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How many immigrants does Mexico send to the US?When people discuss immigration in America, they always bring up Mexico as the nation that most of the immigrants come from.  The question is, how many immigrants actually come from Mexico? From 2000-2010, 4,050,077 legal immigrants came to the United States.  That is approximately 25% of the immigrants in that time period, and more than all of East Asia and Europe combined. This shows that Mexico is by far the largest contributor to immigration in the United States, but the reason behind this is very obvious.  Mexico directly borders the United States, so it is easiest for people to cross that border and come to the United States. Because no country other than Canada also borders the United States, it is much harder for people from other countries to get to the United States, so less people try to make the journey.  Also, the difference in quality of life between Mexico and the United States is very high, so many Mexican Citizens come to the United States looking for a life in the US

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  4. An Immigrant’s Guide to Municipal Court – Here I discuss what happens if you get arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement, what you need to know to get out of custody, and what to expect if you are placed in removal hearings.  I also explain the municipal court process and how a municipal court matter can result in your being placed into removal proceedings.

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