What were the comments?

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he made a couple racist remarks during his speech. The most prominent of these comments was when he stated that Mexicans were rapists and criminals.” Presidential candidates don’t often make such blatantly antagonistic remarks. It remains to be seen if his comments will taint the entire Republican Party or just Trump.

What was the response?

Trump’s statements offended the immigrant community and most Latino voters. That is about 54 million people, including the 25.2 million eligible Latino voters. Companies like Univision, CNBC, and Macy’s have canceled their contracts with him, causing expensive litigation and hitting Trump in the where it hurts, in the wallet. Now, I know you may be asking yourself, how on earth can this be a good thing? In my view it makes it very unlikely that Trump becomes President. Well, it makes it almost a given that Donald Trump will not be the next president of the United States. Not only did his statement offend the eligible Latino voters that make up 10% of the eligible voting population, but it also showed many U.S. citizens that he is stubborn and does not have an open mind.

So why hasn’t Trump renounced his comments?

Trump is a great self-promoter. He truly gets the media and knows how to capture attention. Just look at the news coverage for the past two weeks. Trump has gotten a ton of free national coverage. Other Republicans have to respond to him just to get the media to remember they are also running for the 2016 nomination. Trump has been very outspoken against President Obama for years. Remember the whole birther discussion? This hardline approach to immigrations and fervent anti-Obama speaks to a vocal part of the Republican Party. His comments will get him attention and a podium at the debates. It will be interesting to see how Trump does in the debates. He has a zest for catchy one liners, but he is short on policy and patience. Trump could very well implode on the debate stage. His comments, however, will get him a podium and a platform to talk to the country. We will see what he does with the opportunity.

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