NJ Immigration Attorney Andres Mejer discusses the consequences of driving with a suspended while intoxicated.

///NJ Immigration Attorney Andres Mejer discusses the consequences of driving with a suspended while intoxicated.

In NJ violation 39;3-40, driving with a suspended license and charged with a DUI 39;4-50 is an aggravating factor. The reason being is because one should be and is aware of their suspended license and they violated the law by driving. Since August of 2011, in NJ it is considered to be a fourth degree crime to drive while having a suspended license when convicted of two or more DUI’s. If you are convicted of a second DUI your license is suspended for two years. If convicted with a third DUI your license will be suspended for ten years. If convicted for driving with a suspended license following a subsequent conviction for DUI during the suspension perios the consquence will be jail for the time period of six to eighteen months. 

En NJ violación 39, 3-40, conduciendo con una licencia suspendida y acusado de un DUI 39, 4-50 es un factor agravante. La razón es porque uno debe ser y es consciente de su licencia suspendida y que violó la ley al conducir. Desde agosto de 2011, en Nueva Jersey, se considera que es un delito de cuarto grado para conducir mientras que tener una licencia suspendida cuando condenado por dos o más de DUI. Si se le declara culpable de un segundo DUI su licencia es suspendida por dos años. Si es declarado culpable de un tercer DUI su licencia será suspendida durante diez años. Si es condenado por conducir con una licencia suspendida después de una condena posterior por DUI durante el período de suspensión, deberá suspenderse la cárcel por el período de tiempo de seis a dieciocho meses.


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