US Immigration Impediments in 2019 I 9 Things Part 2

US Immigration Impediments in 2019 I 9 Things Part 2

Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, talks about more barriers that the Trump Administration has put in place to stop or slow immigration to the United States. In this video (part of a group) Andres discusses 6 – 9.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer : So here we are about 15 minutes in. My name is Andres Mejer. I’m an immigration attorney, published author, and I’m here on our radio show. Para Ser Legal to be legal. We’re talking about the nine changes that this administration has made to immigration in 2019. Number six, expand verification and the investigation process. The longer the process takes, the hope is fewer applied. Fewer new citizens might means fewer votes against him. That’s the mentality here. Almost every petition now requires an interview.

Andres Mejer : This is called slow-walking the process.

Andres Mejer : Yeah, I get that. I’ll get right on it. I’ll put it on the bottom of the pile. Yes, you’re good. You’re very important. Let me put you in the pile. Pile just gets bigger and bigger. Oh well, I do the best that I can. So listen, if you’re going to require an interview for every single petition, even though I just had a trial last year and I won my asylum case and now you want me to indeed sue you for my Green Card. What’s the point? There is none. Just clean the process and you’re not hiring new officers. What does that mean? That means every case is now going to take longer because there’s a limited number of cases officers can review. If you don’t hire more officers or you don’t open up access and all else being equal, then it takes longer. But it’s not all else being equal. You have more people applying because they’re afraid you have fewer officers to do it and you require them to do more. You’re slowing down the process, slow-walking the process, and it’s purposeful.

Andres Mejer : Don’t think twice about that. That’s pretty darn clear. Number seven in 2017, the Trump administration increased costs for fees across the board. It’s something like almost close to close to 25 percent. Some fees are more than others. Now, it hadn’t been done in 13 years, so there was a legitimate argument of why it needed it. You know, inflation had gone up. The expenses had gone up. OK, again now in 2019, what, two years later wants to do it again? He announced an immigration services surcharge, an average of 21 percent fee increase, but some application sees fees double. And they want to take two hundred million dollars from USCIS. Paid for by fees because USCIS 100 percent is self-funded. And move that over to ICE to improve enforcement and deportation proceedings. That’s ridiculous. I don’t think it’s appropriate. So we’ll see what happens with that fee increase. I’m shuttle challenged by the courts, but let me give you some examples.

Andres Mejer : Citizenship seven and 25. Today will be 1870 Green Card family-based today. One thousand seven or sixty will be two thousand seven hundred and fifty.

Andres Mejer : DACA renewal today for ninety-five will go up to 765 sixty. Again, these are just some examples.

Andres Mejer : Number eight, creating obstacles for workers and their families. Trump administration is increasingly denying and delaying foreign skilled worker requests are fees. Request for information has more than doubled, causing increased cost delays for months. Look, if I’m an employer and I need a somebody with specialized experience, let’s say I do a lot of divorces. But if that’s just any divorce, I do divorces where one spouse is here and the other spouse is in Mexico. And I see that as huge business. So I want to hire a Mexican attorney to come and work for me in the United States to help me with that process. Now, that’s a business model I want to create in a year or two. Well, how much you make it up? You know, I need to find the candidate apply for the candidate. Wait till you until he or she gets approved to come into United States. Then get the business up and going. Well, nowadays, that’s decades. That could take two years, 20, 30, 40 thousand dollars.

Andres Mejer :And increasingly, the immigration estimate for more and more information, there are slow walking the process. They’re not denying it outright. They’re just they’re just making up obstacles along the path. So if I’m an employer and I think, well, listen, this guy is fantastic, but that’s gonna take me two years or I can find someone with not as good credentials. That is good experience, but they can start in three months. Well, it’s not ideal. But you know what? Three months versus two years. Ready to work versus time to spend tens of thousands of hours and wait. Maybe I’ll just go and hire someone closer. And that’s the goal. And businesses suffer because of it.

Andres Mejer :Number nine, expanded use of the expedited removal process. So this is a situation where you’re deported fast. You don’t see a judge, you don’t go to court. You don’t have a right to an appeal. You don’t even get to see an attorney. You’re gone. Expedited removal historically, if you’re caught within a hundred miles of a U.S. border, north or south, and within 14 days of entry, you could be deported without seeing a judge. Well, Trump administration wants to increase that two weeks to two years. At least he got the two. You know, this is somewhat consistent. Well, maybe that’s a one hundred miles. Forget that anywhere in the United States. If you’re found anywhere in the US within, and you can’t prove you’ve been in war in two years, the government can now deport you without seeing the judge, because that’s what they’re trying to do. The courts have stopped it.

Andres Mejer :So those are the nine major things that Trump administration has done to change immigration in 2019 and to make it harder. So I’m Andres Mejer. Thank you for joining us on Para Ser Legal to be legal. The English version, if you have any questions, you have any comments, please post it below. Subscribe to our channel and I look forward to talking to you next week.

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