U Visa 2019  / fraud and how it can hurt your immigration goals

Andres talks about two cases that USCIS shared of people who engaged in U Visa fraud. As an immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, has helped people obtain U Visas. He explains what impact it will have on your immigration journey if you are found guilty of visa fraud.


Andres Mejer Lastly for IN THE NEWS USCIS convicts two of U Visa fraud. Now. I’ll talk about what U visa is in just a little bit. In our education segment, it’s all about U visa but here we have Miguel Bautista Manuel age forty-one from Mexico. Travis LEE NIXON age 29 of Greenville I think North Carolina. They were both sentenced to prison for their roles in a conspiracy to defraud the United States. So Miguel, Travis, and Pineda. Martinez also and Pineda Hernandez. So here’s what happened. Miguel hired Nixon to stage an armed robbery which Miguel, Pineda Hernandez, and Pineda Martinez were the alleged victims. The three of them then would report the incident as a basis to make a U visa claim, U visa would then give them legal status. Miguel was sentenced to eight and a half months in prison. Travis Lee 12 months in prison. Pineda was time served And Pineda Hernandez is awaiting sentencing. So because Pineda is awaiting sentencing. Chances are he cut a deal. He spoke to the police or to somebody said this is all a scam. And that’s probably why he hasn’t been sentenced like everybody else. I don’t know that yet. But that is a likely outcome of what happened is somebody said hey this is what’s going on. If you’re going to commit fraud, there’s going to be consequences. The whole point of the U visa is to help law enforcement take criminals out of the street. So violating that trust. Well, the consequences can be quite severe. Miguel Pineda Martinez and Pineda Hernandez are almost certainly likely to be deported. Their conduct was a crime and moral turpitude which means they’re likely not bond eligible. I don’t know what relief they may have but the reality is when you commit fraud and something like this you’re not likely to have a remedy to stay in the United States. I’m not saying there aren’t any there’s always asylum, but it’s a significant negative factor to determine whether you would be able to stay in the United States. My name is Andrés Mejer. And if you have any questions or comments on this and any items in the news please comment below and we’ll discuss it either now or at the next segment.