Some of the candidates are making a name for themselves

///Some of the candidates are making a name for themselves
How did #GPO do in #3rd #debateOn October 28 the GOP had their third debate.  Let’s take a minute to review their performance. I am going to put the candidates into three categories: winners, losers, and neutral.Let me say that I generally don’t like the method of these debates.  There is little time for candidates to discuss serious policy issues or ways to effectuate change in our society.  They give sound bites with little substance.  Given that, let’s look at the winners.

Winner of the Debate: Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio gave a solid performance.  He had good timing and good response to attacks.  He had several strong remarks to come back to some of the questions; but rather than instantly chime in and answer the question he would wait until another candidate had started to make a strong point, then add his own opinion and win the audiences recognition.

The other winners of the debate include Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Donald Trump, and Chris Christie, all of who gave rather strong performances.  Donald Trump was less bombastic and more reserved, resulting in a more credible performance.

Loser of the Debate: Jeb Bush

The loser of this debate was Jeb Bush.  He gave yet another lack luster performance at a time when he needs when he needed to deliver.  That isn’t to say he did terrible.  But If Bush wants to win the nomination he needs to significantly up his game.  He needs stand out performance, not mediocrity.  If he continues on his present downward spiral, he will soon become irrelevant.

Those that didn’t move the needle

The rest of the candidates gave decent performances, and are thus placed in the neutral category.  They did not excel in the debate but they did not hurt their chances either.

Let’s hope that the debate format changes for the November 10 debate.  I would like to see serious discussion on their vision for the country.  How the candidates intend to tackle the significant issues we are facing, not how many times someone was married.

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