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In November of 2014 the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security asked USCIS to develop new regulations and policies that would support high skilled businesses and workers, which would grow our economy and create jobs in the United States. One of the policies the secretary specifically asked for regards creating a program that would grant parole, on a case-to-case basis, to inventors, researchers, and founders of start-up enterprises who may not yet qualify for a national interest waiver, but who have been awarded substantial U.S. investor financing or otherwise hold the promise of innovation and job creation through the development of new technologies or the pursuit of cutting edge research.
What this all means is that the DHS secretary wants a program that cold grant parole for entrepreneurs to be approved.  This program would do wonders for our economy, as it would allow people who are starting businesses to get back to their business, while still being punished for the crimes they have committed.  Now lets be honest, parole is nowhere near as bad as a jail sentence, everyone knows that. But parole still makes your life more difficult, and it strips you of some of the privileges that you would enjoy had you not committed a crime. The benefit of these entrepreneurs receiving parole is that they are able to get back to their businesses.
It is very hard to operate a business from in jail, and with the owners of these companies being able to return the companies would see a resurgence in strength.So the companies get stronger, what good does that do for the economy?  With these companies getting stronger they will eventually start making more money, which helps the economy in two ways.  First, the increase in money means there is more money to be spent in the economy.  Second, more money means more employees can be hired.  Our nation is still struggling to create enough jobs for its citizens, and we need all the help we can get.  So any program that could result in more jobs would be a good idea, right?There is little doubt that a program like this is a good idea.  This program provides help to one of the most important demographics in American culture, the entrepreneurs.  Now the only hurdle is getting it approved, which may not actually be as difficult as some people think.  With an election year fast approaching, one of the hot button issues is no doubt the economy.  If any politician who is up for re-election were to be given the opportunity to vote on a program that would undoubtedly benefit the economy, they would be foolish to pass it up.  For this reason alone, once all of the details of the program are flushed out and agreed upon, the program should have no trouble making it into effect.