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What will be President Trump’s legacy when he leaves office? Perhaps he and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be most remembered for their ruthless crackdown on the hard-working immigrants attempting to come to America looking for a better life, hoping to gain legal status.

While most of the Cabinet officials are dealing with White House scandals, Jeff Sessions seems to have kept his focus on warding off the false threat of an alien invasion. He has pulled out all the stops and turned almost all of his attention to expelling the so-called “violent criminal aliens” from America. The problem is that most of those immigrants are not MS13 gang members, they are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, who have been here for years. They often have children who are American Citizens that become separated from their parents due to deportation. What becomes of those children? Do the parents have any defenses to removal? These are questions best answered by a New Jersey immigration lawyer.

The Role of the Department of Justice in Immigration

Most people think of ICE or the USCIS when they think of the United States immigration system. However, it is important to understand the DOJ’s role in immigration law enforcement. You may not know that illegal entry and re-entry into the United States is the most prosecuted kind of federal crime and they have the highest rate of conviction. The DOJ is responsible for litigating all these immigration cases. They also manage the enforcement of immigration law and negotiating immigration enforcement policy between the fed and state and local government. The DOJ is also responsible for managing the deportation process, including the immigration court system that is currently bogged down in the mass deportation proceedings. Jeff Sessions is really the man at the helm of this evil ship with his boat getting bigger and bigger by the day.

It is understandable why so many immigrant families live in fear of deportation when it seems like the main purpose of the DOJ is not justice but rather the deportation of hard-working immigrant people. Jeff Sessions does not see the difference between “good” immigrants and “criminal” immigrants. He only sees immigrants as “bad” and he has made his career of out fighting to deport all undocumented immigrants. He prefers to deport immigrants rather than trying to determine which immigrants deserve to stay in the United States. This is why you need a New Jersey immigration lawyer to fight for you. The immigration lawyer at Andres Mejer Law is dedicated to helping immigrants like you to resolve immigration problems. Keeping immigrant families together is our passion.

Sessions Fight to End Undocumented Immigration

Jeff Sessions has spent decades shaping federal immigration law, first as a federal prosecutor, then as a senator and now as Attorney General. While Sessions and Trump have had their problems, the one thing they agree on is U.S. immigration policy. Their idea of comprehensive immigration reform is building a wall, closing the gate, and keeping everyone on opposite sides even when it means separating families.

Sessions view of U.S. immigration policy is so extreme that the majority of his own Republican Party do not agree with him. Recently it came to light that immigrant children were being separated by immigration officials from their parents and held in converted warehouses and at least one closed Wal-Mart store. Visitors to these locations are forbidden but a few Democrat lawmakers gained access to a few of them. They reported that the children were being held in large, crowded cages awaiting processing. If that terrifies you as an immigrant parent, imagine how the children feel.

Avoiding this kind of reality for your family will only happen if you are proactive. You need to take steps now to protect you and your family from falling prey to Trump’s immigration policy. You can start by calling us or by using our “Do You Qualify for Legal Status” tool.  We can start immediately by taking the necessary steps to protect you and your family.

Sessions Fight Against Amnesty

From the time that he was a member of the “Gang of Eight” and on the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has worked to close immigration into the United States. His view is that the melting pot of American immigration should be an empty pot with only a few people fitting his definition of “serving the American interests.”

Humanitarian immigration, for example, does not serve the American interests because it allows people who are from underdeveloped nations where they couldn’t have possibly acquired any skills. Never mind the fact that these people are often desperate to escape gang wars, drug cartels, and sadistic dictators.

It has further become obvious that Sessions believes immigrants generally lack the ability to assimilate into American culture. Instead, they prefer to stay in pockets of their “own kind,” refusing to learn the language or embrace American values.

Thus, the future of amnesty visas for Central American countries and places like Syria are jeopardy. Even now, the standard for amnesty used by the DOJ has clearly changed, making it increasingly difficult for those escaping oppression to be granted amnesty in the United States.

Trump’s End of DACA

Trump has worked for months since he has been in office to end DACA, but when immigrant populations rose up in protest against the possible deportation of thousands of DACA recipients, Trump used Twitter to reassure DACA recipients that they’d be able to stay in the United States. Jeff Sessions, on the other hand, came out publicly to say that it would be better the “them” (the immigrants) and the American people if the DACA recipients just went back to their home country. Sessions again ignoring the fact that these DACA kids have been here since they were children, often have no memory of their country or even speak the language.

If you or your child qualifies under DACA or have received DACA already, you need to act fast to prepare for the day DACA ends. You may not be aware that there are options to solve your immigration problems. Try our “Do You Qualify for Legal Status” tool or give Andres Mejer Law a call today. Waiting until you are detained by ICE is never a good idea. Protect your rights now.