Is there a limit to the number of presidential candidates?

////Is there a limit to the number of presidential candidates?
How many parties run for President?

There is no limit to the number of people that can seek a parties nomination for president, but only one person may receive the nomination from any given party.  For example, there are currently six members of the republican party who have announced that they will be seeking the republican nomination.  All six may run, but only one will win the primary and become the republican candidate.

There are many parties that give a nominee for president, but we commonly only hear about the democrats and republicans.  The independent and green parties often receive some recognition and vote share, however, there are many other parties that do not receive much attention.  In 2012, there were five parties that received 100,000 votes or more:

  1. the Democratic Party,
  2. the Republican Party,
  3. the Green Party,
  4. the Constitution Party, and
  5. the Libertarian Party.

This shows that while we often only hear of 2 nominees, there is no limit to how many can run.

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