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With all the information on immigration, it can still be hard to keep up with what’s happening.  Now that the Senate approved a Bill, well nothing is going on, particularly in  House of Representatives. The House Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees combined have passed five piecemeal bills dealing with immigration reform: H.R. 1773, the Agricultural Guestworker Act, H.R. 2278, the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act, H.R. 1772, the Legal Workforce Act (mandatory E-Verify), and H.R. 2131, the Supplying Knowledge Based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM Visas (SKILLS) Act., and H.R. 1417, the Border Security Results Act of 2013.  None of these pieces of legislation offer a road to legalization or citizenship for the undocumented population, and none increase the number of visas for legal immigration or clear the backlogs that currently exist. These five do not deal with the known problems of our broken immigration system. This only gives the appearance of action.