Para Ser Legal: Are schools discriminating against immigrants? (01 21 19)

Para Ser Legal: Are schools discriminating against immigrants? (01 21 19)

In This Episode:

Why did the NJ Supreme Court dismiss almost 800k cases? How can a fraud charge from the 90s prevent an immigrant from getting his green card today? All this and more, listen to Andres Mejer explain


So confident we’ll have all of today’s media figures offering someU.S on the program I feel. A bit. Insecure about his staff. Yeah me. Knows. I got somebody who’s that level model as it is. Maybe a good be better become is that. Perfect. But you give me that idea. Or you know I think it does appear that the Internet crossing is in here for you and me and me. I don’t think it’s a good thing at the moment. Some of it is if you really think you’re afraid make it about. I mean I knew maybe I’ll go with that in the idea. Well the empirical outcome ultimately he is still free of when it really cool you know. In fact the more I think commonality the system is a sin to be into me. I imagine that he may or may not say you know Peter. Yeah. I mean I hate him. But I’m like That’s your last name. Put that on.

It’s not that. I guess we’re ready to go but we don’t have anything. You don’t oh my goodness. I mean I think it does not come back to you. I love it. I feel pretty sexy are one of the epidemic. You know what. You thought I could come up with the idea that I go to be superiority. If we’re going up a compromise that they’ve got to really feel everything.

What would you raising money that no coming up with even a Lakota supremo. Well I didn’t get any retail we cannot get set up. No don’t say it. Black lunacy in the law. Police must get the remote control team although thank you so much for that. It had meters on yakking over most case of outcome yard.

When I put up another party but a billion castles I tell me you went out with great defense in Europe but it’s going to be alright. So what do I look like. What do they lack when he rang me. You don’t speak Spanish. I live Europe in. I. Thank you very much though. So can I call you out on the idea that I really that. But did. You get everything together which I’d ask you when you got more comfortable with the app waiting for my mother to set me up again.

This is the name of game I can get offended because they’re angry screaming national and local issues. This is perfect guy to lock me up when I said I love this quake.

It’s a you know devastating problem. It’s into the eye yo vote and you see on the Lakota supremacist. I knew after the DC end cloud I mean de Guindos supported me not in contract meaningless skin a seat on a key or now the immigrants C funicular thousand needles in the ritual. But when I look at you on got these built or buy I’m on Monday night and then I get out to speak betterD.N.A. if it doesn’t get lucky lessens quality and not not to accept or not telephone Trump is looming will give you most window counting going on by sat on that guy’s implement door e immigrant as N is QB super g d to model examine the kid and build on below here to document to see on No for them was in screed but a tomato look something nice of a combo satiate Daniels as he did that that quote This is it is it brilliant because I could look at some decent meta low spy that is delicate to need one ID they’ll go Vietnam I would see your soy immigrant take it to your key compromise so simple to me so you’re no boy though either the Batman or the vehicle looking within one. Well not that I hate them I listen to the con to see I lo menos gate Dingle statistical thing with numerous social media in this dermatitis of say puntos day and also how much of guess is about equal to this game you got to tune in less easily since here I see killing me so put up the meter but I can say instead of style you poor reasonably cut to the eyes the FEC you’ll go in a lawsuit if you don’t say I. This is so nice those these quilts killer ACLU initial demand in quantityU.S but it seems them meant the book not done they handle spas that it’s in skew read as loosening you’ll say less squealer these are naked the thumb with the screaming under and licking knocks it down walls immigrant immigrants active Dumbledore’s solo net as he does complete connect to the casinos he tells you of they are immigrants kidnap with incomplete essays lay their kid knows Naipaul seemly aptly cut don’t say he doesn’t say ignorance from you over you know what I mean you work with terminal you could do that with a copy of the game you know whether or not I’m thinking of something quite get it I get it that this is not necessary that the nature of the mentor younger not look at any giddiness or documents your key U.S Andrés Mejer any get meal or you tell a custodian does it your pillow Motown I support it there you play the most that I you know listen to the he pays quite kid for my day. Then TV gets you own care not to get your soy leopard so Nike your legal his soy your tingle goes to the OR OH DAD. Somebody if the equal or ECA put up with it it’s who we look Napoleons. Can we keep our son No the boys keep me busy not alone means getting an order in that horse in the Kentucky hotel custodian.

Ah I see it is important during delicacy making me to see the Negan in Scooby are two equal. Yeah my love with Cena in April a is an appropriate no equal. Or right. So just not tumble represent thunder I can quit. But the point and put it in contact or colloquially is as you can see it. I see the Monday. Yes the ACLU does this this is a mentee. Is it anomalous when it’s under any glass but a no no no look I said listen I see I’m a Northern Valley Regional High School is in a school of the secondary in Bergen Bell marketing in Camden Stirling regional secondary school I mean 10 Camden Winslow Township Camden East Orange Community Charter innocent of the Newark in Essex West New York time and gone down the Hudson Seeger a kitten mammoth Hello any cricketer in Miss Sona the Neo evil Harding township Morris County watching hills in SomersetE. Montague a I mean a guitar ends in Sussex or I’ll go No the ethos is less than you see in the mirror now I see our toes he accepts almost as if I finally have a moment we’re looking past the book Lily glad I know put in this creamy not the colour will be either group or this healer to simply where my place is key we do needU.S you oughta know points to your tendency and the symptoms at all those that are still likely to double look it in the pro and this is area you’ve you meant it.

She also is you know maybe kind of your way up there the more striking thing will do a thing like Tennessee mentor to help support the thing go into the conversation is you’re looking at or does it know the FEC but IU.S better look at no than a key competitor is must the FEC noted and numerous ACL o act instrumental kilo tells me that’s all you see to the con to see the FDA devil you know that’s a good look at the mission are so effective let’s say you’re getting fed up later Sit down sit down. Yeah I mean I feel I you know one of the Mondays in quantum charter schools it’s so square less gets on there is even the needle they’ll go yeah no Beatles soon equals Preval us and I won’t stand Tito it media noise solo you’ll be able to sing a song that you put in Scooby meaning you intended to say eat it in red bank and freehold I want that Amanda in contrast it’s a square last No look it’s anarchy lethal a precise I mean to forget anything.

No except on immigrants knocks it down Maureen is making a gay solo Aquila Boulis call but a little bland corpsmen giving it a seal is Larry clemency on I need Tookie I see to not give a cognitive process so enjoys it eat it take well unless they use to step I can’t see or the Mandela press so put as a multi well battle a tap a sandal is you know even it’s a sauna it gains can be students who need you not the black whaler you know that.

Yama loafer seen at the podium was a contact connect to whether you like everything but then people are very very now for that matter and get. So so we haven’t got that in front of me to Goldberg wearing a mask when are you going to give them a favorable light they make it up every day is making now a favor and delivering something before you know what in order to settle knowing where your money just your up here I’m okay with that you don’t believe me I know you’re making me that oil grab my duty that the immigration illegal low in the coming Dow pass Ah no no that can take coming and the love for Terra Peter hint ticket in ten thousand years can visa you sovereign possess a temple be entirely indicative even in Venezuela put a simple order in a load the more I knew those ideas were traced onU.S control look it up I said no yeah look at him you had time your hundreds he couldn’t get out.

I must. There it is then you feel Domini Yes it’s yet again PSA a preventative to pray eat but but it means on it I knew of his call not that I mean anti-Semitic dominion in primitive a they have to bring to say ten feet of September I is to. And I said only for Scott but I mean that song is the city. My this said the seeing two million immigrants in town compromise so yoy but annoy this daily taint to this September it will be more physical intimacy when annual complete or anything momento my this ACM tells me they use toilet 10000 meals is a gift he can sort of see and can good looking found compromise. So sadly Aaron Legrand mind you do that seek it out out out.

I mean do I need a. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Yeah I see Mi Familia in turn. There’s just no they don’t say missing. Okay take Daniel. Yeah.

You know someone already goes. Lady friends yes. Exactly.

I pirate party did context to me multiple tentacles set on pull up until I can give for them but I don’t see and toss me does it muster locally in town and you know Manila legal people sovereign past Saddam port all Moti will auto I’ll go to theU.S Vinatieri lagoon Punto I’ll go No there are certainly no processed or distinct or e infinity of Venus said legality and I wouldn’t mind ETA does not tell the syndicate told us they your son illegalities of anything that simply see implemented and Punto important is going on said Kane town compromise so you put eye wall material out at that in document Atlas I you’re going to see very carefully the three members of your family the family package to see if they you’re sick of me you don’t love me anymore yeah no particular order I go out and lose in as soon as the one day I look at those that I love must frequent here contact me as you and it’s an indexing of some of the Rio Grande they may they can intervene to social media laws will do more to deal with Quantas animals like log around the tunnel they interact in a sonnet to Sun synthesis and they cease me e. Last summer the El Paso gay community CND Millikin town it was and was all demons annuals of your men to cut one of the uses mucho Menos to look at in terms cone so our I blundered out the team on buckle book of my crappy though the book of my side lizard I did not trust in Lakota to put him under Nova Jose to summon up ASADA Ely me no Casey or Jose enters Mehlis the castles so also an take Athenian Auden director so on Connecticut Indian guy I’m a whore Nope I got a mule does while I’m holding a separate internal McCourty of Cypress entitlement bill I want to know you goes him without look at here damn well served under the Castros I the the until the middle they enable those mean dress does the Cassius continue my day KeynesianU.S kid NewCo fluid on the restful rather like what is a preeminent over Jersey loss Ely me No no no no no water no water Yeah I mean you know what I know what it is and you look it flat it all of where it’s unified to tell it’s our little secret Pato yeah see the Nien ordered that it’ll yes Eliminator no so what’s the next place in Terra courting ace or some castles kid you know this you don’t keep me I put Al Gore put an infraction transmitter Quincy and use a trap. No no valley kit that it and oil it’s a flat as you see on our ATO including a solo course us minnows infraction transmitter may notice yet northerly toss no money all.

See the policy debate Trump in the sense that the person that they associate seated are in custody in Lugano an accidental associate maintain it may be god damn Yancy it does so so until I consider I’ll go Serio ee Lakota supreme and no law Ely me No I might be king keen interest Keene said Curtis municipalities and it is Tuttle e as you can imagine sees me young they need the influx Eunice got annual Easter some castles cast Cassie you me on the Castle said this intelligentsia they meatless wealth to it because I can not up a king sandwich.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

We’re not met by that only with their own infraction for not that interesting to that got a token scandal or kick me out or anyone who got in or even not by year likea. That making sandwiches on pathology know me and I got out an hour at the Savoy.

Okay May God forgive you. Yeah. You don’t have to move.

I’m sorry but I don’t recall Semyon to go get bustle but new material gotten me not numerous. Keep us posted. Daniel to import the seating Zimmerman unity anything Quinton Mahoney leaving a local housing market monitor. But give me the perceived look a little facilitated by not yet charity level that I was. Yeah I know it’s Ethan. Don’t say it’s a miracle to see me in Tokyo with NBA Hall naughtiness in detail. I thought I’ll get that the new law controller consequences cake.

So plus a political time in all cases it’s as if it had been had been Simeon Beckett. Going to me your. So what are you here. You know how they feel.

It does say I would happily come as well. Look I saw the seamless Caleb unit itself of them imaginative total hotels in your city and you know in that Quattro scene. Let me know when they Cinco applicable. But I see look out at Cinemascope. They let BTC on better nineteen goon indicates you are in Kentucky bustle and new cafes he dedicated zipper courtesy of the your when I seat operator. But I eat. I love the sinner Newkirk but the DLC the new currency unit this is your own solo kit no in the sequel applicable yet execute on our up in none you know when I see it the LTTE was sure this will pass up we’ll continue to as equals E C console coolness unanimity kind of is it some would up aptly called parade. Lossy terror an IED according to build on idolised DaVita Elan thirty to limpid sentiment today we interpret one test. So what are matrimonial e let us let us blisters foot on ten and put defeat among us who rattles kisses but I don’t let you see get a lottery what does that tell you about it when does it go out the window toil under the causes put a simple Casey can we get to know that I can win you got an oil enter into quality like come out even quite a lot Campania gay kid gay guys don’t I Keelen or what about the mental Nagasaki Labarga cuando Paga e Laperriere to contest all this place that’s totally meant it differently talk to them again.

I will. Marcus is definitely getting in common our not any and all others. E Does it not knowledge they got him a pretty soon momento here in terms of that notification your career and then cordial like you gentlemen are cutting indicate kind of meta Ben said most care to his father is neutral intention and they got to petition I love Menos came up with a document that that Milton what I was seeing with the market to it. It’s too much time on your l our top Giovanni superior come see us to step up our new car responded on I saw a step it either you although I knew this place immigration need Raul Castro this agenda. What are you could not happen DEA North Dakota 1980 almost that Liberty shop. Don’t say Larry I saw him put up in the other it’s put Pookie no depended on noise Okay so special on Friday so it’s important to our in those meetings those illicitly for sure.

There’s some a poser I thought would step it up to the honey hospital to Doctor our boy alienate when you could get my your liver into an unused Nasedo the kilo tells me yours is I mean he cannot touch it so we call out up where they actually can operate article we must have blood on this particular family I cannot look parties principality Oh no it’s a document that will not allow us to on anything Council gives a we call if so equal be a local court to say get it surveyed Sequent an associate of a Catholic on coastal by others see it immediately in a number that they did purposely let crossing into indica kinesthetic pop up E E M was allowed to see my heated to keep us to see when or whatever I saw it or not no for a fee then to walk on water Mohammed Dahlan I showed will need your character like us how can I come which actor does it in certain circumstances. It’s simple and Poco mathy FEC compromise in Ithaca so in all of your talent Casale city and all ASU eco survey mirror will be it is also a bill a photo let’s see me get some we similar paid up to take is a party if we have a bravado so the human toll on.

I know a polymer our let’s say PSA an ill process a conduit. Though they’ve come to us with tattoos identical thousand years off with water utilities he showed Care Clinic said put it out at the position. Yes. Yes. In percentage of the of global threats andU.S attack does not do well this year as a matter of Masada. It’s too soon to be tough but it put a blunder that take us forward. Our concept come your. But I sic say the it sit here. I went through they looked also needles necessary to interrelate I’ll be familiar director or as we call your case a little trimming or they’ve been to now is from the new director Peter in entirely gone commodes his acquittal on I mean take what throat scene me so don’t say when I see actors accepts you on this CNN if I’m from you the director can heads up an TNA or CLP with a quality cut about how they let egos into squadron tasting corps eat out up a meal some blood related process or book in which you found somebody that either seen Clancy Chloe book is own process or gay then she’ll think that they’re pretty dose me you know does it I’ll continue give it up like cattle parade antics then they’ll meet you know unless he trusts you on did you have any so exits post poster aptly corporal in Lanyon event I see of I’m entitled No don’t say it aL. Paul Bremer I god it attack that is CBSA let it sit insular until it also needs our aid to indicate that they must try to keep a separate issue on kids who matrimonial consumer poser and they say poker it out prop you kids up would you ever see the upper level a lovely guess but a lonely guy on the Giovanni I didn’t want Dracula petition for he ever see the opera Lado eco near saw the letters in his quizzically eagerness saw come Yasu statues until a thousand needles don’t say it now he put us well to related to be to let him pass up our alien autopsy allow any cat book. Stick with us and put it coming up to talk to us legal meant it all into a thousand years off water we don’t get passive Kumasi CSF waiter Elbert indicating Decatur came very the tenants in 2010 to 2000U.S Latin it and no had any kind of spikes in problem is let’s keep my on you seen by me so you can see paintings. There’s a seal Sally ended up with a really sad aluminum Catholic call or receive your pearls on our air but I couldn’t see it as it painted on necessity by this or if sockets once you and knows or is legal or not Casado. So we could not Quinta Peter. My mark is the resident a legal don’t say a player a cut delicate in that although I commend you for Monday you mean that you don’t care about a league he’d be a hundred or thousand euros he said in we tell our fellow TexanU.S numero uno no matter those any cap we can depended on yes Superdome team at the next set up for a while and ticket in saga or a. Yeah seriously when I think of the equality cup and Ellison as quizzically I know you’re a lovely guy. You’ll nail them or try to guess a matrimonial a real easy matrimonial venti Cinquantaetc. Not enough time contact tokens to access poser e immediacy on any sample car so speak Chavan. Keep it up. Throw that out the case it’ll be legal though I knew a truck.

Did you ever see eye to eye. Giovanni and got a petition. See me. Not yet isn’t this isn’t this. No it isn’t criminal. Seated on you again window ICP. I’ll come your tattoo’s in two pieces. Yes. Domain Chancey replica key quality forensic oi oi Seta Negan will not BTC on CRM policy end to the example given up on internal process of the potassium guarantee Sato Nai this course Yong e yay when I see is here to eliminate all author opportunity that I put in alternate let me maintain it let me position I belong to the waste yes if West Valley City qualified CA pre the syllabus go easy or no supply cannot Kharrazi or no maintain does it better is a question of up whether Seattle Castle turns to keep our summer sea boy LA Negan let come in Texas under a thousandU.S loop on a little process of the young went oh yeah pay the para ser legal a thousand needles cold room balloon in which my in which about the FEC but immigration no political charity paid on Durant guilty and Pokey LA court Lakota on request those out as a complete court of government regarding this year I still see unprepared imported toys Giovanni ordered to indicate a city went Oh boy. You’ll pay the rent it out of me me either the receipt with that extension into a thousand years EPA though ala he’d pick up I depended on you say LA thousandU.S book he is the T the lab is a petition No I want and I got another of an opponent the port of CharlotteC.L. Seeger he said Meet your kilo to Miami chance it I don’t think you’re gonna yell I’m not in the gasoline you seen nothin against it but predawn all alone I cannot let you see on this simple they’ll key into a no arthropod took a marble out of a total asshole I I’ll clear the SS officer bonus money to killing me let me document this report I know only that I were declaring your man right there and you’re going to blow it up somewhere I don’t mind if I can go with you I meant to marry then I thought I Proxima by.

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