orders. There are number of ways that can be achieved without detention by using prosecutorial discretion, like immigration bonds, ankle bracelet programs, combined with orders of supervision. These are sensible and existing programs that are effective and cost significantly less than mandatory detention. In 2012 DHS broke a record by detaining over 477,000 people, the criminal justice field has reduced detention and expanded the use of smart and effective alternatives to detention. DHS should do the same by expanding the use of alternatives, and provide prompt bond hearings to all detainees. If you or a loved is in immigration custody time is of the essence. Call 888-695-6169 to speak to our knowledgable staff today.