Who lost the 1st GOP debate?

///Who lost the 1st GOP debate?
Was there a winner of the 1st debate?The American people.  It’s great that a large number of people tuned in to see the debates.  Unfortunately, this was more like a reality show.  All it showed is who could throw a punch and who could parry or deflect.  It did little to offer a debate of ideas.  We already have a President who is eloquent but either has not solutions or can’t implement them.  This time around we need someone who can solve problems, not just talk about them.  In that sense, this debate “we the people” will have to wait to see who can deliver.  We are no closer after this debate than before to figure out who that person should be, on the Republican side.
I suppose this is to be expected given the large number of candidates.  How much substance can you deliver in 60 seconds when each answer is prefaced by 45 seconds of “While I was a Governor” or “As a Senator I did…” with only 15 seconds to actually answer the question.

The reality show feel might explain why Trump was so comfortable.  This is his element.  Quick off the cuff jabs, but he still has little to no policy positions.  The stilted method of these debates allowed him to shine. This method focused on his strengths and diminished his weaknesses. Let’s face is Trump is entertaining.  He is fun to watch, whether you agree with him is irrelevant.  You enjoy the show because he is unpredictable.  However, it did little to show whether he deserves to be President.

I don’t believe there was an actual winner here.  Today, I want to talk about Gov. Christie.  He did a good job of elevating his status.  His answers were sharp and to the point, while avoiding his usual brand of politically incorrect bluntness.  He had a solid confrontation with Sen. Paul, showing that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He earned some respect and actually answered the questions asked of him.

I still don’t think Gov. Christie has staying power in this election.  He has too many negatives like our economy in NJ, his poll numbers in NJ, and lackluster fundraising.  If tomorrow was the election, Gov. Christie would likely lose his own state.  Right now it is hard to imagine him interesting the South or Midwest, traditional Republican territory.  But, he did hold his own on Thursday.

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