Trump quiere quitarle su residencia o la capacidad de obtener una 10-22-2018

Mis Experiencias de Inmigración 10-22-2018

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Trump quiere quitarle su residencia o la capacidad de obtener una. Escucha el conferencista, autor, y abogado Andrés Mejer vivo en la radio explicando los últimos acciones de Trump


I thought I’d say maybe It’s Not something you know they brought him up your feet. It did prove that what he said. Yeah. Know I that he was at a level that all I could think of was that I’d be cooking up something that you just need a body. Whenever you’re thinking. About. Moving your his money then a minute. Yeah. Yeah. So say it’ll be anything anywhere. Near. You. I. Mean. I don’t know. Anything about me. Now. Why don’t you go ahead. Yeah.

MOISI I thought you’d be premade Olympus almost corn lottery subsumed into it got a meager entity in it. I’ve seen it here. We’re going to get it seeded in the heat I’ll again put a perimeter tuning into money. This is your own ticket I said I will let you men opportunity I said narrow minded in tune with that document. Oh you mean this issue in America known as CW that’s you’re too serious in telling all their applicable to my point. Possibly but I could see you to see with India see us in the comment I’ll leave it very wanted to join us. Come inside. I’ll go but I couldn’t see. Is this that. No but I’m would you care to care bleak bleaker about Al Gore boy you leaking this it absolutely meant another celebrity made ups on this I said Nada get killed Paulie My goodness so no women to notice he ever meets with no notice he listens O’Quinn lucid Daniel Day more gave me those who love Puerto Rico creative partners in Brazil so that it puts you on e no wait ABC Della Familia or is who for me yucky does it is is a beleaguered and I said absolutely men do not see wound no option is where no I said Look solo your mic because of calamity coming your way. I mean look elementals you know I’m on that I mean it’s you own your voice I need to see noone to represent Dante I seem to be stuck out I see me lot I saw a bleak article on NATO a looming more in C implemented bouquet and no doubt you to pursue making noise when I will go though no feed Monday LA no uplift internal documents Cuomo a lawyer yellow press and door look up on a normally daily meet Aunty Pookie it’s illegal look at Tennessee and no not CNN pardon me so but I eat corn Quantico I learned through eat that nothin impeded me so but I you know I love local mentors and no one up on is who number in the local mentors Delmonico out on the court in a little circumstance the corner market goes in autos the golden minnows but I’ll finish here no nine including Deacon’s your own kid aU.S still open it but Adam don’t say see to genocide label thank you will Carlo get to the ticket they will not go say that personally so I really think to it and to nominate to the free market to the mandate it is to probe lemme get it by the outro if I mean to put a limit to say I want a gram possibly that time in court appointed a new process or a key will Carlo I will get no qualifications I’ll look into an enchanted Exeter yoi CCR pick up and I’ll go get call Senator momento EDL on you again they went up on it and puts the British jump on this idea this case you’re or you know is automatically. Said nobody is a tomato No listen to the call to see me at the port the your own you know put it she tells you familiar or tried lots of hotels so needles Latin sit sit ups on his contacts we’ll know whether our rum also got on top of this place in Como ala he’d a low level below is all that you see I’m guilty and you get the money Lou I said so I said I’ll go let’s get a solo. Well I said Con good I didn’t get DNA I look I see you inL.A. experience here but are you that it is Dinnick said no l e it is is to Miho Chan said that is CVD baby to throw I hope listen to the condom seat but. But I believe that the motor that put the serum put up on it and I mean no proper you e put up with it a little Punto we see it that is a familiar both writers who familiar kilo tells me those that don’t know well it’s in me hold up soon they lost this opportunity you will not be it better DNA will not see on some submitter in a lot notice yes all do I mean damn I know of course that’s negative you know I got those Kipper items really since yum kilos has been on.

I represent 20. I can’t actually see them get it and I get. Como Consuelo see authors and it’s a company that you’re seeing that I mean I think the auto company SD team Tuscaloosa man up ASADA foot on notification easy target Puerto Rico Vietnam. Porter better late but I wouldn’t accept that DiNardo but that conceivable they meet us on cuando not so novel by those in Ota and in my experience here not in Lucasfilm. Vin Diesel Joe McGinniss on some attentiveness and an upper limit of SBN allowed him to map probably one of whenever road trips below you know in Los Ultimo those with tourists onU.S primitive way Arturo Silverio Suarez. When I first went to implement them you got me a local logo from which onU.S e LP videos truly sincere book in Tyler de Mundo window in nostalgia. And I seen the latter. Does your profile Clinton’s director Daniel castles know you got the quality nom you got I caught it. No put it back at all. Cuando Lakota lossy toilet I don’t meet up or get sick is a scandal. It cost us no no suppressant toilet quality to e this has been on Sunnis and Shia yell to get set out to office in other ways. Yet any threat of facing us nearby tactically and just yet so clean continuing clean and ultra low in Seattle. It was shown us live.

I don’t know when I will though but I said I’ll go to the awesomely sincere Yael pedi I don’t really know it’ll be on Kate and beside Cohen author. Oh trouble Well DNA is isn’t illegal.

They’re a leaky leper so Nike will cover our look Como trade Miss Sutra Sutra Monty Lou I wouldn’t look on Lieberman and Geno get the idea in Newark. Damien loves to spend suspended on a pair of your silly since you’re out of it until I put him in a vehicle to a limits us do a prelim us in over York to a prelim us in Massachusetts. El Paso mooch personas an own process or there they put us here in California the unqualified ColinE. Lofton the school in doing so our Etobicoke rando been taping the scene contained. I mean lawyers out of your person I’m into no me import the Quantrell Cobra. None none did nothing at all. You meant it. You may disagree with or mutually knew a prelim I get tingle equity I’ll gain from it. I said I’ll go no complaint or no leader in elevating this issue. He will not contact the ACS and problema. Don’t say it might look up I saw. Know suppressant. Cool source there is Lucas. I will Gallatin against it. Daniel Quinn the Lakota super MLC Tammy Hiromi the delicate puts us no self and you know suppressant door.

No contact told Amanda. Don’t say Lakota. Well the suspended citizenship is too will come and I will not cut it out. I gotta eat quite a lot has been on a notepad or immediate demented So how does it look. Sit down. They will to yell to him and that’ll knock out the al-Qaida. Will know this was clear. This is an okay end for us to spend detail. Topic Lando E K L nope we’re there rapeseed represent and those who should be in this this there’s a person I keep I don’t mean to mean keen to me to make you think of me lol. Look at how do you think that that also Well it’s getting 10 percent up by God. They will attack the good of theirU.S and let me grab it. Okay I turn up at the end of it. I’m a fool not anymore. It’s all there cause I put a dent in the indicate El Camino. Get it. I will gather Aly here. Scene surveyed. He seemed intended not quality figure out at the end. Lemme get lucky.

Look here when I said quite me Latin in here. All right.

Will not Teaneck who superior mountain into the candid dome on my set in stone and Aly he’d now took you on a contract or a part time into the never never. Read too much to my math team Bonior so candidly he’d kill anyone to represent them.

Don said I now courses military courses cumulative and he said I’ll finish the ILO most importantly is call more to I sense in the indicates indeed get done conquered fencer for a simple c c to low Yaman to the Amazon. Well not to contact them sequence the Yemen mountain. Not that the Indian be a needed telephone on neon persona look to the wave in your manner maintain a C to try to Olympics had to be it’s good. I want to. No kidding. To the Nero killing it to look on tartan panties get the one entertainment whore después Kennedy tell the now. No way. Key cocoa malted throughout the bitter no oil. From a sewer. Get the animals and let it eat. Live from a and get Amazon and telephoto Podemos very wide. But a simple Booker and let it undress make it a major hot area vivid gag sequence the scene consequent to your choice your consequent him to command grabby saddle man down review on Google in the car look you know when I will other Peretti multi will to look so bad I mean does it care look at authors personasV.S. sober allow others numero uno numero those detective it went on a packet in the web KDE convict dying for my on to that comfy answer or Nila place and order in lower place in contract will maintain it and add it up until he got well out and I’ll go on and let it out I’ll go look it so my haughty authors are look at it must inform us and put us in Meet Danny when I saw the and so did I would I do that dress play it your card will not parking at consumer Arvo are they there or our ETA companion the same age old navy son knows yenta policy until the loss of guidance and advice. Eli Eli Dan not us in the safe Punto Saito at this point to settle the dispute to settle the scandal in a little mass out to kill it I know when I will go out I can will close somewhere else and that’s on the land grab my. They meet us here on Legrand my unit. They also say spoon to sing cause here they to Oh no see at that point on whether or jump on don’t remember put us on reality I mean to Africa singing you know they then this is your take on the edge but it will not the idea with that put to us where they eat you play the chick that you read when a eight hour session gets soup with them and every Sunday I was gay locate these C more you then the figure is a level I look dead get it right we set out at sea not participate they waited to be seen looking back and I nodded. You see no easy not a look on or sit alone at home and with several other all this to an imbecile to look at us all again kid get to appear in the window Como I said to Castle1.0 to Castle mountain didn’t no anything cleaner put key oil two applicants para ser legal immigration seated on you again Devon up on IN THE PROCESS OF THE Portas your Punto does it do not kill us I think the value that tobacco Brad Ila primitive is Kata I see in the repetition broom victim I think Valencia or petition finding that look is here numero cuatro Quincy the other better and so am I free to leave. I’ll go get it with there. Oh you own report it I’ll go get it dying for my son so killed Kiernan leper sauna it is beneficial Kitty Kitty Kitty Kelley sick that way they are you that Cinco piracy though in the television or in the radio or in the areas I see though interest in TV style Port Pirie these tests will get their way into video it annoys me to no one in TV thought I’ll get Lewis when I go although I can always consider that when I spit in a bed or I can recall no see though in true DMA space I see that I see that well I go about diaries I don’t know where they are located e on a glacier you have lot Atlanta one of the numerous contact will get pregnant or get it in Sinead auto auto avocados puntos important is this to team up or they implore kiss on no consequence yes they need to send e-mail us your gifts on luck consider as soon as an immigrant ticket if the get consequence directors the familia and divorce show mounting immune to quality must not only begun to reconsider sister in document out in an accident and at home and get it it goes die yet as he tells us these things to keep your blouse Soviet loss on your spirit I’ll finish here I’ll get key I say I live on towel eat up a bit on kiss our present title I relented the author rose or a new Luger there were others or a political blunder SPC VK I meant it so but at FEMA she knew collide Cee Lo I chose to assuming because no one cares when it battles with them I see no light show when I look in your kit it is what it should do it under no cat I put a stone of Apple there dealing with a quantitative positive I meant to a cat I will know that on way better actor is not that indicates tune it a sona let Cornell see though in suits in suit.

Them up with it giardia. You that you better get that confidence up sitting at CDC level rather oil persona DNA.

Probably in the 80 course gift to Orlando. Our I group all oh no organization K time cargo. US how else can you can you may say well let you do a K applicator but only since you got out your. You think by God IndyCar you’re a complete meat wreckU.S but a month in near media since you see you see I’ll get Mary clamour I saw Atkins here Eli Kane’s here in Kentucky is proper you allow me to move on that suspended for the that believe sincere depends on the key look at them also Blundell but it will not play their chicken broken is it I can see it but I did see it I would like to see it to us.

Eat gather a title and it’s I kids here in Nova jersey you see I’m a New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners don’t say a parent all title and it will not be defeated I’ll say numerous yet at DNA see the person persona get to be in this case when I will other cee lo see they’ll see title easy I’ll go up a Sato put it put a simpler Martin Lou when I see it I don’t know quantum physics black or single say it in a month they a title but of course that’s K ly actual flow that simply meant a lateral vowel. The needle I immigrants e. No let me open your own pocket I. This is silliness in contrast l can beat you okay Louis so does it s corner Cee Lo but not the anarchy eat even but you a little of this he had no I can’t. Not applicable buckets I mean even saves misses on when I need to quit single premise with level equal the lock on Seeger Oh perfect the tone rhythm what I mean is that they’re fussy but I process the part of journalists have quite a synchronous Intermedia as a person I’m not recommending all across SC I love Budo psychology they which a person personas no middle or chill go mode I assets in theory at they’re on the hood is it mass importantly if I can hold talk or no modern way to anyone know a Cena turtle a the handoff for this issue Gaza what interests of Gaza without I good look at this because we’re often seen as equals so don’t see it of time Randall you know I’m notorious Cape Town Twitter handle in brick and Lakewood in Elizabeth kit Cinquanta contented in SU CASA. I mean as it’s done and continue to pay that to ensure CASA. I know my Haudenosaunee well maintained. E commodity assets indeed. Cigar loafers seen that. No. No I haven’t often seen I I not you know I I not I meant little only a lot of that that I set up no contact on telephone or when I went to is only because you cannot on the court I am problema don’t sit long and where it costs us I feel the idea is Como to access in deep pocket status CNN or pureness but that totally into and Lam I never get to threaten status in and ops units I mean I much as I am which is personas kill these and so now. Well he means you and not all those in focus and so you might importantly knocked all those while others better K K authors D send somebody else out pull up with the results over the web Deanna and I know where Katie said Ivo you know the level of contact I feel too liberal SAP as say I see in TV Fargo and in the television and not radio but in the audio I will tell you it is in little tamer I see two problems ethical code Malta as is indeed easy to anyone obviously not Omar they will not be seen no no no. They ve cicada know this and will cause us I l will not guilty and and totals and will look at you in now. Maintain a bit of a sort. I’ll go okay evil get wound up where there may be sad ideas seed OK after me that comb. Put your Canuck cock in tequila are you double yellow man contraction Eloy Yeah I love Cena authorize this in when of course as this persona I see the record no see the net better to insult them I put ultras border says Eunice Porter Porter video these tests maintain it s unit Oh you really YOLO you look wheelchair lad and me this year when the movie no ain’t for my day me subsea on this no really stubbornness Africa bet on Ecuador Yoda on his seat. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah.

Yeah yeah. You got to get me down. Yeah.

We’ll see. Let me motor going into some you only on the New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners if it isn’t who got the new one up with it. It’s all either limited or no. You know one of those see at sea to a problem I say equals Lucas who normally silver let it belong in a book.

No no no no no.

No I wouldn’t mind it.

But I’d put it equity leaded Galligan noise I value McGuinn it simply the bids I’ll get and see a little bit of gear some kids will Daddy I’ve seen it in a thousand years when notorious Cavallo Sequent the O S E E Damone Nick that yet but it does it so stay low nice and the FEC not indicate thing to give it to me now the second idea minnows idle I only ever see that authentic it only mostly done the indicators he said no teeth to do that with the ultimate tomorrow and it’s done no this way it’s society is stupid bicycle I say this being so determined to meet I see a copy manual you know what I meant a bicycle it probably might couldn’t color materials it’s put it all Nova but I said but it tells you local mental one of our process was in pistols. Well not all of us but our minds whose aim is the other the need us to base it on in kind of a getting and beats a comfy answer not so nobody will want that car going it took us is probably at the usual Ben a gate but vital local main thing is not to put my Bible the proposal that DNA kept occupied meant to an input kit. Well let us know my men did not done it in blue and will tell and in view of NATO and inquisitors men did not know the whole case impulsively let me put it a bit on noise cool moon.

I know after approximately two minutes. Do you mind if I have been getting an empty one missing after I broke some ideas you women.

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