Un pastor y un bebe de un año, los dos definidos por inmigración 07-16-18

Mis Experiencias de Inmigración 07-16-2018

En este episodio:

Un pastor y un bebe de un año, los dos definidos por inmigración. Abogado de inmigración Andrés Mejer habla vico en la radio sobre estos casos


Yep movie anyone making money on a little something. The way I look at you I don’t know where to look. At my grades I care about you. I’ve been looking for you. I don’t know if they told that they are here or effort to look out for you. Everything got better. Except to E. Just please no more. Let me know. Oi not is he not done for the week be friend did not join Al Pacino. Between guts to put a kid in momento took it to mean the programmer you were in I think intended to need look you know I don’t I don’t wear this and I’m not knocking it. Not so they must put kid not in antecedent is not some creamy No not at all. It’s a sin one don’t get tumbles couldn’t say nothin near San Diego eat up it a little Cena I said a programmer but it is bliss. Eat either. I can’t see. Look at it is Dima es Trump in concert we’ll see me. Granted a source probably must see him. He saw last time I see in the build iMac probably Montego powder immigrants gather Simona kill kit in bullet. Many people again criminal TSM also will end up dead or in Sudan nowadays. Did you get the activities Chino fit a turkey or chew onU.S binocular told some needles receiveU.S who community to. The only way to see the difference. But I say wound to the ground though. Oh that if anyone programmer Doctor Rado I’d say no signU.S moles on your skin. Blue coat but old problem program A. Here it is to the neo con ticket dealing CO2 experiencing. To cause you live. Let them see the new low but without going to pick up unless you then you see we know since who said it easier. Yes it does on yours. Kit is utterly cool flat out bravado is down but I’d be sandal so scientists the dentist but I miss here some believe it or not. He does some money it’s only for modern low. Look Lord which some seem to splinter seem to soon see not only useful. Well he meant to left picked up so it was only me. Anatolia you a little lucky. But as he said Monday. But I initiated a C programmer. It is Bush received letters sent here. I would like to see everything before but never forget. Into Uganda. But alas few Lenya. Yep. You see Pedro and not El Camino mean anything you know the auto base. Danny Engels here to education or experience a chemical view. Nice to see color a lab coat principal Rama. If we provide operates the program a concept in his place Hello Lloyd challenge then let him see top scene completed programmer does a yak in the low conflict don’t know where they’re receiving beta beneficial yet I knew pi Sato eliminated I’m going to program a total element to see I’m a movie it may be an and eat it. I don’t know you mucho split off into con the waiter experience here Oh Lucas you’re off whether they look or come on sector look Taurus Seattle guaranteed to see your must come before the dollar they find your main character but tell me that I’m a hot one dialect or they did their own base team took it kid 9 which offended the baseK.K. Gatlin get they say look it’s gone cavalierly c o e lo lo you leaving out a lot of crap are circulating on society K NASL we’re looking at said Cassie yes and yours Trump I handle paralysis with consuming e processes you are nomadic I know Yoda 18 increasingly secular and not security an opportunity that I could obviously mean Dennis will be the outcome Yahoo. Tom Mintier seemed less on scene notification scene opportunity than but I belive and see winter to can so it also the firm will to put Kennesaw not simply meant it lake you’re not seeing Russell having said I think that they might even make good you have. To. Go. To acceptable medical care. Definitively meant it no accede to anything. Let me see you a little more present concern. I mean if we really saw those on the internet meme to coin ACcons. Grupo Milli doesn’t get kidnapped can does it do so. So if we Yeah. Yeah. Know I Nico. But listen kid CIA the blind see him as out in key swing blood. Gordon Gordon competed as he put it so swing from us into it. You’re going. To get the body I. Get what. You’re saying but I don’t work that. Effort. For care. No I kick it. I feel it. What do you got. So the team took turns in the same manner as a flea when you mean on the run to the Quincy meet us in defense he said immigrant detainee up you look protecting your own baby. How could they all nine your little policy head on in process. So did put us your own solo Lowe said. But I don’t. This was followed it’s super PAC Yaffe where they put a title yet he kind of tells me he’s not going to say I don’t know Lucas e su e hotel lobby at the Lucky scene that it seems his father this mutiny in custody at the immigration. Como owner Armenia they own onion soup with separated if in deficit we’ll see you again. I know I no. It’s not working. All right. Back from the right and the left and right I got to sit up in here lose the little pieces Keeley or ABC. He said today also not on did this woman does not say look at about Sonoma solo can kiss him but by Yaffe where they put tango. He can debate not Nutella any consumer not Nico. Nico to that so I guess he can go Vienna was if I know. You know I knew this is so familiar. Look you don’t coincide with one day Cancun. Oh you mean decorate again. Again no could not see it. I’ve seen they put on a little you don’t dare put this on Vuitton w e para ser legal look they only look on super superPAC below. So I thought so about yellow men are on their way. I mean it is it could easily keep Lucy styles with needles and you guys know I hate to leave it it is kit room barely one annual meet at a local. This is easing in western Sydney I get it you know that point is in for a man No I. No. Of course is killer it. Live a separate one dad. I will need you. There all down you CMT in the locality Seattle right. I mean it’s is where this lead us from the new point. I love it is police did no I not know I followed us. I mean I. Do though is perceiving it. But on a little discussed nothing in neither the informants your own sovereignty Nina and it is until a couple more year ago. Good morning Thrall call kin Pookie. No society. Mentally no tackle a fatherless no simply that I’ve done a couple of pilots there’s a way though not only does it give you a savvy Come on you in quiet condition but as soon as I look you for a person in and discuss it Punto is winning you win and you see no algo seen is you put thunder out of it possibly get a of 18 foot traffic idle poor whom coyote is possibly killed for sake without it I would just possibly lead down this PDC normally see no no no no no no no no no no. You can come when you got to but I fear today so it this indicate Daniel so. Know I caught us on why not important. It’s a nominal now us. I think that I know that a man I know of critical might not know no apple Catholic at the same time that we’re not going to get their take on what they’re living things. Look sadly into your life or future something you know a lot more so now the ethical model for my field is seen as a immediate opportunity but I don’t know if I’m yanking it. But it’s a catharsis that may be enjoyed in your city area whether it’s in Seattle circumstances see Peter no escape. You need your yoga. No I meant it it’s fine. That’s all. Yeah yeah. You’re getting a pale man getting better but I don’t know. OK. OK. I’ll take it is really cool book. Talk to an able process. Kate giving Kate kid knows the system. Kate Trump to more. You know this is you know fickle Monte Carlo Coutinho throws Nova by but as soon e simply meant you separate in percentages about making it Harriet now Pensacola McCall Alabama typically will need mentally I would look love I’ll go over your pillow. No puzzle. You know Trump note my mentee one the Argentine 3-D title minority that or the title particular Latin and noted that it would tend to Spartacus to inform us. Kim song and my middle school Casey Anthony if Amelia Keegan can put the most put her in contact or is it look. Yes and no I meant it knowing that on it I make it known not in the pocket on the FEC Menos K Luna the pope inside it’s not done on Bharara and it’s until it’s not in the end Lou got freehold on Nepal made a look meaningless because it down in the path and it neither does it will guarantee that insulin they needed to clear the NataE. yet not anyone making it not to monitor this issue on scene. Proponents your. You can look at suffering. I mean it’s over transparency in WTO that in itself is unique and miraculous. Well I’ve been in academia. Uncommitted delegates according to. Congressman Weiner. I don’t know about that but I. Feel like you know a lot about men. I’m not going to get up and do all that when your mama said no. But I always think I’m going to put all my faith in God everywhere. You must be a very disabled in. Things and fill up their mission and make him allow it. When a thing go down or put their money in theology and what we thought we may know is early make a gateway or maybe somebody and you know what I’m asking but are not gay. Well if you can get better don’t go out there. Let me tell you that she won’t be sick of all it or mean your. They all have you I don’t know. I’ve got no doubt they’ll. Kind of let it be. And they’ll send us all back so complete it and you know putting me in a feel for what’s not the matter my love for you. A bit ago airport game to pick got a bagel that that. Yeah I’d veto it if I thought of 40 kilometres to get it. A horse kiss on Sue I know so many countries Darkie mother take us how concerned you’re like in a thousand might have been to those animals sweetheart my you’re kind of into those animals not yet at any cost. Knockoff weirdest title. No I mean Google has shown poor killed identity though our AT&T neither young nor Quantas being taken from casinos misses. Let’s summon up a solar flare until quest in where we would be the end of Phe answer to truffle for our approval in the KKK in our soy is in man Mondo get it elsewhere. Well man don’t pack it in my skin to putting US corn characters that you can tequila converse in Kentucky look kidding now you had better rail traffic it a deer they caught it eel where’s the comet entertainment team apparently really started to do it so let both punish those who cancel auto sales semantics made me when I didn’t keep noting that it was not in order to put this on. Tina raises a key. CONAN Would you have any idea what’s Sunny confidence. PETER Not in the winter is when I thought nice quirky persona. I didn’t care. The cartels will be there. I you that authors. Yes. The you. in only one of their I don’t buy that. No one said. No. You can’t even look at looking good thermal seem to have certainty. Elizabeth DeCosta told a London subway. It water meters it’s kept in boredom. Well it in Italy if for media kill bulletin in Fargo ordered the Trump e meaner than the but missing Quinn throughout the you know. Not cause a lemonade racket you know can give youV.A. thought that those immigrants it’s super important. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. No point being given in cynical bitter that was some rando I didn’t get it either. Did those misses seen untested in Chris seem prudent. Not if we had to teleport Al Gore either spoilers weather to the west looking game Kubrick hadn’t intended it quantum Temple told my ethics process or in part attested by IEEE toss California Florida Nueva York Jersey Philadelphia maintain a kind of oh no DNA testing into depend a quantity and a key Norman into it or my intent though also quite close in I think it will retain a superior mid or denser minimal. No I said it until someone is Samuel Johnson again that week it did it quote it can be known as the pajama you wait a bit and you got Anthony killed by soy is never going to see and then the only sensor that could use heat to sneak up on me so the turkey look out to me those medicine cabinets he opened with an incubator so dual polemical Alto you know there’s no sick kid in and polymer petroleum matter let policy up but I you la policy a year ago La pediatrics nobody swooned for my son even confound getting new ordered director or any of here but I can tell you that in order to keep and to go how will I going to implant this lady on one ticket or an infraction turns in a row Oh you poor not I’m not having an automatic sunset LAU.S I’m good and I’ll do better than any lawyer either I’ll come see you a moment too can you go and I can’t sit that Kendall immediate I still have to lay low in thirty Karen heard no one up on air and process a little this young we to finish the pump put in putting facts here in Lafayette section into the rest of Pandora and a momento but an unimportant in Trundle ya for in theory tell of putting me in a second yeah. The one opponent I reluctantly request you no one at that time of the day Porter No importance so here 9 put that to the quote by East. See it is when mean empty it doesn’t seem to me so DNA continued more Trump. We now know yeah. Yeah. No one can be so Nike could check it it program to see if done in the coming towel DNA. Yeah. No article No well they mean it’s you know if Betty but a community and soon think went up but if any one Guinness opportunist I and we’ll keep you know I want them I don’t know but I’m pretty my dad in cash who’ll give me this young tag I know why you know my it up but I concede penicillin to allow for starters live on but again not an editor tomorrow. Dean is giving the one no a pity then we’ll tell you who we are ready to meet you those ideas that keep those onions vino go No these are the three until it’s dollar to the entered into the until you put I wouldn’t have shown I’ll go I the puppy love puppy mill eat goes I kind of get Prema out quite beautiful voice to be almost a boy I left them in void of it is now a took courses 10 percent l e I prefer. To really look to a simple take all clear ticket down into neither yet quite promises. Any luck who sold them on a thunderbolt actual if to not see the empty taenia in this underwear. Like I said though I hope you will not companion throw up who is we feel like I said e incognito Roman accidentally into mono Ludlow Safeway same control could finally the coastal city of all no money under water to see who don’t they. I read with two it will need you in Bonito casing in your flair it either and it lacks you didn’t think this place Kate killer Goodell it until less intense here. You mean give us your know I all. Yeah he’s so familiar I’ve been on lachrymose waters. We must end the quote he must quote quote unquote read or conversely let us not nine Jindal Como a level go in the console hook is a quote unquote would target Alfie near the end late and we plateau in nineteen point seventy that put on in it allowed took a I so equal it look like a sound that that tell local Now Ma in a letter pointing it out at the end of a month. A moment took it in a more thermal sense Wild West LME most Lockwood. I believe that if waste time a quick look into it appropriate. We must along the way the he meet us and I pick up our fiance at Sydney Airport Kip. Gotta go. Upping the ante. OK. If we must do the went up Harry Potter they need to up your alley Campbell’s parochial opponent in program programmer that his position alternatives here my PTI Al Punto theirs was on a massive property video. Oh no I see a complete caloric seaters in his place and a complete total of when I can let me know. Trump said out a lot last see wonderful answer. Let me believe the answer. Keep Wikipedia’s here meter. So most we will stop. Well well I mean look at the sandal. I mean you said on this and anything they need to bring it to anything in it to cancel the culpability that left I did not know none of your fiancee. Let’s see who that is. We must submit me the will scare the upper limits with the they need and criminally that does not cover in Ecuador you me nor a sick category the killer video to idea not a lot of your fiance I put it in tava although now whose I see on there saw this place. Vamos a la Pletka enforce law a prayer about a third of their program and the PTI Greg Ellis and most they went to pick up on a fancy Latin set of it he laughed way said he said we’re not not complete dabble in programmer tone say look cargoes not time leave me no. He put a similar deal to IBM soon beleaguered to a company that he wanted to be that it says on almost every lap book me. I do not. Am I not equipped to know this place. Look Carlos when I thoroughly Minato Pinto since he left the scene WTC were no no no no no way the facility that is shown could not completely let programmer Beto know with a complicated programmer a kind of an outcast mentality going over to corporate Teller is Eileen Ede a complete con caloric is he just monopoly I said not a point. I said it under the Geneva noise all they do is to sound kooky. When I knew I press hilariously the compliments of the continued orders I thought top surely they know better nobody had an opportunity. But I’ve been here. But I saw cuts or this voice came they need to see it leave me now but you will not need the private audio. No problem. Oh the tell the police your enemies. Yellow before noon but this was too soon. I’m affordable after this. Well if he can go there. I see. Look at that blue candle. But don’t delay the assignments. Look at applicant Karamanlis understanding what we need within those nine years. Kids how many kind of catastrophe and duplication of tackle two apart. I mean it’s easy to get Bowser you know that God knows how many code of up to eat alone the whole by the quality car solo put out there to see the Aku saddle the easy cargo law must keep in dismisses or when it is going to complete the private audio loop way then eliminate quite a bit of soy that could occur. I don’t know. I you know how it but I believe that there are people coming down the pipeline. Thank you. I call the secretary for feedback so I. Guess. I’m not going to look at you get an answer from your producer. Getting we’re going to be something delicate. Make up your mind. I think we ought to play a little bit of a therapy. Took a little bit of it to help you think you’re playing I can get a baseball bat in my head I said well maybe I can. Find out. What you’re. Going to get that I’m not gonna get any better but. Maybe I. Am. Able if I get it. I’m. Yeah. Okay. See you right here. Put EricaE. low DCA redundancy in the FEC let alone a deliverable I’m going to come in I mean with simple progress you put effort into any program like you put Superman Daniels put forward see I I’ll give you could not see well keep it so the key thing for us to liquidate the company to be the openingU.S boom the superior one does not forget Facebook under now it immunity in must inform us your new plan you my director Will it be copy I didn’t want to leave no but I said it again to sort of an approximate. He went to.
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