Poll: Should the Long Branch Movie Theater become a Synagogue?

///Poll: Should the Long Branch Movie Theater become a Synagogue?



Chabad seeks to convert the old abandoned movie theater on ocean Ave in West End, Long Branch to a synagogue. The movie theater has been closed and abandoned for years. The Zoning Board must vote on it because the area is not zoned for a religious use. At present, Chabad of the Jersey Shore is renting space on Ocean Ave., approximately one block away. The application will be voted on at 7 pm on June 11, at the Long Branch Municipal Building. Opinions appear mixed about whether this is a good idea. Some favor getting rid of the eyesore. Others are concerned about the lost tax base to the town. Still others complain that the free parking will be lost. Parking is always a concern in West End, particularly in the summer. Although, I understand the concern on parking, if I owned the property I would not want to be forced to provide parking to others. Of course, if I had a business I would provide parking to my guests and customers. However, I would not want to be forced to provide free parking to adjoining business owners who may be my competitors. If the property was owned by Long Branch, then I would understand how an application to sell the property to a private entity for their own use could affect them. If it is privately owned, then the parking will likely be lost. The only question is when will it happen and what use will the property be put to. If the property was zoned for a religious use, then the owner would not need a Zoning Application to make that desire a reality. So tell us what you think. This is your town as well. Should the movie theater become a Synagogue?

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