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New Jersey Sanctuary City Attorney Speaks About the Debate

By Jim Dolan
Monday, February 27, 2017
RED BANK, New Jersey (WABC) —
There are more than 200 sanctuary cities in the United States. Those are cities that protect undocumented immigrants from federal law enforcement.

Monday evening in New Jersey, two more cities are trying to join that club as President Donald Trump promises strict enforcement.

Supporters of sanctuary cities came face to face with opponents.

The confrontation happened at a rally in favor of a measure that would declare Red Bank a sanctuary city.

Immigrant parents are worried about what will become of their families and themselves over the next four years.

“I have moms and dads who are afraid to go pick up their kids at school because they don’t know whether ICE is going to be there,” said Andres Mejer, immigration attorney.

At a rally earlier in nearby Middletown, opponents of the measure and supporters of President Trump’s immigration plan came together to encourage the administration to enforce immigration laws.

“We need in this country respect for the rules of law, we need to enforce and enact the laws that we have on the books,” a protester said.

“Seeing all the money that I make go to people that are illegal, that’s the whole thing, it’s illegal. You can come here, my grandparents came here, just do it the right way,” said Carol Doriano, a protester

Many there complained the mainstream media does not give the full story on immigration.

“We hear a very slanted voice, a political ideology is being forced upon the people,” a protester said.

In the end, the committee voted to pass the measure along to the full city council, they will now have to decide if Red Bank will become a sanctuary city. Both sides of the protest were passionate, but peaceful.