¿Sabe que hacer si un oficial lo interroga o lo detiene? 08-27-18

Mis Experiencias de Inmigración 08-27-2018

En este episodio:

¿Sabe que hacer si un oficial lo interroga o lo detiene? En la tercera y última parte de este tema, el abogado de inmigración Andres Mejer le explica sus derechos para que no cometa errores que puedan afectar más su situación.


Give me a thought. All I have to do is make you a gift of 370 got a program I feel safe. If it about his staff. Yeah. He knows. I got to say that. Yeah. That’s all I do is making a good bet that I’d becomeU.S that. Thinks that you give me the. Can you call Maddie enough and I would tell you without the f ing I don’t want anything. So what I gave you earlier you opens it goes home without me knowing my lord only sincere and so now I guess have something to say. And so that so I can use it. After having ever come over here or away from the fact I’m working on it for you over people. I would totally gladly do anything with any video simple. I returned work that way going nowhere. To go but I promise you. Maybe I ought to. Does it work when I’m Premier.

I recall that to get almost invisible in the wait time yarn and Facebook in a parking lot under mech allow soon naughtiness who put a window or so do that look where appointed director meant and Facebook up whether you’re mad at a programmer and where and said All I know is that auto Cinco scene Gaudio said oh no venti 6 tons low Ultimo. Yeah I said I said I said my mercy either get them or some Blundell somebody like Norway. Course I ask you does it interest to kick out I will not do any immigrants who are not resident it important got all of humanity was miserable that I just don’t say Oh you’ve almost I’ve a lot of sort of laws already motorists yet they ought you know but I think you might say so. Well black coal mostly empty when they must over the gap as I notice. Yes Gallop where they affect that but I will take it. We can all relate so to Sunday. Well let me rent a cheap. Notice it.

No Sycamore producers would nominate exact Pentagon but I might imagine no matter the aid of my deficit could mean nobody give me cannot maintain I don’t think it is Sue King.

You seem intent only on yours ness your in China to all hotels and you stand and knew those mean applicable. But I will see little this year no meet a Yoko only legal so you regress tell me buys me one of my top pair of your it said that they got only less yellow and those mean mostly their own or that they bought us on federal NALEO. Oh yeah. Talk outside of calamity kinda dog now I see the psyche on your quiet throat. He takes e and does milking to pose no threat and use the term super poser aptly corporal but unless he will let a sincere Serbian look at DNA when ordered into the port as young as 4 maybe I do that I wouldn’t keep up so I wouldn’t miss what I said present or line TV to you this interview in NATO. You mean that’s your logic Tokyo elope. So in that sense John does either love the day is not animals don’t say it. Look again 10 dead and in London though I mean is he or about who they ate as many as you can see all of TNA. No. The port this year. You mean that’s going to buy in three weeks time in particular to blow the ice. Ice is flat organisms you only get that in for cargo in LA. Elaborate that us luck. Give us a call card blue card. Ian card set out Lucy mignon just get them the keys information in particular concerning the potency on pocket Look get in there. Put that low mapper on top of sealant don’t say no simplicity segmented look Yep I saw in this picture and exude you look a C say is too we must win as you just come and see me not currently into the most Ole Miss I try our up and if we’re prepared let petition con or Trump well any old in the puts you in Texas hello can I make a communicator he until the length of ether your net of your SO you call me that I know table confidential call me I will go get or come Yeah Leah you almost Superman Thomas local meet us you don’t get any so if we Moscone l i line through the ether in line to be the ice Lord Lloyd there is talk Danny M Low Key disappointed in detention battle. No no I’ve been to the end of the film Sally he was me that’s the present door we look these are poor people died don’t you know they need those. No I think you know a letter in your own process or volume daddy I meant to but I think love’s was it was you annoyed I me more care I give way that I need a lot of time for Al Gore Yeah initiation process or it this Al Gore volunteer you meant the initial process so you can improvise eat ice why not quit the ILO the whole solid concept campaign under Lucy to us on its poor care Sue you fear that any other macro bullet.

No no Puzo Sufi CMT brave us but I am far for their love BTC on their matrimonial look to Angels ninjas. As you know there is unless one month they will be defeated I would act one the winner could only say Kassar could equanimity kind of or maybe kind of. Yet in the order that put us on automatic I meant it elevated if I was to indicate eat but give me. You meet us European circuit gather petition with them in that case then coming down the father and guide us he tells so in particular that I for where the airport title sunset begins and Kate of which is so law but I thought I’d better come on quick operator. They say audit finds it e b so your kids who are well no flick or daylight savings time. Because if we fussy they move us on a second look out at the municipal bazaar in New York. Now castle where and Weber Jersey federal pool toys unattended Caterpillar parallel outlet. Oh poor synthetic eggs you used to delete those articles you clearly know I love us over. It’s not like this was totally on. Seem to tell you it’s OK. You say look you put your your legal lock one to equals but obviously I will not turn you on poker machine from my senior feet to the end under the new unit in you must must march. Does it seem like it’s while one on this will throw off. It would seem like it would because well well enough weakening or explosively continually vetoes on a 15 year they need to know they really have any new celebrities opening up 10 percent. It’s so important to oil immigrants yawn no song to some eagles. No kidding that that’ll beneficial. I mean those key look where this can provide any good compromise it to Auburn you on comparable I’d get to meet SS received while care. But you know the one I provided. Oh I see law always petition for Minyard or the employer or victim I don’t cream it look easy to get Nikki there more tonight or not qualify. Cassie Newman those DNA committees this received law cannot get known.

See if it’s a good thing for you to focus on this campaign so that I can do a few things I feel that I don’t want to go into.

We need not be an annoying pursuit dealing with a number of differing views literally tactical. I mean look at it again.

You know the exact same nice little magical Latina Catholic God look in a kick it is you eat your child which is let me tell you what you mean on when you see you Monday Lapidus you on your coffee you and yours. You listen up with the shit. OK so possibly you’re not saying that person but a GOP not in this edema. But of course the key you see said say you don’t look. Let me ask you then I saw me smile and did it. No Solomon don’t a this he only is he me at all. I mean do you know I said low maximal get to where it is but I look at not looking to get it.

It was you that it was me my opinion it is suddenly open yet but I meant that was it.

You’re not going to make it happen. Yeah. Not that you would have it open. That being said I can give you one.

I wonder what exactly is it that we see in those days.

Wherever you go I can guarantee you trying to produce yet another thing where I see it all. There is a joke that if they come within one year ago today and at the moment when you’re in New York it always has been getting closer. Don’t know when you say goodbye. They won’t get any good delivery. Elizabeth thought you would have escaped only ten minutes ago but it seems that because you don’t think we’re trying to get into that let me live there. But I wouldn’t have made me feel the job where I look at bringing your program so quickly I want to set a precedent here. Deliver. Let me go. I mean come on to me what I mean. There is a fable they would like to allow you to do it because I know it would have put out at twelve you know seven months out.

I will get the evil applicator but cycle that it’s your own pattern at the moment and must see to exceed exit or not in the video. It is an evil eye luminous kid. There will be yet in one processor a loyalty here to say that I meant to look at the video and see that the needle I am beside Biddle a little maintenance of the most basic one the USA must leave for motors going nowhere near enough to go for better little boy.

I know that I in Europe would you like it better.

I like it unless he puts you on the meekly empty ends it to say if he was a bloody gun control officer gun obviously are legal so much to other units to kill of innocents mrs. So look you are very good kid to process what I see in the kitchen to see this or see the new Gallup in on almost overnight. Mean they put that but does he know how people immediately take them into it too I want a top US handle can gather immigrants continue to put us on e I’ll go nose kid no sadly most can know I quality kind of you know I’m with the Portland in the lead in which I took it a familiar not you know they need to get that case in which a temple call me Clemente mountain live almost had an example but a bunch of kids who Castle seeded process so normal don’t say nothin nicotine in mutual with the antique indicia is a process or that pseudo beat up okay I provided that unless you’re not finished I mean you’re thinking more nice super deficit fiddle see Latina causes killer Kelso said it not me some when I eat animals super lemme see no podium alone I’ll let us in let us say it’s a threat or quiet or blasphemous Garlasco. God I will not to set up at all either so you know whether you’re gonna feed me 49 percent. Don’t say that the was this will book or must be in book k k k k it can I mean since you put a super important tip on give me the symbols which are pretty soon enough I mean the ideas you look comeU.S most lethal in the do more and you’ll see the dark people in ly mentally that they meet us your antics when the day you look when the boy go out and kill you articulate what that means. Totally migrants on some criminality as important to the victor is it again contract you seek other pace you must put on top perceived if so is that mentally that the immigrants are an oil you looking ticket in digital noise solo your man don’t your located on the horror story. OK. So it’s a uniform. You make us to notify you that they wanted a DNA sample.

I meant it and put your finger in the area. I’m sure you could take a look at the me. No no no.

You seem well you’re pretty middle seats don’t say Oh no. Why do that is who as yourself what is it. But I know I’ve got a novel Sing sing sing a block of me could be coming up well nobody loves gonna go county court documents how many candles so many sincere that were known put them in put the stakes beat out a bit on no use this to support it. No said no one of those books I mean I soon deliver a service tax compromise I’ve seen by me so no trust no yeah but one copy of the quote documents. Tell you that they no momentum copy asked me not Europe your plus a copy amicable with aura as an OKC you value I feel I cannot comprehend kinetics no one addressed no categorical comment was found source. What’s it all mean. No minted own offices let me hold no contact. Of course you know obviously well a percentage but I mean did not tell you the single annual night and on Saturday the quartet not not they are you the endometriosis in their right bone Daniel. Upon the end the FEC came into office he wrote the book what do you know so little about that mass daily toss our new middles here. So very important if you will look though.

See you later in my nose.

The policy. Or in my nose. The immigration. No freedom is neither Nene goon the coup mentor seen premade or ideological or well they got that I don’t support a simple thing on cleantech. Like you said on the Al Gore difficult you know there was a 6 Wild is who this week father Eli you’ve only let us see on the telly Persico say so what I see are feeling freedom a while ago no savvy carefree more Latino No I mean you made there you had affinity a carefree more this year do another galaxy only syndicate could public then easily I would say a C DNS look at Duffy Mundo none of Friedman’s these I mean he knock sceptic it up when you see these a persona contains every Thunder thinning I mean I look at he said I’ll block onto our guy though premade or no feeling Miss absolute with them and know that. So you know today they need McKinnon to get their quarterly dividend to the medical data faculty of I don’t know I gotta say I eat as I say so I see me as you on TV to be there I he’s taught me that I’ll goodness get one this is so much to fear as Lord and the potential to human psyche when done with it when they to recoup the deal because it goes and I know that something kind of maintained that they knew but the third like I said but they vehicle front that is so scribbles only my minty newest fussy silly sort of Hamadi yet tell us don’t say no freedom is the policy on volume Danya balkanize Daria Luminol to get the parties to voluntarily put this uniform Antalya is your toy by under me the aggressor.

Army base you put it so no move I know that in order to put us on couple feet of yet to need a ton of phrase see and or accept that Lord of the put us on does there a beer this to pretend you don’t but I believe ya but I took castles truthiness I see those dinosaur talk I mean to tap into the indoor is the opportunity that does it no feed it absolute them into Nana seen a lot of kids who are bored either Fremantle new middle or we see me not see that’s our backward cost or the other since you’re on police here nor there to see it was shown to no service he left as soon as Intaglio allowed to your as amigo or tobacco company policy. All sorts of creamy not sorry to those time come can point is confused duality. Yes I now. You know my doctor again and to basically waiting like I said prevent Daniels. Normally these guys care that causes cathedral e super important this does not come Sunday. They are booster six while they were there when anemia or Nina. Let you guys absolutely meet another book and get to about the car symposium or guarantee Sato is a look at past elements and so on. I said Of course escape I will. Hey hey man I got a veto this Travis. Travis may hold the seat no I’ve learned nada no no no I’m let’s put it that it didn’t either. No this did die yes. No. No. Because it’s like it to us each year we’re not. Oh my Lord. They went into a nosediveU.S camp where they called VR. You know kids get it also need to spell loved us in contrast to your lot only cup there so knock on came to Abla sorry to see it was you on a two hour battle Punto No I do senora. Nobody left on what Tom Brokaw book technical jungle like your mother’s maiden is super important it like your mother son about us mountain and no no. Really. The issues that are yes no service si si a persona and said they were allowed to your slippers on the left. No no service came to the coach under not does into Gaza not DNS privacy that low key to this is simply they said we saw in contact with it and quality.

No no they’re saying for much good to see you.

No no no no no more you’re looking for me that I am a man yeah you’re really good at making me I mean it is only simpler don’t sayE.

I will not get cake. It could get a newU.S savvy killer genius. Kill him and you’re like I’m a collection palace man different than say see policy I did but I wouldn’t. Algo. Como winter wonderland.

Wonder Vienna to Nino to New York on the tunnel come I can deal with unsold cause us you know sent this a point into mad cool Bobby Lee that you know the guys.

Not that I would. I mean I see what’s your masculinity in it. Yes you know yours e la la. I know the identity as he sees with the s he said they meant to indicate what local to that was common. A lot also need just nice acceptably movement Oh no no matter those come into the heated I must see to as soon as cuando Oh no but if I said no hardcore notes of what I will motive or you will not mean it or not exactly the algo is the same I mean look at me so I said send your converter out and vote NuCoal I said so they the winter me looking away I said you this place will not sit up BMT yes they must be outside of the box a moment or two minty it just how to put in it. Consequences never meant to you no matter those any thoughts and ideas. Yes he may run to end or sadly into at night but all my misses I think he is so scattered goes both inside the facade of in the right place at the temple and on my corner of where the portal placating me as you all know love one of the heart of Sally that ensuing contact was done for it.

Thank you.

We’re going to take everybody No we’re not going away We’re definitely happy to let go of and most of us I think alluded to little a little bit annoyed that I see a lot of you that doesn’t meet at this place get to test and or not hear a clean bill or they die yes you must get to the place I call that low market without be the perceived let it go you an simple do we own clinic. No Trump but under Portillo paragraph into the of my mind I wonder what actual tone set in it low around in Jackson. Better for policy other liquid.

By so I lot of board that not idea or to do that over policy I guess they press instead of the Jackson the liquid see and pneumonia each or you know Ken can eat and caviar those group with a policy as team does I pray could not put himself in Quincy either now up in either mountain to say a super important a law that dilutes or hinted or so it may not care on policy a liquid I boy that a that in Jackson Madina gate I leave me there said look you will not where they I said is super important they exceed the TaoU.S quanta policy is firm no door threats Quattro many people get caught I will not wait an interview they’ll see you not happy they continually keep us as he will at the annual video I will under killer policy entangle me most is the NDA I cannot can appoint you that e me you’ll not say see European come say what you’re doing.

Who are you. I know what single.

Went a little to the police here. Siempre DNA not allowed to enter nobody. I mean if he was an informant. No I meant it by the seed Lakewood or Jackson or Howell or long branch. Look I said it I quit doing it alone you me. Prop you don’t end up with it but I went that. Far and Dennis as is important. Caffeine is equal to all of us as well well well well it will kind three of us kids who love pretty muscular tattooed DNA binding content equal bodily out. If you scale it up will you see a dead end. Oh bleep I see on most tragic day thoughtful. People say you know Sam is a total stupidity not that or done. No I in a coma severe case. I’ve got to go. My sick sister. Super important in your e-mails get Nardo castles cuando split them into a voice reveals his solo not done or not either split. No not we’re not going to contain the same e to see if he’s got it. We’re slow as you say month to say no point is threatening good video. Put down before you saw a whole only kind of songbook in NOLA what’s not on and you’ve beneficiation Clinton and he began to live and don’t live inside. Does it mean Genesis so petty pedantic sea Swalwell Eleanor savvy Craig seated not unique call more Sabine but I’ve been here long when I’m not looking No sorry.

Good morning. So they’ve been avoiding me bought a I got to look at it this way exactly. You meet I’ve got a very imaginative lesson to us you don’t get down that I don’t think it does it any though to do to quit just you know will ceaseMrs. united for do it all the and this Gideon a according to your thoughts on that conducted with dawn of time looking bustle in particular as you know Title model.

Doesn’t mean in this city anarchy it could be the sort of tight little on top or seemly but not in a quarter that I. But I see that as you know I so I will go and we’ll mentor necessarily you.

And I mean yes doesn’t look good I mean take it for granted that they never done before. I think they’re great. Look every quarter that will look at. How exactly. When I first began doing this I was going to be a good good good good good looking at a dinner.

I think you could go back and look at secondly you know what I thought about it. Mike already said was man. How did we get the money to examine my point I wait for the find it interesting. I think you said that a need for a little rather well you. Know I mean they know.

So look I mean you throw a game where I’d like to stay level you let me go. But that is why I support the Falcons I support their is very different. No no no no. You know you’re a local mental crisis you’re in wound up with all kinds of mistakes.

No I mean no offense they don’t be so mean.

No. Seven Natalie that I would say I’m not a quarterback.

Yeah. My thing is you know I have been absolutely finger. Not at a lead I will not leave it alone.

I mean things are not. Nobody can know what you said in your narrative.

You know better I. No. There are many wonderful men though not a good idea for your mother. I think a year ago.

If you think that at one point you see it only when they know that I’m not a you know different able to bring men that look is very easy. Is it. So if you know maybe my daughter this that you think you’re some momentum and this in a way that I can move the needle right. OK. So I left. I feel more automatically that way I don’t know.

You think I take it that way and then look on what makes you look you’re not perfect and not in a proxy my Simona vamoose are Billy card the US did it chose a to see plus units going to tell NSC but most up when they’re complete and total synchronous I’m gonna give you a bit of bolo man Austin it’s perfect.

Well we need to deal with that type of warfare. You want me to come when I broke my neck. I’m going to be playing a man show and be able to blow it up. I’ll see if it’s through play with people able to settle it is still here.

Idea is he can and must inform us on Plan B. He could be utterly utterly ridiculous because para ser legal or Facebook or not or your man and obviously not people wants people to say listen thank you that’s yes.

Have you seen. I could see some.

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