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On Monday, December 29, 2014, a coalition of national groups filed an amicus friend of the court brief outlining the economic and social advantages of extending deferred action to immigrants.  They argue that executive action will lead to increased tax revenue, job creation, and wage increases. Judge Howell has already rejected Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawsuit against executive action, I discussed this in a prior post.  A second case filed by Texas and 24 other states – The state of Texas v. the United States, will be heard on January 9, 2015 in Brownsville, Texas. The groups, who filed the brief in the Texas case, argue on behalf of the immigrants who don’t have a voice in the Texas lawsuit.  They argue, that when you take the politics out of the equation, no reasonable person could argue against a policy that greatly affects mothers, fathers, children, workers, and the country. In a recent interview with NPR, President Obama echoed these comments.  He argues that there can’t be a serious conservative concern on immigration that he isn’t addressing. He pointed out:

  1. Border security – we have more resources, border police, and money spent on the border than in the past 30 years;
  2. Illegal immigration – the flow is approximately half of any time since the 70’s;
  3. Illegal Immigrants not paying taxes – this program will get them paying taxes
  4. Illegal Immigrants are a drain on resources – every bi-partisan study has shown that this isn’t the case.

Preident Obama offered to work with Republicans or at least those don’t think that immigration is either (1) fundamentally bad for the country or (2) that there is a realistic option of deporting 11 million immigrants.  As he put it, he has a fundamentally different view that the Steve Kings (R-Iowa) of the world and holds no hope with nativists like Steve King.

The President doesn’t expect a serious challenge to his Deferred Action Policy, but he welcomes Republicans to come together and work together on Immigration Reform.

We will see what 2015 brings us.

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