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What should we do about the Northern Triangle Countries?A Senate committee meeting focused on the Central American Immigration situation was held last week, and some new information was released.  There was of course some of the normal politicking, such as when Republican Senator Ron Johnson who chairs the committee stood up at the beginning of the meeting and said this is truly a border security issue.  While we know that the strength of the American border is not the main cause of illegal immigration, nothing stops republican politicians from harping on border strength.

What is the Northern Triangle?

We know that there are a many different factors that play into why people leave their home country, but what we need to focus on is how we are able to fix or change those factors.  For example, one of the largest reasons that people are leaving the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is the crime rate.  A witness before the committee meeting got up and stated that the crime crate in what is referred to as the “northern triangle” is at an unprecedented and unparalleled level.

Why help the Northern Triangle Countries?

This brings forth an interesting discussion, which I feel is something the American people need to focus on.  A lot of people complain that the United States spends too much money and always interferes with other countries domestic business.  However, if the United States were to help the nations of the northern triangle get back on their feet so that they could better govern their countries, I guarantee we would see a drop in the migration rate.  These countries today are practically failed states.  They can’t protect their people.  There are whole territories in these countries that are “governed” by criminal organizations, not the government.

By helping those countries, we help our neighbors and ourselves.  With increased securities in those countries, there will be less illegal immigration to the U.S.  With increased safety, there will be economic growth which can translate into more trade with the U.S., thus creating more jobs.  We can help do the right thing and help improve how the U.S. is seen in the Central and South America.

It is important to remember that people come to this nation because they are trying to escape the conditions of their home country.  If we have the resources to help the home countries improve the conditions under which their citizens live, wouldn’t it make sense to do so?

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