Central AmericaIn the past five years, the number of immigrants originating from a geographic region called the Northern Triangle attempting to illegally enter the United States showed a sharp increase. The Northern Triangle is a geographic region in central America made up of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and reports show that the number of minors coming from this region increased thirteen fold from 2010-2014. This is a very large amount especially when compared to the number of children coming from Mexico, which in the same timespan increase fivefold. This data shows that children especially are coming from Central America in greater numbers, but it does not explain why. Now, the question about why people come to the United States rather than other countries has been answered many times before. People think there is a better life waiting for them in America, and they feel as though they have much better opportunities here than in other countries. The real question that needs to be asked, is why are more people from these three Central American countries coming than from any other countries?The answer to this is both simple and complex, and let me explain. The simple answer is, these three countries are very impoverished right now, and the citizens of these nations are suffering. But the complex answer has to do with how these countries got this way, and why they are having trouble getting back to a healthy state of being.

  1. These nations are struggling economically because of population issues. All three of these nations have a high population density causing substandard living situations. This decreases overall health, which in turn decreases overall job productivity, assuming they can find a job.
  2. This leads to the second issue, which is the employment situation. There are too few “fair trade” goods from this region. Products bearing the Fair trade logo come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. The goal is to help farmers in developing countries build sustainable business that positively affect their communities. Most farmers in the Central American region are properly compensated. That keeps them in a state of poverty.
  3. One of the key reasons, is the failure of the government in each of these countries to protect their own people. Criminal organizations too often are more akin to war lords who are more concerned about rival organizations than the government.

While there are of course other issues, these are the three main problems that explain the mass emigration from these nations. Because the people who live in these three Central American nations are victimized by criminal organizations, have high unemployment, low wages, and horrible living conditions, they come to America to seek out better lives. For many they believe coming to America is the only way they or their kids might live to become adults.

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